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The Worst Christmas Special Ever!
The Nostalgia Critic The Worst Christmas Special Ever! (2007– )
TV Episode
  • Director:
    Doug Walker
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  • Writer:
    Doug Walker,Doug Walker
  • Cast:
    Doug Walker,Malcolm Ray,Rachel Tietz
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The Critic has finally found the WORST Christmas special EVER made. If you thought the Star Wars Holiday Special, 8 Crazy Nights, or even We Wish You A Turtle Christmas was bad, you ain't seen nothing yet! To properly celebrate Christmas 2013, the Nostalgia Critic reviews a horribly made 1991 animated special known as The Christmas Tree. The animation, story, acting, pretty much everything about this special is bad. But due to the spirit of the season, the Critic still manages to emerge with the true meaning of the holiday as he embraces kith and kin and wishes everybody a Merry Christmas.
Episode cast overview:
Doug Walker Doug Walker - Nostalgia Critic / Guy #2
Malcolm Ray Malcolm Ray - Malcolm / Guy #1
Rachel Tietz Rachel Tietz - Rachel / Cashier / Girl
James Jarosz James Jarosz - Jim (as Jim Jarosz)
Rob Walker Rob Walker - Rob
Barney Walker Barney Walker - Dad
Sandra Walker Sandra Walker - Mom (as Sandy Walker)

The Nostalgia Critic The Worst Christmas Special Ever! (2007– )
For the twelfth and final Christmas title I have decided to review in celebration of that holiday I have decided to wait until early Christmas Morning (It's almost 1am where I am) to see the review of what he considers to be the absolute WORST holiday special of all time no contest... Not even The Star Wars Holiday Special.

Recently The NC has been more hit and miss but I think that if he does a few more reviews like this (maybe he just needs movies that are this... effortless) then I believe he could go back to what he once was.

The movie that he's chosen... The Christmas Tree, I actually can see why people might consider this the absolute worst holiday special of all time. The acting, animation, directing all look pretty bad. When he starts to show clips... You don't need him to sum things up.

And if there is also something I liked it is that he has shown the real spirit of Christmas in this review at the end after the half-assed moral gets explained. I know people didn't like the speeches at the end of the AI and Cat In The Hat review but here it is needed.

So If you're a NC fan then I would say go watch it and Merry Christmas.