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Sejtanov ratnik
Sejtanov ratnik (2006)
  • Director:
    Stevan Filipovic
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Stevan Filipovic,Marko Mrdjenovic
  • Cast:
    Radovan Vujovic,Stasa Koprivica,Milos Tanaskovic
  • Time:
    1h 34min
  • Budget:
  • Year:
Trouble usually starts when the power falls into the wrong hands. That's how the book that hides an ancient evil fell to Stanislav. It does not matter whether Stanislav is a nice guy who helps old ladies cross the street, a psychopath, nerd, or a blood-thirsty young man.
Credited cast:
Radovan Vujovic Radovan Vujovic - Cane
Stasa Koprivica Stasa Koprivica - Tica
Milos Tanaskovic Milos Tanaskovic - Mirko
Vladimir Tesovic Vladimir Tesovic - Stanislav
Vujadin Milosevic Vujadin Milosevic - Djomla
Marko Mrdjenovic Marko Mrdjenovic - Bora
Petar Bozovic Petar Bozovic - Zulfikar
Branko Vidakovic Branko Vidakovic - Starac Lucius
Svetlana Bojkovic Svetlana Bojkovic - Latinka
Marko Nikolic Marko Nikolic - Karadjordje
Branislav Lecic Branislav Lecic - Knjaz Milos
Dragan Nikolic Dragan Nikolic - Telal
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Dimitrije Arandjelovic Dimitrije Arandjelovic - Mali Djomla
Danilo Beckovic Danilo Beckovic - Turski vojnik
Jasmina Corovic Jasmina Corovic - Jasmina

Sejtanov ratnik (2006)

Actor Marko Nikolic plays the role of Karadjordje, one of the greatest historical figures in Serbian history. He played that role on two occasions before, in a tv movie called Karadjordjeva smrt in 1983 and tv series Vuk Karadzic in 1987.

Once upon a time there was a land far, far away, forgotten by almost every form of life, called Make-Believe. It was divided into two kingdoms Comedy and Drama and each was divided into several districts; Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Mystery, Thriller, Romance, War and so many more that their names could not be remembered. Years of struggle proved that two kingdoms would be better off if they unite and they did so. The new kingdom became known as Comedy-Drama. And rulers named themselves Storytellers. And named the people Audience. And they told people tales that made them proud of who they are, and about fantastic things that never happened with such passion that Audience became addicted to the tales. The tales pushed them to make it through the day, so to say.

Unfortunately for everyone old Storytellers of this land died and new came, weaker that those that were before, and these new only wanted to rob the Audience of the Make-Believe land. Since they could not live in harmony they divided once more into two kingdoms named Social-Political Comedy and Social-Political Drama. And both Storytellers told stories of past wars and oppressions that nobody cared much to hear, but Storytellers exploited these tales into oblivion. Why? One may ask. Because they wanted to make people numb and divert their attention from much more vial things that were happening at the same time. Their tales were full of holes, unsympathetic characters, feeling that were as warm as a winter breeze and actions beyond any logical reason.

From time to time a new Storyteller came from the land of Make-Believe but was dishonored or brutally murdered by the Storytellers of old. For they didn't want to give up their power, and poor and tormented audience has given up all hope that someone might come and tell a new story. Like some of the tales they have heard are told in the kingdom of Hollywood, for example.

In such tortured world came Stevan Filipovic with his story "Sejtanov Ratnik". He hoped that his tale of love, devotion, determination, filled with first class action and a dash of horror would snap the Audience out of their 10-year slumber and make them feel alive… again.

High-School. Kids are crazy on hormones. The class looser and brownnoser Stanislav is the target of all bullying one can stand. One day while he was running to save his life, from what one may call a really bad beating, he finds an ancient book (Historia Oculta) that helps him summon a Turkish demon who serves him in exchange for fresh victims. The class misfits trio (Cane, Tica and Mirko) This tale is an homage to the 80's teenage horror-comedy flicks. The only difference from domestic film industry is that you can really believe the actors are teenagers not 30-some-year olds dressed into school uniforms and clean shaved. Fights are worthy of John Woo. Villains are menacing, totally crazy and funny. They reminded me of Bond villains, completely over the top. And this is good, 'coz if they were any woosier they would be ridiculous and stupid. Photography and cinematography are Oscar worth, and special effects thou not Peter Jackson's "King Kong" are top notch. Sory itself is simplified, but has no holes and plays itself quite nicely in the background. In the foreground we have our main characters trying to put the cat in the bag and stay in one piece as much as possible. And now our main characters: The HERO (Cane) is more or less could-be-right-guy-at-the-wrong-place-but-right-time. Has good lines (like most heroes do). Does his job well and makes it alive through the day. Will he get the girl and ride into the sunset? Do see the film and find out.

Mirko, Cane's SIDEKICK is funny, witty and like all the sidekick around the world wise. It is also possible that he's smarter than the hero but I'll let others to decide. And in the sidekick manner he doesn't get the GIRL, but has good advices and always knows what to do. Or he seems to know so.

The GIRL (Tica) is mouthful know-it-all. Thinks she's doing the right thing and is very, very self-confident but has absolutely no idea what's she really doing. And cannot choose between Cane and Bora. Or at least it seems so.

The BOYFRIEND (Bora) is the only survivor of teenage massacre 10 years ago. He knows what's really going on and tries to put his two cents in. Capable of mean ass-kicking. Has one MO: Chuck-Will-Kill.

The GANGSTER. Has a jeep but no neck. Has the funniest lines in the movie. Could be the comic relief character.

The VILLAIN (Stanislav) is one of those lovable annoying villains you don't see in movies so often. Must admit, looks much like a Gollum in LotR. Wonderful squeaking, irritating voice.

SEJTAN the merciless killing machine. Body count unknown, but he will yet prove himself worthy in the slasher's hall of fame.

All in all this film is definitely worth your time and attention. You may like it or not but there's one thing you'll do for sure… fall in love with it. And do not forget; hail the Sejtan's name lour for if you do not, he will come and mess you up.
This is a film thought up and executed by a 25 year old University student, Stevan Filipovic. After a fallow period in Serbian cinema, Setjanov Ratnik has been welcomed as a re-birth of Serbian cinematography.

Filipovic worked for 7 years on this project and with a group of fellow students realised a dream only made possible by their joint passion and commitment. They found backers to cover the modest production costs and managed to pay a handful of professional actors to appear in it. When you consider the economic weakness of Serbia, this is remarkable.

Filipovic and a colleague even executed the CGI effects themselves - effects that bear comparison with those of Hollywood movies. The story is complicated and in Western terms not the most original but the treatment Filipovc gives it is very much his own. There is a lot of humour, political satire and references to ancient Serbian history and folklore. If this film ever comes out with English subtitles, be sure you don't miss it. After years of empty cinemas, the people of cities like Belgrade and Novi Sad are flocking in their hundreds and tickets have been sold out since the premiere on April 19th.
Sheitan's Warrior is a total mess, and whole hype and praise it receive is a little bit annoying. The movie is lame mix of futile teen comedy and horror. That's truly awful enough for a start, but the director goes even further with lameness as throwing in various right-wing/patriotic lines in such already disastrous mix. There's lots of urban "humor" combined with suggestive nationalist pseudo-mythology and there's so many desperate tries with even more fails at giving this garbage some kind of social commentary value. There's some people who praise it for it's camp value, but guess what? There's no fun, the movie just plods from fail to fail. The acting is so forgettable and unconvincing, as there's not even a single scene with deep or even real emotions or expressiveness, so the characters are defined just visually. Cool camera and professional mainstream production can't save this movie, as it's totally dire and pointless in itself.
I've just come back from cinema, and I must say I'm delighted. I had been told this movie was remarkable, but I didn't except so much. It's great, really you should definitely see it. Not something revolutionary that will change the history of film, but surely a great step for Serbian cinema. I'm proud of this project. There are nice interesting bits from Serbian history, and I have to mention that scenes in school were filmed in MY SCHOOL. :D

As I already said, the film is a lot of fun, has a nice creepy atmosphere, it laughs at some parts of our society. Tension increases as the time passes, everything is done as I would do it myself.

I will probably watch it one more time, it's worth it, and I'm sure no less fun than the 1st time.

That's all. Enjoy watching Sheitan's Warrior!
This film is one of the first movies in our cinematography that have VFX, and that is great movement. But that is not all, the story is not ordinary for SCG movies.

It's a fiction that connects our history with real time happenings, and one of the first movies that represents our national heroes in another light ... fiction light ...

It's amazing when you see all that stuff in one peace.

It has parts where you can see how the life was under Turkish empire for five hundred years.

And you can see the beginning of those kids that lived in Slobodan Milosevics time, and what they became.

... that's why I gave mark 10

Keep it up ...
Got it recently on DVD and couldn't wait to watch it. But after 15 minutes of watching it I was so disappointed and bored! Maybe I expected too much by watching a trailer (big mistake). I think this movie is boring and bad. All good about it is that it has special audio/visual effects unseen in Serbian cinematography, and that it's a work of a young enthusiasts. OK, so they got some fancy equipment and they know how to use a Mac G5, but that's not most important thing, because everything else, the acting (except the acting of older Serbian actors), the plot, etc. is bad. The main actors are young and unexperienced (mostly still on academy). A mixture of urban Belgrade life and fairytale with monsters just doesn't work! It just proved my statement that newest Serbian cinematography is definitely not worth watching.
Yes, it was an extremely well made movie considering the age of Filipovic, the lack of funds and resources in Serbia. But 7.9/10 for the current average vote!?! Voting for IMDb is not to be taken from the standpoint of someone following the state of current Serbian cinema. Give it a more realistic mark compared to ALL the movies available. It really deserves about the 3/10 I gave it - I would've given it a 2/10, but not for the fact that I need to respect the fact that it was made with great difficulty. The movie did display some excellent hope for the future of Serbian movie-making (and Filipovic's next projects), but it doesn't help that the nationalists won elections the other day... Can't wait for the next round of anti-Western propaganda!... What a waste of a good country - when will they finally wake up and smell the roses?...
"Sheitan Warrior" is Serbian homage to teenage slasher-horror-comedy movies from the eighties and, if you are at least a bit familiar with this genre, there's no need for me to describe you the story itself. The movie combines elements typical of high school comedies from the '80s and '90s with a slasher-horror story in the style of Freddy Krueger or Jason, but does it in the Serbian way. Here you will find a comedy based on a social critique of the society, characters who are representatives of various classes and groups that the local audience will easily recognize, especially if they grew up in the nineties, but also interesting pseudo-historical/mythological elements that we have not met before in domestic cinema. In terms of effects and production, "Warrior" is lagging behind the world, but it is also quite ahead of what we are accustomed in the domestic film and its flaws are quite covered by good directing and acting. The cast is mostly amateur, but in minor roles there are also many great names of domestic cinema and theater, such as Petar Bozovic, Svetlana Bojkovic, Marko Nikolic (for the third time in his career in the role of Karadjordje), Branislav Lecic, Dragan Nikolic, Irfan Mensur, Teofil Pancic, Eva Ras, as well as Bora Djordjevic. The amateur part of the cast is occasionally over-the-top, with several shame-transfers, but it is possible that it is deliberate. Most of the kids very convincingly play typical representatives of various teenage groups, and Vladimir Tesovic is simply hilarious in the role of nerd who is constantly bullied, which drives him to utter madness and makes him turn to the forces of evil.

Objectively, in terms of world cinema, this is not a particularly good movie, and probably does not deserve the rating I gave it, but considering that, for this climate, the film is quite genuine and brings a breeze of freshness to the stale Serbian scene, as well as the fact that it is made by inexperienced students with a budget ridiculous for such a project, as well as invested effort worth every respect, from this point of view rating seven is an insultingly low.

Although it was advertised as a horror, this movie is actually a very decent comedy. People who dislike it, usually don't understand the idea behind it. I'd say it's one of those movies with the spirit (like Minje!).

If taken seriously, the story is (although watchable) nothing special or unseen before. I enjoyed watching the stereotypical "Serbian Bad Guy" comments on supernatural and terrifying situations. It is also notable that this movie is done mostly by young talents from the academy and that it features the best visual effect in Serbian cinematography yet. Way to go people!

All in all, I enjoyed the movie, and I consider it one of my favorites. I would recommend it to everyone.