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Como la espuma
Como la espuma (2017)
  • Director:
    Roberto Pérez Toledo
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Roberto Pérez Toledo
  • Cast:
    Sara Sálamo,Diego Martínez,Nacho San José
  • Time:
    1h 33min
  • Budget:
  • Year:
Milo is a young man still with the trauma by the accident that caused his paraplegia. Desperate, Milo's partner and friend Gus calls a friend of his own, transsexual Camilla, asking to make a party to celebrate Milo's birthday. Sending a message to everyone, Camilla organizes an orgy in Milo's big mansion, meeting unexpectedly a few hundred people to have sex in an indiscriminate way. Among the assistants to the orgy there are several stories: Elisa, a young shy and romantic girl looking to know if she has a wild side like her friends, who meets Jorge, a nice boy more experimented in life and sex than her; Marta and Jesús, a thirty-something marriage trying to recover their lost passion of youth; Rubén, Isma and Pato, three friends who hope to have sex with as many girls as they can; Susana, a mature woman looking for somebody important for her; and finally Mario, Milo's former love of the high school. According the feast turns more crazy, Marta and Jesús go separately to live new ...
Cast overview, first billed only:
Sara Sálamo Sara Sálamo - Elisa
Diego Martínez Diego Martínez - Jorge
Nacho San José Nacho San José - Gus
Carlo D'Ursi Carlo D'Ursi - Milo
Javier Ballesteros Javier Ballesteros - Camila
María Cotiello María Cotiello - Marta
Pepe Ocio Pepe Ocio - Jesús
Sergio Torrico Sergio Torrico - Rodri
Elisa Matilla Elisa Matilla - Susana
Adrián Expósito Adrián Expósito - Pato
Miguel Diosdado Miguel Diosdado - Ruben
Jonás Beramí Jonás Beramí - Isma
Álex Villazán Álex Villazán - Álvaro (as Alex Villazán)
David Mora David Mora - Selfie Boy
Daniel Muriel Daniel Muriel - Mario

Como la espuma (2017)

The movie was going to be released on July 8th, 2016 on Netflix, becoming the first Spanish film released on the platform, but the deal was finally paralyzed.

Don't expect an Almodovar film but overall, not a bad movie. Entertaining, with lots of eye candy. Several interesting plots that intersected pretty well even if at times I asked myself "why doesn't so and so do this" or "why is so and so such a wet rag." Nevertheless, pretty enjoyable even if my personal choice would have been a different ending because I have a weakness for the underdog and for those who show undying loyalty and who know that loving someone sometimes requires the biggest sacrifice of all.
Like most movies centered on orgies, Foam Party is about relationships. With so many main characters, it does well to concentrate on three or four pairs of people, with others, less fully fleshed out, linking events or providing breaks from the main plots. As the movie begins, we learn that various characters have been dumped, are unsatisfied, or are questioning their orientation. There's a virgin, one person is uncomfortable with explicit language, another is seeking revenge, and so on. Providing contrast, background characters seem to be having a fine old time with no holds barred.

Some especially diverse scenes of gay male sex, although not exposing private parts other than butts, will make some of us uncomfortable. But that was adequately acknowledged within the film, by the widely ranging degrees of comfort of the folks at the party, gay or straight, male or female. Finding one's own comfort zone while expanding horizons is a large part of what this movie is about. People looking for nudity won't find much here, but there is a smorgasbord of simulated sex.

Although the acting is fine and the characters are believable, Foam Party tries to do too much too fast. The characters faced problems or doubts too substantial to be resolved so quickly, over the course of a party lasting only one day. It's mostly a happy movie. Call it a middle of the road medley of romance stories, neither horrible nor great.