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The Present
The Present (2007)
  • Director:
    Julietta Boscolo
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Julietta Boscolo
  • Cast:
    Max Finlayson,Luciano Ginori,Rosie Haywood
  • Time:
  • Budget:
    AUD 12,000
  • Year:
Miyoko Takahashi is a friendly but lonely Japanese woman, who lives in a humble apartment in Sydney. Awaking one morning she looks immediately at the calendar on the wall opposite. Well at least in that direction- even with her glasses on the calendar remains shapeless until Miyoko is directly in front of it. The date; August 6th, is circled and marked with the number 62. Miyoko nods. Miyoko's expression grows gloomy as she watches the day's headlines: news of a shooting, bird flu and the successful testing of a nuclear weapon. She brightens at the day's birthday announcements but then switches off the TV disappointedly. The doorbell buzzes. A pretty Young Woman smiles at Miyoko, her arms filled with flowers and a large box. Miyoko exclaims excitedly to herself in Japanese: 'She remembered!' The Young Woman pushes the box at her, asking if Miyoko wouldn't mind taking care of her pet ferret while her family takes her grandmother away on a trip to celebrate her seventieth birthday. ...
Credited cast:
Max Finlayson Max Finlayson - Specialist
Luciano Ginori Luciano Ginori - Caretaker
Rosie Haywood Rosie Haywood - Neighbour
Sanae Nobuhara Sanae Nobuhara - Miyoko
Tricia Ryan Tricia Ryan - Newsreader

The Present (2007)