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Digging Up Dirt: Part 2
A Country Practice Digging Up Dirt: Part 2 (1981–1993)
TV Episode
  • Director:
    Peter Maxwell
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Michael Brindley
  • Cast:
    Lorrae Desmond,Grant Dodwell,Shane Withington
  • Time:
  • Year:
Becky gets help for Lachie after coming home from school to find him trapped in the mine. Terence enters the mine, which is rapidly filling with water, and must amputate Lachie's crushed arm to free him. Molly brings the "new" Judy to the club dressed in matching outfits - big blue feathery dresses each emblazoned with a large kookaburra on the front. Bob is not impressed by Molly's latest newsletter containing her interview with Lachie Mason. Making matters worse, Molly questions Bob about his role in draining the swamp for Arnie Hodgekiss. Believing she's implying he's part of some shady deal, Bob launches a nasty verbal tirade upon Molly that gets the attention of everyone in the club. Maggie is eager to move out of Esme's house and has her eye set on Simon and Vicky's soon-to-be-vacant flat. Judy however is the one who gets the apartment - in no small part due to Esme recommending Judy to the real estate agent over Maggie whom she is certain is perfectly happy where she is. Becky ...
Episode credited cast:
Lorrae Desmond Lorrae Desmond - Shirley Dean Gilroy
Grant Dodwell Grant Dodwell - Simon Bowen
Shane Withington Shane Withington - Brendan Jones
Penny Cook Penny Cook - Victoria 'Vicky' Dean
Anne Tenney Anne Tenney - Melissa 'Molly' Jones
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Beth Buchanan Beth Buchanan - Becky Mason
Ralph Cotterill Ralph Cotterill - Lachie Mason
Emily Nicol Emily Nicol - Chloe Jones

A Country Practice Digging Up Dirt: Part 2 (1981–1993)