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Getting Even with Everybody
Getting Even with Everybody (1909)
A young tradesman, who is in love with a pretty servant girl in one of the places where he delivers provisions, finds that he has a rival in his little game of love, and the latter is none other than the man of the house. The old fellow, whose wife is insanely jealous of him, never misses an opportunity to force his attentions upon the girl, although she will have none of him and manages to keep the old pest at a safe distance. One day, however, the young fellow becomes suspicious that there is more than an ordinary amount of affection existing between his lady love and her employer, for while visiting her he is shocked when the old fellow steals away from his wife and comes to pay a little visit to the maid. The youth steals out of the room and hastens to inform the lady of the house of her husband's unbecoming conduct. The lady is loath to believe that her husband is unfaithful to her, but upon coming up to the room he finds him on his knees pouring forth words of love to the ...

Getting Even with Everybody (1909)

Original French title is undetermined.

Released in the US as a split reel along with Rover Turns Santa Claus (1909).