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Metal Macbeth
Metal Macbeth (2007)
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  • Cast:
    Masaaki Uchino,Takako Matsu,Mirai Moriyama
  • Time:
    3h 21min
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"A metal band in the 80's and a Mad Max-like near future intermingle in an eye-opening "New Macbeth"! In the year 2206, after innumerable slayings and destructions, a heath littered with dead bodies and rubble was left. Three eerie witches manifest themselves in front of an invincible General Randomstar that ESP Kingdom is proud of. They leave a prophecy saying, "All of your future is scripted in this compact disc". It was a CD made by a heavy metal band named "Metal Macbeth" whose prime was in the 80s".
Cast overview:
Masaaki Uchino Masaaki Uchino
Takako Matsu Takako Matsu
Mirai Moriyama Mirai Moriyama
Yukiya Kitamura Yukiya Kitamura
Jun Hashimoto Jun Hashimoto
Shôko Takada Shôko Takada
Macoto Awane Macoto Awane
Tsunehiko Kamijô Tsunehiko Kamijô

Metal Macbeth (2007)