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The Bellringeru0027s Daughter
The Bellringer's Daughter (1910)
The old bellringer is greeted by his daughter who is greatly beloved by a young farmer. The latter, having more heart than forethought, aids a condemned political prisoner to escape from justice. This crime is discovered by soldiers who are pursuing the guilty man and who, being unable to prove positively whether the old bellringer himself is guilty or the young, decide that both shall suffer the penalty of death. The young lover succeeds in escaping, but the father is arrested; and the officers of the law feeling assured that the "Bellringer's Daughter" is aware of her lover's hiding place, contrive to send her a decoy note, which is presumed to be from her lover, asking her to come to him at once. She unsuspectingly does so, and is followed by the hiding officers. Chance favors the young man and he succeeds in making his escape, but not before being badly wounded. He eventually reaches his father's home, only to find him dead and his sweetheart in tears beside him. In the midst of ...

The Bellringer's Daughter (1910)