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Wrestling Isnu0027t Wrestling
Wrestling Isn't Wrestling (2015)
Creative Work
A case study of longtime WWE superstar, Triple H, to explain why wrestling is an epic example of storytelling at its best.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Adam Savage Adam Savage - Non-Fan
Jamie Hyneman Jamie Hyneman - Non-Fan
Max Landis Max Landis - Max Landis
Chloe Dykstra Chloe Dykstra - Triple H
Taliesin Jaffe Taliesin Jaffe - Fancy Person
Lydia Bottom Lydia Bottom - Fancy Person / Wrestler Mob
Mennell Tatiana Mennell Tatiana - Fancy Person
Jacqueline Besson Jacqueline Besson - Fancy Person
Yuri Lowenthal Yuri Lowenthal - Fancy Person
Matthew Mercer Matthew Mercer - Fancy Person
Vincent Spano Vincent Spano - Creepy Old Man
Milana Vayntrub Milana Vayntrub - Ultimate Warrior
Rose Chirillo Rose Chirillo - Hawk
Charley Feldman Charley Feldman - Animal
Ana Walczak Ana Walczak - Shawn Michaels (as Ana Valentine)

Wrestling Isn't Wrestling (2015)

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H both said on Twitter that they like what Max Landis did.

Not really much else to say, Max Landis has analysed the character of Triple H in such a way that anyone, wrestling fan or not, could understand. Wrestling Isn't Wrestling shows the progression from HHH's career beginnings as the Connecticut Blueblood, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, and progressing through DX, evil DX, Evolution, his final years as a full-time wrestler and now, in the Authority. The representations of all male wrestlers as females (and Chyna as a male) is one of the things that makes Wrestling Isn't Wrestling unique. Overall I really enjoyed it, as did my friends, most of whom aren't wrestling fans. Definitely worth a watch.
This was great. I thought the style of narration was unique, the skits were terrific and Landis' summaries of the various eras of HHH were laser accurate.

I also thought that the actors did a pretty creditable job of portraying the Wrestlers (particularly The Rock, Stone Cold and Sean Michaels.

There is *so* much good here if you are already a fan of wrestling, and I'm told it's pretty great even if you are not. Landis' enthusiasm for the medium shines.

I really valued when he admitted that "yes, a lot of wrestling is crap" (because that's pretty inarguable), but he followed it with the equally true "But when it's good, it's f***ing *great*" I have to agree.
Well.. I could actually fit this in 1 minute as I don't think you need to know anything about the fake sport of Wrestling. "Wrestling Isn't Wrestling" is a short film from about half a year ago and it was written and directed by Max Landis. I have seen his much older take on Superman as well and I must say it is fairly annoying how he is always so dull of himself apparently in all the films he directs. It's subjective perception how much you like his style where you see people say things and hear Landis' voice instead of their voice. In here he tells a quick history of wrestling and the famous wrestlers are all played by young women and voiced by Landis. And in the end it becomes fairly pretentious too. Landis is one of the rising stars in terms of writing, worked on quite a few big films recently. I have not seen them, so I cannot be a judge, but looking at his short film work I must say I am not interested at all in him as a director at least. I guess when he "only" writes, he is somewhat kept back by his director. In this one here, he seems incredibly full of himself spitting ultimate wisdom apparently all the time and it's quite a distraction from the (actually forgettable) action in here. Pretty ridiculous that this has an 8.4 rating right now. Not recommended.