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Hellsaga (2017)
  • Director:
    Viking Almquist
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Viking Almquist
  • Cast:
    Viking Almquist,Alva Markelius,Paula Ternström
  • Time:
  • Year:
A young warrior seeks the wisdom of the gods.
Cast overview:
Viking Almquist Viking Almquist - The Wanderer
Alva Markelius Alva Markelius - The Black Viking
Paula Ternström Paula Ternström - The Mother
Ola Höök Ola Höök - The Troll

Hellsaga (2017)

During the filming of the final duel, Alva Markelius accidentally hit Viking Almquist with her sword, splitting his fingernail and cutting open his finger. Almquist stopped the camera, taped his finger together and then continued to film the scene. The shot is in the final film.

First part of the "Old Gods" trilogy.