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A Sword of Damocles
A Sword of Damocles (1914)
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    Irving Cummings,Eleanor Woodruff,George Harcourt
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Hodgson with really remarkable musical talent can get no chance to he recognized to show what he can do. His character lacking the strength needed to balance his genius he becomes discouraged and becomes addicted to drink. His only sympathy he finds in his neighbor, Ella Marvin, who unites a big heart with a splendid voice. Hodgson has written an opera called "The Sword of Damocles," which he knows is a masterpiece and which is dearer to him than his life. Though his heart is thoroughly devoted to Ella, when he finds her one day with his precious manuscript in her hand, singing from it; made forgetful by liquor he plainly shows his anger and wounds her to the quick. This breaks their friendship and the repentant man leaves his quarters for good and becomes a drink-crazed outcast. Winston, who has written some very clever compositions, has been commissioned by the directors of the opera to write them another, to be presented in the near future. He submits one, which is rejected. He ...
Cast overview:
Irving Cummings Irving Cummings - Paul Hodgson - the Composer
Eleanor Woodruff Eleanor Woodruff - Ella Marvin
George Harcourt George Harcourt - Earle Winston
Morris McGee Morris McGee - Samuelson

A Sword of Damocles (1914)
A powerfully worked out two-reel number, with Eleanor Woodruflf, Irving Cummings and Gerald Harcourt in the cast. In the story the successful operatic composer, who has lost his touch, buys the rights of a score from a broken down composer. This he brings out as his own composition, but the real writer of the score comes in during the performance and exposes the miscreant, who kills himself with the hanging sword. This is finely photographed and sincerely presented; it carries conviction in every scene. A good offering. - The Moving Picture World, February 7, 1914