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Episode #6.16
Planet Parent Episode #6.16 (2001–2004)
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Fast food, junk food, little or no exercise; they are all contributing to an increase in childhood obesity. Doctors say that up to 1 in 4 kids are obese. Those extra pounds are not only taking a toll on kids' health, but self-esteem as well. In this feature report, we look at a family who struggled with the extra weight together, and managed to turn things around. How to: Drive with Your Teen Being in the passenger seat with any driver can be a nail-biter, but when it's your inexperienced teen next to you, there is much more at stake. In this week's How To, we look at steering your new driver down the right road. Video Diary: On the Road with Baby New parents know it can be a real challenge to travel with a baby. This week we meet Ann and Neil, who not only traveled with their baby, but took baby Zara all the way to Korea so she could meet her mom's family.
Episode credited cast:
Monica Kim Monica Kim - Herself - Host

Planet Parent Episode #6.16 (2001–2004)