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Last Will
Last Will (2011)
  • Director:
    Brent Huff
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Irmgard Pagan,Alan Moskowitz
  • Cast:
    Tatum O'Neal,Tom Berenger,Patrick Muldoon
  • Time:
    1h 41min
  • Budget:
  • Year:
A beautiful young woman Hayden is framed for the murder of her wealthy husband Frank. With all the evidence stacked against her, Detective Sloan arrests her and Hayden finds herself in the fight of her life as she tries to uncover the truth. Set against the backdrop of a wealthy Midwestern city, LAST WILL tells a story of deception, corruption and misguided family loyalties.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Tatum O'Neal Tatum O'Neal - Hayden Emery
Tom Berenger Tom Berenger - Frank Emery
Patrick Muldoon Patrick Muldoon - Joseph Emery
Peter Coyote Peter Coyote - Judge Garner
Shawn Huff Shawn Huff - Laurie Faber
William Shockley William Shockley - Michael Palmer
Jeffery Dean Jeffery Dean - Virgil Emery
James Brolin James Brolin - Det. Sloan
Moon Unit Zappa Moon Unit Zappa - Belinda DeNovi
Loy Edge Loy Edge - Father Kellem
Alicia Cabrera Alicia Cabrera - Maria Lopez
Karlee Cheesman Karlee Cheesman - Juana
Brent Crawford Brent Crawford - Dr. Monsher
Jackson Bolt Jackson Bolt - Coswell
Shawn Patrick Nash Shawn Patrick Nash - Carrier

Last Will (2011)
There is no point making this a long winded review.

Not only is the plot so predictable that a blind person could follow it with the sound turned off.

The scripting is as lame as can be and the acting, well I haven't seen such animated acting since watching the Woodentops as a child.

It is unfortunate that you reviews have to be at least ten lines long, I mean, just how detailed do you have to be about something that is so not worth watching.

I struggle to understand how anyone could possible rate this better than awful, there is not one actor who is worth mention at all, not even Tom Berenger.

Please don't waste your time.
Just watched this on daytime TV, and while it was a reasonable way to pass a lazy 1h40mins, I certainly wouldn't want to have paid to watch it. Lots of sleazy double-dealing, treachery and betrayal and high body counts. Reasonably entertaining, but not to be taken seriously! I think the worst part for me was when the grieving widow went into a reverie and we were shown a full song-length's worth of flashbacks of their happy times together, composed from a montage of clips already seen in the film so far! There were one or two twists that kept up a little interest, although in my opinion there was maybe a twist too many right at the end, which made the whole plot more unbelievable. One character appeared to have had a complete personality transplant which didn't really ring true! Decent acting performances all-round though.
What a load of unadulterated rubbish. Acting wooden and amateur. O'Neil desperately needs acting lessons. A far cry from when she was young I guess coke finally took it's toll. The storyline was pathetic, the directing inexcusable and the conclusion so obvious a blind man could have seen it coming.

Don't waste your time watching this poor excuse for a movie rather read a book or something or stare at a sunset it's far more rewarding. Life's too short to watch this inane garbage.

How do they get away with this? Tax write offs no doubt. I note some person actually wrote a glowing review of this movie. I guess there is no accounting for poor judgment & taste.
Mustard Forgotten
Mustard Forgotten
I think "Tonygreenbank" was too polite in his review. This movie is so bad it is compulsive viewing. I started watching it and wanted so badly to simply turn it off but I found I couldn't make myself do it! I knew it was terrible, in fact I knew it was one of the worst pieces of garbage I have had the misfortune to sit through, but I couldn't resist to see just how bad things could actually get. The acting was more wooden than the coffin poor Frank ends up in, the dialogue, check out the scene where the casino girl is questioned about fiddling the signatory..... - She even keeps asking for "lots of money to get far away" to anyone who questions her - has to be a classic bit of script writing there! I was really disappointed at the end of the movie as I truly expected Shaggy and Scoobie and the rest of the Ghost hunters to pop out with Fred and Thelma and Daphne to finally solve the mystery - however, James Brolin smiling like an White Haired Alzheimic cat put it all to rest - This review containers a spoiler - THE ENTIRE MOVIE HAS BEEN SPOILT!
I have just watched this on Sky premiere. I cannot believe it was launched in 2010 as the locations and filming were from the 80's. The acting was awful from all concerned and some big names should be very embarrassed. Apparently it was a true story but it all seemed so emotionless and contrived. Oneill and Berenger looked ill at ease and there was no warmth between them. The "bad guys" who were the brothers looked like pantomime villains and could not be taken seriously. The plot such as it was lurched from one idea to another and the viewer was left bemused and by the end I couldn't really care and so wanted the credits to come up.
I give this two stars but only because I liked some of the clothes and I thought Tom Berenger did a good acting job. As for Tatum ONeal... what the heck happened to HER??! Terrible acting! But then again, maybe she always WAS a bad actress, maybe it's always been about the DIRECTION she receives in her movies, because in this movie she couldn't 'act her way out of a wet paper sack'. Every line she says I could have said BETTER and I freely admit I am not an actor. I don't like it when professional actors disappoint in the way they present their lines, don't you agree? I heard she is a drug addict, perhaps if that is true, it explains her lack of brain cells.

The story line ... well, again... not very good, even if rumored to be fashioned after a 'true story'. But really, it's the bad acting. I hate it when I waste my time actually doing nothing but watching a movie (rather than listening to one while I write) and the movie is a piece of garbage. This is one of those movies... I kept watching because I kept expecting, I don't know, something to get better, but alas!, it never did. Don't waste your time on this awful piece. I've made a note of the Director so that I can remember he doesn't know how to direct should I come across another movie I might want to watch that I discover was directed by him.
Hayden (Tatum O'Neill), the wife of wealthy doctor Frank Emery (Tom Berenger) discovers that Frank's brothers have been cooking their family's books. Upon exposing them, Frank is murdered. Framed and isolated, Hayden must find out the truth amid a major Midwestern trial.

Channels like Hallmark and Lifetime make these movies often; small, independent, low-budget mysteries with actors of a previous generation. "Last Will" is a similar type of film, exemplifying what can happen when a decent script and a decent budget are combined.

Tatum O'Neill does an able job as the helpless housewife thrust into the mystery of her husband; shocked that an outstanding man like her husband could do something like go to a strip club. You work through the first half hour of the film in a daze as it repeats the characters motives again and again, to try and prevent you from being surprised at twists down the road.

Tom Berenger is one of my favorite actors, but recently it seems like every film he does has the same basic formula of a bit of action, a bit of mystery, a bit of Berenger. He isn't in the film as much as I'd like but he does not bait-and-switch, either. Fans will also welcome the faces of Peter Coyote and James Brolin, heroes of a bygone era whose rugged good looks and solid support make them able additions to the cast.

If it is a cheesy, formulaic, unsurprising mystery you are looking for, "Last Will" does an admirable job at solidifying its place in the daytime cable television slot between the "Family Feud" and the News at Noon. Enjoy.
Tatum O'Neill has the main role in this quite predictable, but well made film about a woman dealing with the wrong people and their secrets. Tom Berenger is playing her husband, suffering from some health problems.

Hayden is a well grown woman marrying into the real estate family of the Emery's in Kansas City. She discovers that her husband's brothers, which are taking care of the family's real estate properties, are cooking the books, and are bribing city officials. She gets her husband to care about what's happening with Emery Propertys. Then the problem starts.

The film is more of a TV-drama when it comes to acting and production values. But it's OK done,the leads are doing a good acting job. Berenger is playing great as a drunk! James Brolin is great also a detective Sloan. Tatum is doing well, but this might be her weakest film ever.

The film has a good nerve, and is therefore exciting, though you obviously know what will happen, just not when. But the film doesn't keep the quality. The film doesn't manage to keep acting up to notch all the was through. So the film has a consistency problem throughout. After an hour there's a completely misplaced "love music video" which tips the film completely over, just like a commercial brake. Quite ridiculous. From there the film falters. It's almost like they changed director mid through.
Director Brent Huff is known for his visually stunning set pieces and Last Will does not disappoint. The instant the camera is rolling you not only get what you want but something far better than you ever expected. Last Will is indeed a feast for the eyes. The Director of Photography, Andrew Huebscher shot the film with vivid perfection. Every scene looks as if it were a detailed painting.

Huff, a former thespian gives the actors room to move within a scene with grand results. It's wonderful to see Academy Award winner, Tatum O'Neal back on screen. Ms. O'Neal and Tom Berenger have an easy chemistry together. All the actors come with the goods with stand out performances by James Brolin, Peter Coyote, Shawn Huff and Patrick Muldoon.

The film maker captures the old money beauty and architecture of Kansas City with precision. Last Will drips with the overwhelming sense of danger, greed and corruption. The noteworthy costume design by Jayme Bohn gives the film a unique "blue blood" Midwestern flavor. It is obvious that Huff wanted the film to have an old fashion look that blends perfectly with the narrative. I wish more films were crafted in this sorely missed way.

Writer Alan Moskowitz loads the story with plenty of plot twists and turns that keeps the audience guessing until the very end.

Huff uses grand wide shots in the opening scenes of the film. By the time we get to the heavy third act the film maker changes to tight shots as if a noose was slowly tightening around our protagonist (O'Neal's)neck.

I highly recommend Last Will.
Captain America
Captain America
Played like a bad daytime soap opera. The actimg was atrocious. Tatum's emotionless performance was so bad it was laughable. This is just a pile of rubbish.
With "Last Will," viewers will get to know the great city of Kansas City from the inside of a political machine run by the wealthy Emery family. The two rapacious brothers, Joseph and Virgil, have the judges, the police, and the mayor's office in their back pockets, as they exploit poor and downtrodden immigrants.

But the older Emery brother, Frank (Tom Berenger), is a decent medical doctor, who has just married his dream girl in Hayden (Tatum O'Neal). Together, Hayden and Frank plan to reform the two nasty brothers. Unfortunately, Frank dies, and the evidence points to Joseph and Virgil as responsible. The film then explores how the brothers seek to frame Hayden, so that they may inherit the Emery empire.

O'Neal is excellent in her role as the kind and loving Hayden. There was good chemistry between O'Neal and Berenger. James Brolin also turns in a good performance as the wily detective with a score to settle with the Emery clan.

Some of the performances in this film are wooden, and there is an endless series of plot twists that strain credibility. Still, there is good location filming and non-stop action. This is a "guilty pleasure" film with no pretensions other than action and suspense. A successful child actress, Tatum O'Neal has matured into a solid performer of adult roles in her fifties.

This is not a great film, but, by the end, as they say in the musical "Oklahoma," everything is up to date in Kansas City.
Good grief, the poor poor exploited downtrodden illegal aliens with their darling sweet children with freshly scrubbed faces and impeccable manners and sweet rosy smiles who can't even get a Federal grant (no really, the movie says that) to fix up their buildings.. get the picture? If you didn't, there is a giant sign in the movie proclaiming "IMMIGRATION REFORM NOW".

The comedy relief is the rich Anglo woman dressed to the nines walking through the depths of the barrio, snapping pictures right and left with her stylish mobile phone. Except the movie doesn't even seem to get the joke, so busy are they burping out their stereotypes. Yikes!

If your idea of a great time at the movies is a ham handed propaganda soufflé, your going to love it.