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Gimme a Kiss
Gimme a Kiss (2000)
  • Director:
    Lilly Rivlin,Pola Rapaport
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Wolfgang Held,Lilly Rivlin
  • Cast:
    Dorothy Rivlin Clark,Ceil Loeb,Bella Rivlin
  • Time:
  • Budget:
  • Year:
Lilly Rivlin documents her parents' marriage of more than 50 years, in the process revealing some troubling family secrets. Ben Rivlin was a philanderer. His wife Bella knew it but loved him anyway. She wanted a divorce, but had three children, no careers, and no confidence. Against the background of her parents' final days -lying next to each other in adjoining hospital beds, Bella incapacitated by a massive stroke, Ben a double amputee- Lilly, the family's eldest daughter, attempts to come to terms with conflicting stories about her emotionally distant father. Through interviews filmed over a period of years with her parents, brother, sister, and aunts, Ben's mistress, she examines such universal themes as unfaithfulness, aging, sickness, and death and the connections between love, caring, and guilt.
Credited cast:
Dorothy Rivlin Clark Dorothy Rivlin Clark
Ceil Loeb Ceil Loeb
Bella Rivlin Bella Rivlin
Ben Rivlin Ben Rivlin
Donny Rivlin Donny Rivlin

Gimme a Kiss (2000)