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Hoot Mon!
Hoot Mon! (1926)
  • Director:
    Harold Beaudine
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Sig Herzig
  • Cast:
    Bobby Vernon,Frances Lee,Jack Duffy
  • Year:
Cast overview:
Bobby Vernon Bobby Vernon
Frances Lee Frances Lee
Jack Duffy Jack Duffy
William Irving William Irving
Eddie Baker Eddie Baker

Hoot Mon! (1926)
Baby-faced silent comedy star Bobby Vernon could be described as a combination of Harold Lloyd (the all-American-boy go-getter type) and Harry Langdon (the overgrown baby with an anarchic streak), if you can imagine such a combination. This 1926 comedy short, produced by Al Christie's company for distribution by Educational, puts Vernon as a car salesman into an all-Scots society, where everyone wears a kilt and is a mean cheapskate (where did this stereotype begin, I wonder?). He offers "free accessories" to anyone who buys the car he has to sell, and the manic Scotsmen strip the car and leave him stranded! He then poses as a Scot, and the film becomes one over-the-top chase and destroy sequence after another. Vernon is pitted against the inimitable Jack Duffy, a tall gaunt man who usually played elderly curmudgeons, most of whom were scotch (and how was under 40 while playing most of these roles!). This short is pure physical comedy, so unless you like seeing people tripping, hitting each other with objects, spilling things, etc., look elsewhere! For me, this is one of the purest forms of entertainment, and you are in the hands of a master with people like Bobby Vernon and Jack Duffy.