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Friday the 31st: Michael vs. Jason (2005) Online HD

Friday the 31st: Michael vs. Jason
Friday the 31st: Michael vs. Jason (2005)
  • Director:
    Chris R. Notarile
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Chris R. Notarile
  • Cast:
    Jonathan Ellis,Niki Rubin,Mar Omega
  • Time:
  • Year:
Jason Voorhees meets up with the legendary Michael Myers.
Cast overview:
Jonathan Ellis Jonathan Ellis - John Tate
Niki Rubin Niki Rubin - Sara (as Niki Notarile)
Mar Omega Mar Omega - Tommy Jarvis
Nicole Abisinio Nicole Abisinio - Sharon
Airon Armstrong Airon Armstrong - Michael Myers
Richard Myles Richard Myles - Jason Voorhees

Friday the 31st: Michael vs. Jason (2005)
This is a solid opening, music sets the tone. Camera work sets the stage for what you about to see but needs more as an audience member. Lighting of the scene works, but needs more realism and creativity but good overall sets the tone for the film. The overall theme and tone of this opening is to set you up that it's at least a year or two after the 8th movie (Resurrection). Acting for this opening scene could have been a little better and little more emotion to it. On a continuity note, during the cemetery scene, it didn't look like it was raining but when we see them in the car; it has been raining for a while on the car's rear windshield. This scene where they stop to get gas, works for them for a rest point until the plot points come into play. Great intertwine of the Crystal Lake Reference, but might not by geographically correct placement of places. The two people entering what looks to be either a house or a place to hide, works to a point but they both should be more exhausted since Jason is an unstoppable killing machine. It has a great connection to the Tommy and John characters from both H20 and Friday the 13th Part 6 movies. Pretty good acting here with the characters, mainly Tommy; however, it falls short when it comes to Jason banging on the door. When it comes to Jason entering the house, he should have done more of an effect to the door or make it seem like nothing can stop him. Setting, style and tone continue to be good to so far. When Tommy shoots Jason, only three bullets come out of 2 guns looks like kind of unrealistic of the times. Pretty okay effects could need some work with the reactions and shot effects too. Love the way you have done with the deaths of both Tommy and his girlfriend, Myers style. The battle of the two icons is probably the biggest part of this story. Some effects seem to be good and bad; however, they work for this fan-film about to icons that can't die. The movement, staging and blocking of this fight and overall fan-film, is good for that time but could have been better overall. Stunts and fight choreography is pretty good and could have some slow points. Needs more fast pace shots, this almost looks like a choreographed fight in real life, almost like the film was shot during the practice and was the only take that was fully run through. Overall, the Raising action and Climax of this fan-film is a good piece with superb score, sound effects and the characters that are played. Overall this fan film hits a high note early, but tries staying high when it comes to Climax and Falling Actions. This fan-film has a great sense of the characters inside the film series world and stay true to the face that both Johns and Tommy's mothers have both been killed by these two killer icons. I would have love more from the ending of this short and it needed more of a closure point to both Jason and Michael. I fully understand this is an older Fan-Film that the director had made over a decade ago; however, for the standards for that time could have been higher for most. The story plays a great part of the settings and the characters habits that they reach to. For this, the short Fan-Film is a pretty good representation of what a fan-film should be about and not look like.