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Love Under the Rainbow
Love Under the Rainbow (2019)
  • Director:
    Tony Dean Smith
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Kirsten Hansen
  • Cast:
    Jodie Sweetin,David Haydn-Jones,Dakota Guppy
  • Year:
Lucy wasn't sure if she would find true love, until Jack moves to town with his daughter Sophie. Together they teach her it's never too late to start chasing rainbows.
Credited cast:
Jodie Sweetin Jodie Sweetin - Lucy
David Haydn-Jones David Haydn-Jones - Jack
Dakota Guppy Dakota Guppy - Sophie
Donna Christie Donna Christie - Mary Taylor
Garry Chalk Garry Chalk - Paul
Rebecca Davis Rebecca Davis - Dana
Brendon Zub Brendon Zub - Ben Peters
Peter Benson Peter Benson - Kevin
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Anthony Ames Anthony Ames - Brian
Mark Brandon Mark Brandon - Brad Bennett
Emily Delahunty Emily Delahunty - Maya
Sam Krochmal Sam Krochmal - Barista in Training
Zen Shane Lim Zen Shane Lim - Running Guide
Mason McKenzie Mason McKenzie - Ryan
Sunita Prasad Sunita Prasad - Cassidy

Love Under the Rainbow (2019)

The students plant seeds at the beginning, within maybe a few weeks a student points out that the flowers have bloomed. They were tulips, which come from a bulb not seeds.

With all Hallmark movies we always get what we expect a happy ending. This movie didn't disappoint at all except as always is I want the movie to be longer and I would like some much more needed drama. Dakota Duppy was the stand out in this movie along with Jodie Sweetin. I love the rainbows and the ending was beautiful. Definitely check this movie out!!
Like all Hallmark movies you know what you're getting. That's why I love these movies. Dakota Guppy and Jodie Sweetin are the standouts in this movie. Her interest in her students is great. She shows she cares about each of them and makes them feel welcome especially new students. I really enjoyed this story,characters and directing. The cinematography. Definitely check this one out!
The plot on this one is pretty weak. He's a widower whose daughter is obsessed with rainbows, they run into each other a lot, including her being the daughter's teacher. The CGI rainbows and everyone's weird obsession with them is pretty cloying and completely silly. Although he keeps avoiding the topic of rainbows, leading my boyfriend to theorize "Rainbows killed my wife!" Alas, the truth was not as interesting or compelling. But Jodie Sweetin and David Haydn-Jones are great together, their chemistry is palpable and they keep the weak script flowing enjoyably. Put these two in a better movie, Hallmark!
1. Hayden and Jodie make a potential relationship very awkward. 2. The jokes are pretty stale and unfunny. 3. Hayden's father character lacks an semblance of a relationship with his daughter. 4. Jodie's teacher character is wholly unprofessional by focusing creepily on Hayden and the girl. 5. Hallmark could have done more for the classroom and more realistic teaching in the classroom. 6. Poor classroom management by leaving the students alone to talk with her co-worker and answering texts while working. 7. The "leaning" the two leads always assume when exchanging glances.
I ℓ٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥υ
I ℓ٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥υ
Another great Hallmark movie. Jodie Sweenie, David Hayden, Dakota Guppy and Peter Benson had great chemistry. A story based on finding love and the magic of rainbows. Beautiful scenery. Great writing by Kristen Hansen as well.
Delightful movie with a believable storyline, great acting, wonderful characters, and a great cast. From the meet-cute, I was hooked, and I enjoyed the significance of the rainbows throughout the movie. Perfect movie those who believe in love.
Rainbows that defy the laws of physics and the laws of nature.. Fantasy! The idea that David Haydn-Jones could play a romantic lead...pure fantasy!! there was no spark or chemistry between the leads and it was not Jodie Sweeten's fault. I totally agree with "Lame on all levels". I have seen Mr. Haydn-Jones on other Hallmark movies and he brings the same wet blanket to them all. no spark.
A widow with a young daughter falls for her teacher. That's about all.

Jodie Sweetin isn't rom com material.