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¿Quién manda?
¿Quién manda? (2013)
  • Director:
    Ronni Castillo
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Daniel Aurelio,Ronni Castillo
  • Cast:
    Frank Perozo,Nashla Bogaert,Micky Montilla
  • Time:
    1h 27min
  • Year:
Alex and Natalie, two individuals, who, in every romantic relationship, never get drawn into a formal relationship, who are looking to have fun without any commitments beyond three months, who wish to be always in control, fall in love. In this battle of the sexes and egos, anything can happen.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Frank Perozo Frank Perozo - Alex
Nashla Bogaert Nashla Bogaert - Natalie
Micky Montilla Micky Montilla - Manuel
Amauris Pérez Amauris Pérez - Eduardo
Laura Diaz Laura Diaz - Ana
Akari Endo Akari Endo - Melissa
Claudette Lalí Claudette Lalí - Carolina (as Claudette Lali)
Cuquín Victoria Cuquín Victoria - Don Frank
Daniel Aurelio Daniel Aurelio - Javier
Laura Nanita Laura Nanita - Linda
Lowensky Natera Lowensky Natera - Novio
Manuel Chapuseaux Manuel Chapuseaux - Fernando
Marianly Tejada Marianly Tejada - Patricia
Augusto Feria Augusto Feria - Rogelio
Ivonne Beras Goico Ivonne Beras Goico - Gisselle (as Ivon Beras Goico)

¿Quién manda? (2013)

Official submission of Dominican Republic to the Oscars 2014 best foreign language film category.

Greetings dear readers, Quién Manda? is a lightweight romantic comedy that keeps a rhythm from the beginning until the end. The pace is good and pleases. Everything starts with a playboy (Perozo) that will conquer women for then leave them at the end of three months of relationship where it considered that now things will get complicated. In his loving Odyssey meets Nathalie (Bogaert) that is his female counterpart in regard to conquest and abandonment at three months.

The story is good, very well told by Ronni Arias that despite their ill- advised shots at times, does pretty well to be debuting on the big screen. The main couple, Perozo-Bogaert, works perfectly, until we came to believe that both are in fact something more than professional work. The rest of the cast is at the level of commitment, with a Cuquín victory in his most funniest role in dominican movies.

There are a couple of sub-stories the director and screenwriter leaves and it's a shame, as it is the case of the first girlfriend of Perozo, to bring back it to the end would have been (warning spoiler) luxury. Parent-child relationship leaves himself loose, and also the end, in the program of TV, which is too short and we feel that they could take advantage and give at the end, which is not bad, a little more than intensity.

Always we have complained of bad comedies in our cinema, now have a good Dominican comedy, it is time that we support it and hope that our filmmakers maintain that rhythm where is a win win business. I invite all of you to see Quién Manda? I can promise you that you won't regret.
The film "Quien Manda" or "who's the boss" is a sweet and fresh change in Dominican Filmography, is a romantic comedy about two Casanovas, Alex and Natalie, that considers themselves experts and leaders in love relationships, so when a Don Juan meets a Mata-Hari you can expect some explosive situations.

The movie travels around of what becomes for this couple and their relationship to make it work. But when two sharp knives collide, something happens, and a battle of wills ensues.

This is a very popular film in the Dominican Republic, that I think makes his job, giving the public two popular actors-celebrities in his stars Frank Perozo and Nashla Bogaert and both of them gives a fresh and natural performances, making us to approach the film as a nice change in the usual boring and awful Dominican comedy films we have before.

For moments the movie is really funny and smart. not without flaws.

Some jokes are too local to digest for the international public but in general the story works fine. The climax it's a little bit of a cliché, but in general the project works and in the end you have perhaps one of the few Dominican movies that makes you stay in the theater.

Good effort keep the good work.
Road.to sliver
Road.to sliver
How can i watch this movie? I really love it and want to see again