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The Animated Bathtub
The Animated Bathtub (1912)
  • Director:
    Alice Guy
  • Category:
  • Cast:
    Billy Quirk,Darwin Karr,Lee Beggs
  • Year:
Billy Quirk is an eccentric inventor who muddles up his existence with thoughts of an automatic arrangement which could send a bathtub to any part of a house. Billy writes to his corpulent uncle and skeptical friends to come and view the marvel of his creation. The uncle comes and is invited by his inventive nephew to take a bath in the marvelous tub. The uncle consents. When the switch is turned on the bathtub becomes fractiously active. The uncle loses his control, and before he knows it he is carried to every part of the house, breaking furniture and scaring visitors out of their wits. Billy makes a frantic effort to help his unwary uncle, and in his attempt he lands headlong with clothes on and all into the bathtub full of water.
Cast overview:
Billy Quirk Billy Quirk - The Young Inventor
Darwin Karr Darwin Karr
Lee Beggs Lee Beggs - The Inventor's Uncle

The Animated Bathtub (1912)

Released as a split reel along with Garden of the Gods (1912).