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The Possession of Hannah Grace
The Possession of Hannah Grace (2018)
  • Director:
    Diederik Van Rooijen
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Brian Sieve
  • Cast:
    Shay Mitchell,Grey Damon,Kirby Johnson
  • Time:
    1h 26min
  • Budget:
  • Year:
A shuddering exorcism spins out of control and claims the life of a young girl. Months later, while working the night shift at the hospital morgue, Megan Reed receives a disfigured corpse. Alone and locked in the corridors of the cold basement, she starts to experience hair-raising visions, which lead her to suspect that the dead body delivered that night is possessed by a ruthless evil entity.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Shay Mitchell Shay Mitchell - Megan Reed
Grey Damon Grey Damon - Andrew Kurtz
Kirby Johnson Kirby Johnson - Hannah Grace / Cadaver
Nick Thune Nick Thune - Randy
Louis Herthum Louis Herthum - Man / Killer / Grainger
Stana Katic Stana Katic - Lisa Roberts
Maximillian McNamara Maximillian McNamara - Dave (as Max McNamara)
Jacob Ming-Trent Jacob Ming-Trent - Ernie Gainor
James A. Watson Jr. James A. Watson Jr. - Dr. Henry Lewis
Marianne Bayard Marianne Bayard - Female Ambulance Driver
Adrian M. Mompoint Adrian M. Mompoint - Other Ambulance Driver (as Adrian Mompoint)
Matt Mings Matt Mings - Megan's Police Partner
Gijs Scholten van Aschat Gijs Scholten van Aschat - Father Marcato
Guy Clemens Guy Clemens - Father Cunningham
Sean Burns Sean Burns - Junkie

The Possession of Hannah Grace (2018)

The first Sony Pictures film to be shot on a full-frame mirrorless camera. Sony said that the film was primarily shot on its own A7S II, a consumer camera that costs a mere $2,000.

In the original script, the morgue was much smaller. Director Diederik Van Rooijen rewrote it to be much bigger, emptier and scarier, and also added the automatic lights.

Shay Mitchell is the fourth lead actress of "Pretty Little Liars" to have played a leading role in a horror movie, after Ashley Benson in "Ratter," Troian Bellisario in "Martyrs" and Lucy Hale in "Truth or Dare."

Director Diederik Van Rooijen caught the attention of Hollywood with his low-budget thriller Taped (2012). He moved from the Netherlands to the USA with his family in 2014 to direct a remake of Alfred Hitchcock's Paukščiai (1963). However, the studio couldn't decide between a classical remake or a modern take on the material, so the project got stuck in development hell. In the meanwhile, van Rooijen got involved with The Possession of Hannah Grace, and decided to make it his American debut.

Was filmed in November 2016 but not released until the end of 2018. The long post production period was due to a change in management, and the new head of studio wanted some changes in the end result. Fortunately, director Diederik Van Rooijen had shot enough material to accommodate these changes.

The exterior of the hospital is actually Boston City Hall.

This film should have been garbage, it is a new take on an old concept but the trailers weren't spectacular and seemed like a film that belongs in the horror wasteland of January. However, to be entirely honest it really isn't that bad and it's fair to say that for the most part it exceeded my low expectations. The central performance was quite good and most of the first and second act was pretty tense. The setting is solid and the director clearly was genuinely trying. That being said, the film does become extremely predictable, and not all the scares land. The third act explodes into cliche, and there are perhaps too many plot holes for me to just ignore. Overall, The Possession of Hannah Grace is better than the trailers suggest, it's a well acted enjoyable ride and does have some good scares, but the frequent jump scares, predictable flow of events and plot holes prevent this film from being anything memorable.
I would say it's an above average horror movie with a very mediocre storyline but nevertheless it's still quite eerie, creepy and scary.
The Possession of Hannah Grace is good but flawed in certain areas, not that this was a complete disaster of a film the running time was great for this type of film, the minimal cast works for the film because it gives the feel of isolation and close spaces.

Mitchell role in this film is great in giving the audience a scene of someone that went through a shocking experience which broke her, in order to coupe she applies for a job as a graveyard shift of a hospital Morgue, which turn into a complete nightmare.

She pulls this performance off really well, give us a believable character, as well as the other cast member with their respective roles really set the tone for the film.

Special Effects/Make-up that gone into this film from Grace's body which is crushing to the soul, an amalgam of twisted limbs, horrifying scars, and look that penetrates through your being making you unsettled, unwilling to give you any relief as her eyes follow you across the screen really works to make the audience unsettled.

As it like if though its a film, it like she actually looking at you seating in you're seated, which make it even more unsettling. Special later on which the way they have her move is just the creepiest thing ever make you squirm in you're seat.

The backdrop of the morgue with concrete walls, corners that have a light sensor that you have to walk down for the light to come on really making this film tone unsettling as the only exits is a Lift and a door that leads to the main building. It gives a sense of feeling of being in an isolated area of the hospital with a creepy tone.

The story wise the film is predictable but it's easy to follow and understand on what's happening although there were scenes that I would have taken out and change just to make this film hell of a lot more frightening than it was.

Which is why im saying the film is great but flawed because there are certain areas of the film that kind of make the film less scare and kind of loss the audience toward the end. This is similar in a way to a film called the autopsy of jane doe giving the audience creepy moments, giving that psychological tone which gets under your skin moments, but where this film differs from that film is it kind of losses the audience toward the end although the film has great entertainment.

Dislikes: What this film does wrong is the First scene, this wasn't needed in the film, why? Because the scene after with the body turning up with no explanation, then all of a sudden things started to psychologically happen, this would have given the film its edge and got rid of the predictability of the film.

It should have kept these small supernatural moments all the way through to the third act of the film, see in the third act of the film you would reveal who the body is and what happens, that's when thing would start getting more dangerous this is kind of how this film should have gone, not that it wasn't a good film to watch.
Megan is an ex-cop who cracked up after the death of her partner. As part of her recovery, her AA sponsor helps her to get a job as the sole night shift operative at Boston Metro Hospital morgue. And one of the first corpses to come in is a badly harmed young woman. Funny things start to happen, and we have a good idea why, because we watched the prologue bit at the start, so we know that this young woman was possessed by an actual demon.

This is an interesting and original setting for a possession film, and the scenario of having the damaged, but still strong-willed Megan as the person in the firing line is also good - Megan is not your typical horror film, screaming victim.

There is plenty of tension, relatively little made-you-jump sound cues, some tolerable horror bits (nothing exceptionally graphic), and a good performance from Shay Mitchell as Megan.

Yes, there are some dumb bits. The significance of the blood drop is never explained. The reason why Hannah doesn't seem to be able to take action against Megan is never explained. The incredibly annoying lights in the basement morgue get on your nerves.

But it is all made up for by the shock twist in the tail ending. I could see it coming from a mile off. And yet it never happened! Hooray!
No, this is not an Exorcist movie. It's something like The Autopsy Of Jane Doe. Which I also love very much.

This is a popcorn movie. Don't ask too many questions like, why the hell does Megan wants to work in a morgue. In the graveyard shift. Practically alone. Don't ruin all the fun asking these.

Don't trust Tomatoes or Metacritic. They are no fun. (I don't know why the hate The Predator because I love that movie)

In Malaysia, it's an 18-rated movie. It's not THAT gory. But I guess because Hannah Grace crawls around the hospital nude. **Is that a spoiler?**Whoever can get turned on seeing that is really a pervert.

Oh well,... still. I had fun watching that. it's great fun.

Again, Don't read reviews. Go watch it. I am sure you'll enjoy this more than The Nun.
The movie may be not remarkable but quite decent and pretty scary at some scenes. It doesn't deserve so many bad reviews and yes it reminds of Autopsy of Jane Doe. However, it is still decent scary movie. Not too bad ...
This movie isn't the worst suspense/horror movie of the year, but it certainly isn't the greatest either. Shay Mitchell saves this movie from being utter trash. It's a pleasant surprise seeing her act in this genre and she does a good job. This movie has a couple of good scare scenes along with a simple and predictable story line. Ultimately, watch this movie and judge for yourselves but don't go in expecting The Shining or anything.
I wasn't expecting much going into this film. I saw the dreadful critic reviews so I went into the movie expecting the worst. Surprisingly .. it wasnt bad . The whole "possession" concept is nothing new of course. It's been done millions of times. But I like the way they went about this film . It was a good storyline , creepy imagery , decent acting , etc. One thing I'd like to point out is the great cinemotography , especially after finding out the entire film was shot on a Sony a7SII, which isnt a "Hollywood film camera" by any means.

Now the negative and the reason why I gave it a 6/10. This added nothing new to the horror genre and will surely be forgotten . In a way I felt like the film maker didnt know where he wanted to fully go with the film so he kinda bounced around with elements. The movie is really short, not even an hour and a half long, yet it feels like certain parts of the film dragged and other parts were incredibly rushed .I wish they would've taken more time on the backstory of the main character for us to connect with her more. Also the ending was confusingly rushed . Could've been a solid 8 if the pacing of the film was handled more correctly . Would I reccomend paying your money to see this ? Meh , if you have NOTHING to do then yes. Otherwise catch it on redbox
The Possession of Hannah Grace is by no means a must-see, but I found it to be a decent time-waster.

The movie has a nice sense of direction. The beginning, where main character Megan gets a job working the night shift in the morgue in the basement of a city hospital, is especially well-done. Major exposition and the workings of the hospital is introduced in a quick and natural manner.

The hospital in this is appropriately creepy, a blend of grey concrete blended with cold, sterile white floors.

The possessed body of Hannah Grace is an affective monster. She avoids being being a generic zombie/possesed person by having a distinctive look being partially slashed and burned. Heck she's scary when she's just lying still before she's even doing anything. (I'm actually disappointed they didn't stick with the film's original title of The Cadaver). Contortionist Kirby Johnson really kills it as Hannah, not only in her freaky movements but also in her malevolent facial expressions.

Despite the praise I've just given, there is one big issue wit the film: the second act is just too slow and could've been cut down, which is disappointing given how fluidly it started. The problem is that they have one too many victims and spend a little too much time introducing them and building up to the kills.
After spending a period in rehab, the former police officer Megan Reed (Shay Mitchell) accepts the job offered by her friend Lisa Roberts (Stana Katic) to work in the graveyard shift in a hospital morgue. Megan is recovering from a stress caused by a situation where her partner died. Megan receives the corpse of a young woman named Hannah Grace (Kirby Johnson) and later a man tries to burn the body in the incinerator but Megan and the security team hold and arrest the man. Soon Megan has the weird sensation that Hannah Grace is recovering from her injuries but her friend Lisa believes she is still using drugs and does not believe in her. But soon she realizes that there is something evil in the cadaver.

"The Possession of Hannah Grace" is an unoriginal but not bad horror film. The screenplay could have been better not showing the exorcism of Hannah Grace in the beginning, but maybe in flashback to keep the mystery. But the performances are great and the creepy atmosphere keeps the tension. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Cadáver" ("Cadaver")
I'm not sure what people expect from a film with "possession" in the title. It breaks no new ground but is well made. If you like these types of films you'll enjoy it, if you don't, you won't!
I'm a horror movie buff and I don't scare easy, but at this movie I actually screamed! Over the years I've learned to anticipate the jump scares and what not so the fact that his movie could still catch me off guard says a lot. The plot, the acting, the atmosphere, etc. were all also quite good. Good job well done; so go see it in theaters as it's not gonna be as good watching at home.
Not a bad horror, there were plenty of jumps, and it was pretty creepy . The characters were (mostly) likeable and the story was ok. It's definitely worth a watch if you want an easy to watch horror with some jumps and a bit of a scare. Some parts were a bit over the top but really it's a decent film.
digytal soul
digytal soul
Wrapping up the month of November, comes a movie one might not expect with the holiday season. Despite the season of giving, joy and family, Hollywood is ready to scare the pants off you with another shot at the horror ladder. Under the guise of not a typical exorcist movie, tonight's review is hoping that the unique twist will live up to the hype of the advertisements. Robbie K back with another film review as I take on:

Film: The Possession Of Hannah Grace (2018) Director: Diederik Van Rooijen Writer: Brian Sieve Stars: Shay Mitchell, Grey Damon, Kirby Johnson


Time Length: A movie that can get the job done in fewer than 90-minutes gets my vote for bonus points. Hanna grace's story is done within 80 minutes, at a pace that does little to divert from the scares.

The Acting: For a film limited to practically one cast member, Hannah Grace's film isn't half bad. Mtichell dives full force into the character, managing to portray the multi-tiered roll quite well, in a balanced manner that was engaging to watch. Her other cast members gets points for their respective roles, though there is little to springboard off of given the limited development. Nevertheless, the acting works.

Special Effects/Make-up: To get the scares you've got to sometimes have a look to base your central character around. In this film, the effects departments gets high fives for their work. Grace's body is crushing to the soul, an amalgam of twisted limbs, horrifying scars , and look that penetrates through the layers of your being, unwilling to give you any relief as her eyes follow you across the screen. As more twists and turns occur appear, Grace's movements become bone crunching bashes of disturbing symphonies that make one squirm in their seats. It's creepy, it's uncomforting... and it works well as the central scare tactic of the movie.

The Variety of Scares: Hannah Grace has decided to deploy all the scare types into the mix, managing to bring together jump scares, creepiness, and deadly all wrapped into one. Utilization of these three leave one ready to be moved in so many ways, that one can't help but get immersed into if you are a horror fan.

The Setting: By far the most blood curdling components is the setting of this film. A morgue is no place to play, and the worst part about this is... it's real. Unlike the films that have characters stupidly trekking into lands they should never find, Hannah Grace is about working in a morgue where the dead go to meet their end. Very similar to the great horror films, they use this setting well, keeping things in the shadows and a sense of only revealing so much to allow your imagination to fill in the gap. The setting of this film is certainly the biggest element that gave me the willies and proof that simplicity can go a long way in invoking nightmares.


The Predictability: While there are plenty of scare tactics utilize in this film, the problem with this film is how predictable they become. Perhaps this is just me and my desensitization, but the film gave way too much to keep the scare factor going. The stale presentation got a little old and by the midway mark I was searching for different means to get Hannah's wrath out. If you are one that jumps at everything, this won't be the case for you, but otherwise, get set for some lackluster tactics.

The Characters: Outside of Megan (Shay Mitchell), the rest of the crew were there, characters that started introducing themselves, only to later not have much gusto behind them. Possession of Hannah Grace had the opportunity to flesh out more of their characters to help extend out the players in this deadly game of whatever it is. It's not the worst case I've seen, but there was room for improvement to give the movie a little more dimension.

The Story: I get it, most people aren't about a tale when it comes to a scary film, instead craving the scare you until you wet your pants moment. Still, the best horror movies utilize a story well to draw the suspense out, give purpose to the scares, and give you the investment into the film. Hannah Grace's tale had all the scraps of a story there, enough to culminate into a plot, but there is so much more needed to help improve upon the dislikes mentioned above. Without the strong story, the movie soon becomes a desperate struggle to stay afloat as it crams as much of the scariness into the film to try to distract from the shallow film. Many subplots are dropped or reduced to hasty tie ups, others are simplistic dialogue that adds little to the film other than time. This brings me to the biggest dislike

The Ending: Perhaps the studio ran out of money, perhaps it was always the plan, but the momentum Hannah Grace had at the beginning was lost for me. The opening did the role it sought out, which was to creep you out, get you on edge and show what the antagonist was capable of. Then somewhere around the fifty-minute mark... the feel suddenly changed. No longer the creepy, suspense building trek through the dark, the latter half soon became a very mashed together display of power, with stale scare tactics, grandiose roaring, and hasty wrapped up plots. The big finale felt a little forced and the rushed plots did little to add much other than an over the top roar fest. Outside of the cheese factor, it was fine and held some moral filled monologues to boot, but compared to the theme of the opening acts... it just doesn't quite settle with me.


The Possession of Hannah Grace held potential and it delivered on some of it with that opening act. It's creepy, it's disturbing and it works on levels to give you the fear factor you want at the end. Yet, the movie has a long way to go to get to the great level others have achieved, utilizing that incredible make up and special effects to great heights and having a story to support it. That ending was rushed and perhaps better planning and coordination may craft a film that we have been waiting some time for. Still, not the worst movie and certainly worth checking out on streaming in the future.

My Scores Are:

Horror/Mystery/Thriller: 7.0 Movie Overall; 5.5
My review for Possession of Hannah Grace: It has all the stuff you'd expect from a possession movie. Jump scares, suspense, great story, gore. And leaves an opening for a sequel. Overall I give it a 7 out of 10.
Shay is great, it has that feel of When a Stranger Calls, and she is awesome and entertaining. It was good, because there's a plot to follow that is more than someone possessed. I'm a fan, and I hope she's in some more films. It was good to see a horror film in December. Ok, the ending was rushed no doubt for the last 15 minutes, like they lost some film which I didn't really get. Possibly because the actual demon was not introduced as Pazuz in the Exorcist. Well done though, horror film 2018 worth seeing.
It's A Good Horror Flick ! Good Acting By Shay Mitchell ! This Was Scarier Film Than The Other Horror Movie This Year In Malaysia ! Go See It You Wont Regret It ! !
There's gonna be people comparing this to Autopsy of Jane Doe for sure. That movie was pretty great and felt "new" when I watched it. This one wasn't too shabby either except the part where they revealed the demon to be "real", felt like it was rushed or sloppy editing.

Shay Mitchell was ok and it was nice to see her move on from Pretty Little Liars. The best part of this movie or a horror movie in such a setting is that there's barely any normal, non-horror moments.it just kept on coming which was great.

All in all would love more of this morgue horror movies, at least till it gets boring too!!
WoW! This was scarier than the Halloween we just saw at the movies!!! This should've been playing during Halloween time! Go see it you wont regret it!!!!
*English is not my native language

Pros: attractive and good leadactress, great color grading movie, nice camera work, nice overall spooky vibe.

Cons: bad sound effects (low budget bubble wrap?), little buildup in storyline and character development, plain stupid scenes where Hannah uses her powers and lifts people in order to kill them, predictable and short.

I love this genre, so I'm always excited when a movie like The Possession of Hannah Grace comes to the cinema. The movie is pretty average and sometimes below average. Not sure what happened with the director's creativity!? Nothing really happens in the movie. When somebody gets killed by Hannah you almost can imagine a guy standing in the corner busy popping his bubble wrap. Very bad sound effects. The acting is okay-ish. They should cast the lead-actress in a bigger movie. She's gorgeous and has potential for sure!

Go in with 0.1 expectation and you walk out with an okay-ish kind of feeling! Which isn't that bad if you look at the Hollywood garbage they produce nowadays.
I love Mercedes
I love Mercedes
Although i'm a huge horror fan the supernatural horror sub-genre was never my fav and so there were a few only flicks concerning exorcism and haunted houses that I really loved. Apart from exceptions like the exorcist and the Amityville horror series few of other similar flicks I really loved. one of those is the shining. After those films I remember that I liked the exorcism of Emily rose and after that I think is this film. creepy morgue atmosphere a great lead female actor acceptable plot story good scares here and there and a great exorcism opening which reminded me of the exorcist film. Maybe the only flaw this film had a real flaw I mean was the ending which was done like they wanted to finish the movie quickly. the way the evil was destroyed could have been made in a more right way and with more suspense. It's not a great film but for me is better than most of similar films who were released in recent years like the conjuring and the Annabelle films which for me were disappointing to say the least.

If u want to have a good time and u are in to those films then this is for you.

Grade B- (7 out of 10)

Further recommendations from this genre

The Amityville horror original trilogy The Amityville horror 2005 The shining (both versions) The exorcist movies and tv series The exorcism of Emily rose The prophecy trilogy The omen trilogy and the remake
The Possession of Hannah Grace certainly doesn't reinvent the horror movie genre but is a quite creepy genre flick without any lengths. The story is centered around a former female cop who tragically lost her colleague and job and got addicted to alcohol and medication. She gets a new job as night security guard at a morgue that should prevent her from strolling around in bars and worsening her condition. Things take a turn for the worse when the body of Hannah Grace is brought to the morgue one night. The girl got killed during a controversial exorcism three months earlier and somebody was found trying to cut her dead body into pieces. As soon as her body arrives, strange things start to happen at the morgue. Lights suddenly start to flicker, doors open mysteriously and an intruder tries to get inside the morgue for ghastly reasons. The former cop wants to prove herself and those around her that she has the strength of dealing with the situation but realizes too late that she becomes the pawn in a deadly game of chess planned by an evil spirit.

The movie convinces on several levels. The film has a gloomy atmopshere from start to finish. It has a few quite scary scenes. The claustrophobic, dark and morbid locations work perfectly for an intense horror movie. The film has solid pace and doesn't waste much time with an introduction or conclusion. The characters are interesting enough to care about their fates and especially lead actress Shay Mitchell does an excellent job playing a tough woman with inner demons. The movie's conclusion isn't too stereotypical and leaves room for interpretation.

On the negative side, some scenes of the movie felt somewhat rushed. Characters speak to each other in one room and are suddenly in a completely different place after the cut. This occured on two or three occasions and was slightly confusing. The story could have been a little bit more creative and especially the fact that nobody believes the security guard because of her addiction is a tired old trope.

Still, you will get exactly what you can expect from The Possession of Hannah Grace . It's gloomy, haunting and scary. It's thoroughly entertaining. The movie feels fresher than most tired old horror franchises. It's best enjoyed at your local cinema with a couple of friends.
I'm a horor movie buff and i don't scare easy!! but at this movie i actually screamed! Really make me jump scares!! Not as bad as they say! i was really surprised with all the bad reviews. the story of Hannah Grace is far from horrible. For me is much better than most of similar films who were released in recent years like the conjuring, The Nun, Insidious: The Last Key film which for me were dissapointing and such a horrible to say the least. i think this horor movie got best review in Asian. if u want to jump scares and you are in to those films then this is for you
The movie is just so scary.I love it.The scares just make you jump
James Cameron once said that a good director has to "control the audiences synapses". There were a lot of "wtf" moments for me where I said "why is this important?" I counted about 4 times in the movie where she has to wave her arms around and look stupid to turn the motion sensor lights on. It was distracting.

There was no good story to this thing either. Why does the demon girl kill everyone in a "Jesus" like fashion? Why does she run on all fours when she proves she can walk on two legs? If the demon can heal a dead body and regenerate lost body parts, why can't it heal an incinerated body? What the hell was the ending about? We see the main character "toughening up" like their might be a sequel but we know dam well there won't be so what was the point of showing that? The ending was presented as if the movie was some deep look into the main character but it never was.

If you want to see a good horror movie, this isn't it.