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Episode dated 28 December 1999
The Guiding Light Episode dated 28 December 1999 (1952–2009)
TV Episode
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    Grant Aleksander,Paulo Benedeti,Beth Chamberlin
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Phillip is not very happy with all of Edmund's expenses on his expense report, but Beth urges Phillip to approve the report in order to help Edmund adjust to his time in Springfield. After seeing a psychiatrist, Reva decides to try and find Jonathan in order to allow Richard the chance to decide his son's fate. Richard wants to payoff all of Cassie's bills, but she resists and questions him about his feelings for her sister. Richard tells her he has no feelings for Reva, but secretly still does. To ease Cassie's fears, Richard sets a wedding date for the two of them. They will be married on Valentine's Day. Marah tries to talk to Cassie, but Cassie doesn't have any time for her so she tells her troubles to a sympathetic Jesse. Drew tries to convince Buzz and Selena to come to dinner with her and Jesse, but Selena doesn't want to. Feeling rejected by Jesse, Marah flirts with a guy named Chad who pulls her into a kiss!
Episode credited cast:
Grant Aleksander Grant Aleksander - Phillip Spaulding
Paulo Benedeti Paulo Benedeti - Jesse Blue
Beth Chamberlin Beth Chamberlin - Beth Raines
Bradley Cole Bradley Cole - Richard Winslow
Justin Deas Justin Deas - Frank 'Buzz' Cooper, Sr.
David Fonteno David Fonteno - Dr. Charles Grant
Maureen Garrett Maureen Garrett - Holly Norris
Melissa Hayden Melissa Hayden - Bridget Readon-Lewis
Sharon Leal Sharon Leal - Dahlia Crede
David Andrew Macdonald David Andrew Macdonald - Edmund Winslow
Andrea Navedo Andrea Navedo - Theresa Sandoval
Victoria Gabrielle Platt Victoria Gabrielle Platt - Vicky Spaulding
Mary Stuart Mary Stuart - Meta Bauer
Terrell Tilford Terrell Tilford - David Grant
Kim Zimmer Kim Zimmer - Reva Shayne

The Guiding Light Episode dated 28 December 1999 (1952–2009)