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The Iron Trail
Cheyenne The Iron Trail (1955–1963)
TV Episode
  • Director:
    Leslie H. Martinson
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Jack Emanuel,Montgomery Pittman
  • Cast:
    Clint Walker,Dennis Hopper,Dani Crayne
  • Time:
  • Year:
Cheyenne takes a train carrying $5000 in cattle money and a new bride for his boss. He meets an old friend Chev Jones who is now a detective for the railroad but was a lawman at one time. He tells Cheyenne he suspects they will be robbed by a gang of kids which is why he and a deputy are on the train. A coffin is loaded as well into the mail car to be dropped at an abandoned rail stop. When they stop the train to throw a switch, they are attacked but Cheyenne is able to kill the gang member riding the train. Three men are killed and after a vote, they agree to abide by the majority which is to surrender. The coffin turns out to hold explosives for the gang. After they are taken to a local Trading Post as prisoners they find out the gang's true motives. They search each prisoner individually for money but also reveal secrets some of the prisoners have. However, their prime motive is that they are planning on becoming more famous than any outlaw: by kidnapping the President of the ...
Episode complete credited cast:
Clint Walker Clint Walker - Cheyenne Bodie
Dennis Hopper Dennis Hopper - Abe Larson
Dani Crayne Dani Crayne - Mary Ellen McSwayne
Sheb Wooley Sheb Wooley - Chev Jones
Sydney Smith Sydney Smith - Maj. Earl Jonathan
Almira Sessions Almira Sessions - Mrs. Thatcher
Sam Buffington Sam Buffington - Allen Chester
Eddie Little Sky Eddie Little Sky - Indian (as Eddie Little)
Ed Dickey Ed Dickey - Red
Jered Barclay Jered Barclay - Les (as Jerry Barclay)
Charles Tannen Charles Tannen - Lonnie the Conductor
Montgomery Pittman Montgomery Pittman - Monte
Lowell Brown Lowell Brown - Jake
Carol Coombs Carol Coombs - Martha

Cheyenne The Iron Trail (1955–1963)

Clint Walker does not take his shirt off in this episode.