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Elliott Gould/Leon Redbone, Harlan Collins u0026 Joyce Everson
Saturday Night Live Elliott Gould/Leon Redbone, Harlan Collins & Joyce Everson (1975– )
TV Episode
  • Director:
    Dave Wilson,Gary Weis
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Herbert Sargent,Chevy Chase
  • Cast:
    Elliott Gould,Leon Redbone,Harlan Collins
  • Time:
    1h 30min
  • Year:
The host for the episode is Elliott Gould (his second appearance), and the musical guests are Leon Redbone (his second appearance), Harlan Collins and Joyce Everson. The skits for this episode include scenes inside a wax museum and a European poker player, as well as a presentation by Shirley Temple Black. Re-run ads inform viewers how they can join the fast-paced life of stand-by operators, and asks America to show their guns. A doctor warns a woman that she's been neglecting the proper care of her uvula. The crew of The Enterprise faces their final foe: network executives coming to announce that the series has been canceled. During the Weekend Update, Emily Litella lends Chevy Chase a hand in reading the news after one of the stories flops. An ad pitches the new Vibramatic personal massager for tense muscles. The Bees put on a performance of The Honeymooners. Leon Redbone performs "Shine On, Harvest Moon" and "Walking Stick" and Harlan Collins & Joyce Everson perform "Heaven Only ...
Episode credited cast:
Elliott Gould Elliott Gould - Himself - Host / Herb Goodman / Various
Leon Redbone Leon Redbone - Himself - Musical Guest
Harlan Collins Harlan Collins - Himself - Musical Guest
Joyce Everson Joyce Everson - Herself - Musical Guest
Dan Aykroyd Dan Aykroyd - DeForest Kelley / Dr. McCoy / Various
John Belushi John Belushi - William Shatner / Captain Kirk / Various
Chevy Chase Chevy Chase - Weekend Update Anchor / Leonard Nimoy / Mr. Spock / Various
Jane Curtin Jane Curtin - Audrey Peart Dickman / Various
Garrett Morris Garrett Morris - Student / Johnny Sagpants / Mobutu
Laraine Newman Laraine Newman - Shirley Temple / Various
Gilda Radner Gilda Radner - Emily Litella / Various
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Wendell Craig Wendell Craig - Spokesperson
Tom Davis Tom Davis - Guest
Willy Day Willy Day - Himself
Audrey Peart Dickman Audrey Peart Dickman - Woman

Saturday Night Live Elliott Gould/Leon Redbone, Harlan Collins & Joyce Everson (1975– )

During "The Last Voyage of the Starship Enterprise" sketch, both Spock (Chevy Chase) and Kirk (John Belushi) say that NBC used to manufacture cookies. This is an esoteric reference to the earliest days of NBC. Before RCA launched the National Broadcasting Company in 1926, "NBC" was the trademarked nickname of the National Biscuit Company, the manufacturer of Oreo cookies and Ritz crackers. RCA bought the rights to the initials "NBC" and the National Biscuit Company adopted a new trademarked nickname - Nabisco.

The original live broadcast contained an accidental bit of brief nudity during the Weekend Update segment. Chevy Chase can be seen quickly covering a photo of a topless woman on the monitor behind him.

Elliott Gould's character in "The Last Voyage of the Starship Enterprise" sketch, programming executive Herb Goodman, was named after two NBC executives of the time, network president Herbert Schlosser and chairman of the board Julian Goodman. Goodman was president of NBC at the time Star Trek (1966) was cancelled in 1969.

Jane Curtin's character on Weekend Update is named after assistant to the producer Audrey Peart Dickman.