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Witu0027s End
G.I. Executioner (1971)
  • Director:
    Joel M. Reed
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Keith Lorenz,Joel M. Reed
  • Cast:
    Tom Keena,Victoria Racimo,Angelique Pettyjohn
  • Time:
    1h 26min
  • Year:
A journalist gets mixed up with a stripper, a defecting Chinese scientist and Red Chinese agents.
Credited cast:
Tom Keena Tom Keena - Dave Dearborn
Victoria Racimo Victoria Racimo - Mai Lee Foon (as Vicki Racimo)
Angelique Pettyjohn Angelique Pettyjohn - Bonnie
Janet Wood Janet Wood - Cindy
Brian Walden Brian Walden - Peter Fields
Peter Gernert Peter Gernert - Plume
Christopher Ware Christopher Ware - Stanford Jones
Jonathan Grant Jonathan Grant
Walter Hill Walter Hill - Gregg Morrison
Peter Wescombe Peter Wescombe
Rex Casey Rex Casey
Mark Louis Mark Louis - Street Pimp
Brad Baracks Brad Baracks
Dragon Lee Dragon Lee - Malay that attacks Dave
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Anna Ling Anna Ling

G.I. Executioner (1971)
Dave Dearborn (Tom Keena) Vietnam veteran, free-lance journalist, and mercenary, is operating a discotheque aboard a ramshackle junk plying Singapore's harbor, when he receives an offer to investigate a probable defection of a scientist from Communist China. An overly complicated storyline depicts Dave taking the assignment because Chinese "businessman" Mr. Lim may have his claws into the defector in order to vend his expertise to the highest bidder, assisted by Lim's mistress Mai Lee (Vicki Racimo) for whom Dave carries a torch from their former affair. In the course of searching for the missing researcher, Dave becomes entangled with and beds several avidly willing females, while other bodies of the deceased sort pile up following a string of shootings, and we are given a surfeit of material detailing Dearborn's past as a cocaine addict, murderer for hire, and undercover homosexual! Filming is in Singapore, completed in 1971, but the piece was not released until Troma, a company specializing in exploitation features, offered it in 1984; there is, therefore, some interest within the production for its footage along the city's Orchid Road, Sago Lane and, in particular, Bugis Street with its swarms of transvestites, all given the kindness of being cleaned by the regime of Lee Yuan Lew subsequent to the movie's completion. Aside from this historic significance, little remains of value as the picture suffers from pronounced flaws in continuity and logic, in addition to generally shabby production values under the direction of schlockmeister Joel Reed, with a cast of largely, and thankfully, unknowns. Racimo is an able actress but here is wasted, as during one rather fantastic scene when, after her character dispatches her current squire by shooting him to death, including a close range finishing shot to the head, she then gives in to the demands of lust with Keena's character, the pair thrashing about amid four recently slain evildoers; there is precious little by way of interpretation that can be provided in such an instance.
There's so much wrong with this film but your enjoyment of it really depends on how bad you like your films....And i loved this one.I can't argue with the poor acting,rubbish sets,exotic but grubby locations or the cheapness of it all,but it has a certain quality that lovers of "poor" films will find in perfect viewing.Some of the situations and characters that Dave Deerborn gets involved with are pure exploitation cinema and intentional or not amusing as hell!..Throw in(a naked)gun toting Angelique Pettyjohn and that screechy soundtrack song and it's all good in my book!DVD picture quality from Troma Films could be a lot better unfortunately.
I caught this one under the title G.I. EXECUTIONER. It's a very low rent action thriller, shot (briefly) in Singapore and mostly in the Philippines, and of the usual poor quality associated with those South East Asia locations. The film was directed by the notorious Joel M. Reed - the inept bloke behind BLOODSUCKING FREAKS and NIGHT OF THE ZOMBIES - and turns out to be more of a skin flick than a thriller.

The story is about a down-on-his-luck journalist who gets involved in the hunt for some Chinese spies. He kicks a little backside but the action stuff is very limited here and it's mostly a talky enterprise. Future Bruceploitation stalwart Dragon Lee has a tiny role as an assailant. The emphasis of the film is very much on sex and nudity, particularly the latter, with half a dozen actresses require to parade around in the nude at various points. Chief of these is the statuesque Angelique Pettyjohn, who made quite the career for herself in Filipino cinema at this time. Her nude shoot-out scene is something to remember.
G.I. Executioner (1971)

1/2 (out of 4)

Awful "action" film has a journalist (Tom Keena) in Singapore getting asked to investigate a Chinese scientist and soon he runs into some dirty agents and mobsters.

This film was originally released as WIT'S END but I seriously doubt too many people saw it until Troma released it over a decade later under the current title. I'm not exactly sure why Troma bothered with it but I'm going to guess that they were trying to cash-in on director Joel M. Reed's name since he became quite infamous after BLOODSUCKING FREAKS. This movie here isn't nearly in the same league and this here can only be called a flat-out disaster from start to finish.

I'm not sure where to start but I guess we'll begin with the plot, which never makes any sense and you go from one scene to the next not really knowing what's going on. There were countless times within the first 30-minutes where I was confused so I just turned my brain off but things never got any better. The editing and performances are all rather bad as is the direction, which just lacks any flair. The worst thing is that there's really no action or fun sequences to keep you entertained. The highlight is one sequence where a nude woman shoots some bad guys and we get some hilarious slow-motion deaths.

Those wanting to check out what Reed was doing before BLOODSUCKING FREAKS might want to check this out but the rest will want to stay clear.
Dave Dearborn (Tom Keena, the most improbable action hero if ever there was one) is a journalist in Singapore on a assignment on a crime boss. He's soon awash with dealings with strippers, nuclear scientists, CIA operatives, and large-toothed mobsters (among others). The acting all around is atrocious, the plot, for lack of a better term, is a mess, the "hero" throughly unconvincing by any stretch of the imagination, and Janet Wood is the extremely unwanted love smitten girl who hangs on to Dave, all are rancid ingredients that torpedo this movie to the lower regions of cinema where all the other unwatchable turds dwell. Oh and if one were to edit out all the padding that the movie has it would be half an hour shorter at the least.

My Grade: D-

Eye Candy: Janet Wood shows her breasts; Angelique Pettyjohn provides the T&A; and Victoria Racimo shows everything
I only saw this movie because of the alternate title, "Wild Dragon Lady". Well, there is one character referred to at one point as Dragon Lady, but she's not nearly wild enough. Apparently the film was picked up and distributed by the (in)famous Troma company, but you have to wonder why: even the few attempts at camp (the gay villain) are dull. It's pointlessly talky, the "plot" makes no sense, and there is hardly any action or excitement to be found. The only "redeeming" features of the film are the location shooting in Singapore, and the brief but high-quality female nudity. In fact, the only reason "Wild Dragon Lady" will remain in my collection is because it contains a scene of a nude woman shooting a gun. 0.5 out of 4 stars.
Dave Dearborn (Keena) is a Vietnam vet who currently resides in Singapore. He runs a nightclub on a boat and has relationships with seemingly every woman in the area: Bonnie (Pettyjohn), Cindy (Wood) and Mai Lee (Racimo). Life seems good for old Dave Dearborn, but he wants more. When some mysterious individuals offer him the chance to investigate a case of a missing and perhaps kidnapped defector from communist China, Dearborn accepts the job. But things get (overly) complicated very quickly, and after some murders occur, he realizes he's caught in a dangerous web of intrigue. Will he escape and live to carouse again? Shot in 1971 but not released until Troma picked it up and it came out on Vestron in 1984 (back when Troma had a partnership with Vestron), "Wit's End", or as Troma misleadingly re-titled it, The G.I. Executioner, is a bland, dull, middling, mediocre affair, but it has some mildly exploitative elements (mainly nudity), and if it didn't throw those crumbs to the audience, there would be nothing here. Director Joel M. Reed is primarily known for having directed Bloodsucking Freaks (1976), also reinforcing his relationship with Troma. Reed only directed six films in his career, and having seen four of them by now, I think it's pretty safe to say there's not a lot of meat there. When Bloodsucking Freaks is the crowning achievement of your directorial career, there's definitely a problem.

As for our "hero", Dave Dearborn, a (seemingly) 52-year old gentleman with thinning hair, who wears tan sansabelt slacks and white boat shoes, does indeed appear to be miscast as an action hero. Also he occasionally wears an ascot. He looks like he would be more at home with a cocktail in his hand at the golf club's bar. Hey, Clint Eastwood is one of our all-time personal heroes, so it's not his age we object to it's just...he seems out of place, that's all. Note that an accurate rendering of Dave Dearborn does not appear anywhere on the Troma-produced artwork for the film. Plus, in the movie (or possibly in real life as well, there's no way of knowing) he both lives and works on a junk. We know that's a type of boat, but it leads to strange dialogue such as "why did you come to my junk last night?", etc. Notably, this is Tom Keena's only film role to date.

The movie would be almost completely lifeless if it wasn't for the music by a band called The Jason Garfield. It's classic 60's garage punk, and the title song, "Wit's End", with its chorus of "Wit's E-e-e-nd, ah, ah, ah" is very catchy. Thankfully, a few of their songs play throughout the movie, which is good, but not enough to save it. In other opening credits news, there is a montage of things you're about to see, including a few potential spoilers! It also says it was shot entirely in Singapore, but there may be some Philippines content as well. During the prerequisite torture scene, Dearborn is, inexplicably, forced to wear a tiny pink vest with gold sequins which barely fits him and looks like it belongs on a doll. Then another character enters the room, also wearing a tiny pink vest. No explanation is ever given as to why. Just one of the many mysteries in the story of the existence of The G.I. Executioner. The whole endeavor has a very flat, John Garwood-y feel, which is not a good thing.