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Yuhwa Bae Jeong-ja
Yuhwa Bae Jeong-ja (1966)
  • Director:
    Gyu-woong Lee
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Ki-pal Kim,Hee-jae Lim
  • Cast:
    Ji-mee Kim,Jin Kyu Kim,Nam-hyeon Choi
  • Year:
Korean-born Bae Jeong-ja was raised as the adopted daughter of Ito Hirobumi and worked with him for the annexation of Korea by Japan. However her national pride and patriotism are restored through her love for Park Beom-jin
Cast overview:
Ji-mee Kim Ji-mee Kim
Jin Kyu Kim Jin Kyu Kim
Nam-hyeon Choi Nam-hyeon Choi

Yuhwa Bae Jeong-ja (1966)