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The Painteru0027s Sweetheart
The Painter's Sweetheart (1910)
An artist while sketching in the woods one day is set upon by a band of brigands and taken prisoner. His little sweetheart wonders sorrowfully why her lover stays away from her so long until a youth comes to her and tells her the news of the artist's capture. The girl makes up her mind immediately to disguise herself as a boy and join the cutthroat band. She bravely goes to their camp and offers her services. As a test of her courage she is blindfolded and handed a dagger and told to stab a man who is tied to a tree. They lead her to the tree and she makes the fatal thrust, thinking herself a murderer. She is greatly relieved, however, when the bandage is removed from her eyes to find that it was all a ruse to try her courage and that she had sunk the knife into the bark of the tree instead of into a human breast as she had thought. Complimenting her on her bravery, the brigands now look upon her as one of their own. Watching eagerly for an opportunity to speak a word in private with ...

The Painter's Sweetheart (1910)