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Episode #1.4781
Coronation Street Episode #1.4781 (1960– )
TV Episode
  • Director:
    David Kester
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Catherine Hayes,Tony Warren
  • Cast:
    Amanda Barrie,John Bowe,Johnny Briggs
  • Time:
  • Year:
Gail wants to shield Sarah as much as possible and sees going to Canada as the only option. Linda studies, determined to win the Helen Cooper order and prove her worth. Vik is annoyed when Dev takes Gwen on to work at the Corner Shop part-time. Audrey finds out from Duggie that Bob is always on the fiddle at the Town Hall. Martin tells Gail they can't pretend the baby is theirs as the lies will split the family; they'll be lying to the baby and that would never be fair. Ken finds out that Bernard Cartwright was Fred's grandfather. Audrey tells Alma about Bob being a conman but Alma refuses to believe her, calling her a bitter old woman. Sarah is aghast when Martin and Gail tell her they have to start telling people about the baby, starting with her teachers. She breaks down, horrified at the thought of people knowing.
Episode credited cast:
Amanda Barrie Amanda Barrie - Alma Halliwell
John Bowe John Bowe - Duggie Ferguson
Johnny Briggs Johnny Briggs - Mike Baldwin
Alan Halsall Alan Halsall - Tyrone Dobbs
Malcolm Hebden Malcolm Hebden - Norris Cole
Annie Hulley Annie Hulley - Gwen Loveday
Jennifer James Jennifer James - Geena Gregory
Maggie Jones Maggie Jones - Blanche Hunt
Anne Kirkbride Anne Kirkbride - Deirdre Rachid
Charles Lawson Charles Lawson - Jim McDonald
Sue Nicholls Sue Nicholls - Audrey Roberts
Tina O'Brien Tina O'Brien - Sarah Louise Platt
Thomas Ormson Thomas Ormson - David Platt
Jacqueline Pirie Jacqueline Pirie - Linda Sykes
William Roache William Roache - Ken Barlow

Coronation Street Episode #1.4781 (1960– )