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BTS: I Need U
BTS: I Need U (2015)
Creative Work
Credited cast:
J-Hope J-Hope - J-Hope
Jeong-guk Jeon Jeong-guk Jeon - Jungkook
Nam-joon Kim Nam-joon Kim - Rap Monster
Seok-jin Kim Seok-jin Kim - Jin
Tae-Hyung Kim Tae-Hyung Kim - V
Ji-min Park Ji-min Park - Jimin
Suga Suga - Suga (as Yoon-gi Min)

BTS: I Need U (2015)

This music video is the first in a 3-part (So far) storyline separated by album. The three parts are HYYH or the Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Wings, and Love Yourself.

There are 3 versions of this music video. The original, (or 19+ version in Korea) the japanese version, and the censored version (for tv).