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Vlyublyon po sobstvennomu zhelaniyu
Amoureux volontaire (1982)
  • Director:
    Sergey Mikaelyan
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Sergey Mikaelyan,Aleksandr Vasinsky
  • Cast:
    Oleg Yankovskiy,Evgeniya Glushenko,Vsevolod Shilovskiy
  • Time:
    1h 29min
  • Year:
Life accidentally pushed two people. A former sportsman, now a sharp grinder, a hard worker, but a charming young man Igor and a librarian Vera, an outwardly unattractive but heartfelt girl who has fallen from hopeless carousels, conclude an agreement: using auto-training to fall in love with each other, but when they have none of this did not work out, they fell in love with each other sincerely, without any auto-training.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Oleg Yankovskiy Oleg Yankovskiy - Igor Bragin
Evgeniya Glushenko Evgeniya Glushenko - Vera Silkova
Vsevolod Shilovskiy Vsevolod Shilovskiy - Kolya (as V. Shilovskiy)
Irina Reznikova Irina Reznikova - Natasha (as I. Reznikova)
Yuriy Dubrovin Yuriy Dubrovin - Petrushin (as Yu. Dubrovin)
Vladimir Belousov Vladimir Belousov - Gena (as V. Belousov)
Yuriy Kopich Yuriy Kopich - Mikhail Petrovich (as Yu. Kopich)
Kira Kreylis-Petrova Kira Kreylis-Petrova - Vera's Mother (as K. Kreylis-Petrova)
Ivan Ufimtsev Ivan Ufimtsev - Hapless Boyfriend-artist
Svetlana Shershneva Svetlana Shershneva - Library Employee (as S. Shershneva)
Natalya Egorova Natalya Egorova - Blasphemous Holidaymaker (as N. Egorova)
Sergey Losev Sergey Losev - Factory Planner (as S. Losev)
Zinaida Afanasenko Zinaida Afanasenko - The Speculator (as Z. Afanasenko)
Natalya Kononova Natalya Kononova - The Journalist (as N. Kononova)
Nina Skomorokhova Nina Skomorokhova - The Librarian (as N. Skomorokhova)

Amoureux volontaire (1982)
A great metaphor is stated in this film: "We are porcupines traveling at night across a cold desert. We want to get warm by hugging or cuddling together. However, something that protects us from the outside world, our needles are preventing us from doing so. So instead of allowing us to get close to each other, we jab anyone who tries to do so." This is the kind of philosophical depth, I had not anticipated from what I thought was just a simple comedy. I REdiscovered this a year ago on Russian satellite "all-movie" channel "RTVI+" or "Nashe Kino". Obviously, when this film came out it was "beyond me" as I was only 5 years old.
the title tells the story: 2 people (igor, an ex-athlete aimlessly living and chasing rubles to get drunk and vera, an ugly duck librarian) try to find there luck by planning to fall in love with each other by means of "psychological conditioning". intelligent, funny and heartwarming movie from 1982. the movie was show as part of a Oleg Yankovsky retrospective at filmfest muenchen 2003.