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Sex Ed
Sex Ed (2014)
  • Director:
    Isaac Feder
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Bill Kennedy
  • Cast:
    Haley Joel Osment,Lorenza Izzo,Kevin Balmore
  • Time:
    1h 32min
  • Year:
When Eddie lands his first teaching gig at an inner city middle school, he quickly finds that his highly pubescent pupils are receiving no form of sexual education. Eddie isn't exactly equipped to teach them - he's not exactly experienced romantically. And he's falling in love with the older sister of one of his students. But Eddie goes off lesson plan anyway, delving into the world of menstrual cycles and sexually transmitted infections, and in doing so, incurs the wrath of the local reverend.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Haley Joel Osment Haley Joel Osment - Eddie
Lorenza Izzo Lorenza Izzo - Pilar
Kevin Balmore Kevin Balmore - Tito (as Kevin Hernandez)
Retta Retta - Sydney
Matt Walsh Matt Walsh - Washout
Glen Powell Glen Powell - JT
Abby Elliott Abby Elliott - Trish
Laura Harring Laura Harring - Lupe
Castille Landon Castille Landon - Ally
Lamorne Morris Lamorne Morris - Bobby the Bouncer
Ray Santiago Ray Santiago - Hector
Isaac White Isaac White - Leon
Chris Williams Chris Williams - Rev. Hamilton
Parker Young Parker Young - Montana
Valdi-Agaelle Belizaire Valdi-Agaelle Belizaire - Shelly (as Valdi Belizaire)

Sex Ed (2014)

Sex Ed is the only movie to be released by the film company Sweet Tomato Films.

The film is shot in and around the Tampa Bay Area, showing the beautiful Riverwalk and historic Ybor City.

This movie may appear to be a bit of a flop at first. Potentially going on a traditional ''gangsta school inspirational teacher'' line but it certainly is not. It is a real, honest movie with a brief but bright spark which is lost in too many movies of today. Its meaning is not deep or profound, and doesn't pretend to be as such. I would say that this movie can be watched by teens and adults and both will find relatable content. Acting is modest and there lies its brilliance. The story is one that we can all relate to in some degree. I would wholeheartedly recommend this movie for a Sunday through to Thursday evening.
Let's get this out of the way first: yes, Haley Joel Osment looks-wise isn't the kid who sees dead people or even his 16-year old self in the wonderful "Secondhand Lions". He's chunky (and could use a good haircut), but damn! is he a really good actor.

He carries this movie, he makes what could be a one-note or creepy character come alive. It helps that he has a terrific script to work with, it could easily have turned preachy fast but except for a scene near the end, it's more about Ed, HJO's character, and his lack of self- esteem, awkwardness around women, career frustrations and so on.

The rest of the cast is really good as well, especially Lorrenza Izzo as Pilar, Retta as bar owner/landlord Sydney, Matt Walsh as the school administrator Washout and young Isaac White as Leon. The rest of the cast is fine as well, even in the small parts. It's well directed and filmed and the score is full of toe-tappers. Special note should be made of the band that plays in Sydney's bar, what terrific musicians.

If you take this movie for what it is --a low-key, low budget comedy with some points to make-- it's a nice way to spend 90 minutes.
1st off, the biggest surprise to me is the physical transformation of Hayley Joel Osment from the beloved, thin, wiry child actor to adult. That's all I will say, & that he remains that lovable actor in a role that engenders sympathy from the audience. If you were taught Sex Ed, prepare for flashbacks & with some modern twists. Some will say stay away if you believe in abstinence only education. Although that class could seemingly be covered in 2 days or less. I stipulate that especially the abstinence leaning folks should watch it. It presents both sides of the debate, albeit relying on the scientific biological approach for comedic effect. However, the laughs come from all directions & almost the entire cast.

I really enjoyed the transformation of the female lead, Lorenza Izzo, his love interest & found her acting to be seemingly effortless, like she wasn't even on camera. She was real, down-to-earth, and not typecast as a Latina stereotype. On screen her beauty was natural, universally appealing, & not over-sexualized. She showed a complete range of emotion, all portrayed masterfully. I am sure she will be highly courted for large movies after her tremendous performance. This type of range is not expected or common in romantic comedies. Usually, the role is over acted & only covers the emotions of happy, sad, frustrated, & sappy.

The supporting cast is just filled with recognizable actors with ample talent. They are a cohesive unit & deliver laughs by nailing the timing & acting of their well-written lines. I had a good time watching this movie, and appreciated the professionalism and craft of the cast. Most importantly & rare, it made me laugh using almost all the characters. As long as you are not uptight about hearing the scientific names of parts of the body & some slang equivalents, I know you will enjoy this movie as much or more than I. It was especially difficult & personal to arrive at a numerical rating because I know it will on average range from a 6 to a 9. It is my sincere hope no one over age 18 actually learns any new information. If you do, it may pull you away from an abstinence curriculum. Relax & prepare to laugh.

Knox D. Alford, III
I actually thought that the movie would be more toilet humor-orientated. It was what I saw from the trailer - jokes about genitals, image of the outsider protagonist having difficulties with talking to ladies and his successful friend being almighty alpha male.

But the movie itself is about something different. It focuses on other, more philosophic topics - what makes man a man and what makes life worth living. It depicts the process of growing up as a person, some good patterns of behaving yourself with the person you like and why does it matter to protect your point of view.

However, the humour part is still good. If toilet jokes are OK to you, some gags will definitely make you burst out laughing.

All in all, "Sex Ed" may not be the movie that the trailer shows, but it doesn't make it any worse. Such kind, melodramatic comedy, in reality, is a good way to spend an evening with your friends and/or your fiancé, if toilet jokes and topics are OK to them.
Story: Sex Ed starts by seeing our protagonist Ed (Osment) struggling to find a teaching job. He lives with an over horny womanizing roommate JT (Powell) who gets all the luck with the woman compared to Ed. Ed decides to go and confront the school board about not even being given an interview. Finding out the only job available is an after schools activity co-ordinator. Upon learning that there is no sex education in the school he decides to teach the students. While JT thinks it is a bad idea because of his lack of experience. Ed goes ahead anyway and starts to learn more about his students and himself. Ed has to overcome a Reverend who wants no sex education in the school but the student have fast started calling Ed their favourite student this leads to Ed trying his luck with Pilar a student's sister.

Sex Ed comes off mixing two types of films, the first is the teacher who starts off unpopular by both student and parents, while the second is a romantic comedy about finding yourself. Both stories in Sex Ed play next to each other and work with nice balance. Sex Ed looks at the importance of teaching young people about sex one way or another and without the proper education they will end up unaware of the side effects. While on the romantic comedy side we look at how one man's problem are over analysed by both him and his friends when it comes to mixing up sex and love. We get to see most characters go through life lessons which people are not always brave enough to face. Sex Ed is a good comedy and easily one of the better ones out this year. (8/10)

Actor Review

Haley Joel Osment: Ed Cole the teacher who can't find a job, but by taking the chance he gets a job looking at after school activity co- ordinator and starts teaching them about sex education. Even though he doesn't have the most experience he gets the message across while he learns more about himself. Haley does give a good performance here showing he might have overcome his personal problems and getting his career back on track. (8/10)

Glen Powell: JT best friend of Ed who gets all the girls and is always around to stick up and pump him up whenever Ed gets down. Glen gives a good performance in the supporting role and usually has extra laughs. (7/10)

Lorenza Izzo: Pilar sister of one of his student who Ed takes a shine to and joins for dinner along with the family. She does go on a date with Ed but she only teaches him about the woman who mistreat a guy. Lorenza gives a solid performance which is only here for her looks. (6/10)

Support Cast: Sex Ed support cast includes the students, family members of the students and a very wise landlady who each learn and/or give advice to Ed as the story unfolds.

Director Review: Isaac Feder – Isaac does a good job to create a good romantic comedy that balance to focused stories very well. (7/10)

Comedy: Sex Ed uses smart jokes instead of lazy jokes which most sex based comedies do. (8/10)

Romance: Sex Ed tells us not everything is about sex while love is what it is really about. (7/10)

Settings: Sex Ed only uses a couple of settings but each one gives us good identity to which story we are following. (8/10)

Suggestion: Sex Ed is a romantic comedy that is worth a watch, I will suggest this to any who asks. (Try It)

Best Part: Haley Joel Osment shines.

Worst Part: Not enough people will see this when it is clearly better than other comedies out there.

Funniest Scene: Ed walks in on JT for a second time.

Believability: Sex Ed tackles very real issues and looks at the challenging issue that could stop the issues getting solved. (8/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No

Oscar Chances: No

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Tagline: Fake it till you make it

Overall: Funny Comedy Worth A Go

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Okay, so it's not very original, but the director clearly stole the premise of School of Rock which happens to be a favorite of mine since I am a guitar player of 28 years. The best way I can put this movie into perspective is that it is School of Rock with rock and roll replaced by sex education. The kids were great, Hayley Joel Osmant was great, the supporting adults were great, just a great movie. I gave it 7/10 but that's a really strong 7/10. I rarely write reviews...mainly because I suck at writing them, but this is a good movie and don't believe the naysayers. I was thoroughly entertained and it was also fascinating to see HJO in a role other than the "creepy-kid". Best movie ever?.....certainly not. Boring?.....certainly not. Give it a chance. I loved it and the bad reviews are just snobby know-it-alls.
"Sex Ed" is a humorous story that earns a lot of laughter, and as a plus, it advocates sexual education in schools and open communication on the subject. This element alone bumped up this comedy to a level that earns my respect.

The best aspect of the film is Haley Joel Osment's character. His performance is consistent and he's an easy protagonist to root for. He overturns expectations that would cheapen the film if fulfilled, and, in that way, the character remains honest. He is not only likable for being an awkward, virginal underdog, but for seeming more like an actual person rather than that trope. I'd also owe much of the film's humor to his performance.

The narrative was solid and I commend Isaac Feder for creating such a well-formed story in the comedic genre. I also enjoyed seeing some performances from those young actors who portrayed middle school students, especially Isaac White. Overall, a memorably likable and undeniably funny film.
Ed Cole (Haley Joel Osmont) is a former student teacher who falls on hard times and finds himself working at a bagel shop. He decides it's time to kick start his career and get back into teaching. However, Ed is unable to find a position teaching in his specialist subjects and reluctantly takes on the role of taking an after school class of detention kids. Ed quickly learns that the kids aren't currently learning Sex Ed and takes it upon himself to start teaching a course on Sex Ed much to the dismay of Reverend Marcus Hamilton (Chris Williams) who happens to be the strict father of one of the children in Ed's class.

My first thoughts when watching this film is that it kind of reminded me of Dangerous Minds (albeit a watered down and much less gritty version of the same film). I haven't seen Dangerous Minds for quite some time, but I don't recall feeling that it wasn't gearing itself to the wrong audience and ultimately that is what the biggest problem is with Sex Ed.

For a start it makes teaching kids lessons in Sex Ed the focus of most of its plot; explaining to kids what all the various body parts are, how to put condoms on, what all the 'scientific' words are called etc - this is all fine and I can see that to older children or young teenagers that this may be of interest and educational. The problem is that the filmmakers then slap a 15 certificate on it and with the exception of the classroom scenes the film is then filled with bawdy sexual scenes, violence, picking up prostitutes. Whilst I have nothing against these things in a mainstream film it did seem strange to give the majority of the film a sordid feel to it when it quite clearly has a rather wholesome message at heart. I'm really not sure why the filmmakers chose this approach when it probably would have been funnier if it would have been a clean comedy focusing on a sexually inexperienced teacher struggling to teach children about Sex Ed (at least that way it might have been a film that a family could perhaps sit down and watch together and would have at least appealed more to its intended target audience). The problem is that it doesn't play out like this and to be honest I thought that Ed got the kids onside a little too easily - I felt there were way more opportunities available to make the classrooms scenes funnier.

Another problem for me is that even when I looked beyond the fact that as a man in my 30's I clearly wasn't the target audience the film just isn't that funny and just seemed full of clichés. Haley Joel Osmont's character is a pathetic guy, but he's like this all the way through the film and to be honest it's mildly depressing.

In all honesty, Sex Ed's confusing tone is its biggest enemy; it's central story is about Sex Ed and the film does a reasonable job of raising awareness of the importance of using condoms and in highlighting the possible consequences of not taking precautions whilst having sex (which is great). It's too bad that this message seems to be overshadowed by clichéd sub plots, pointless violence, bawdiness, and a distinct lack of humour. I can see what was trying to be achieved here, but it's been handled really badly here.
At first, I thought this movie was going to completely suck. The story didn't make much sense at first and was sort of weird. However, once I got around the first half of the film I began to really see and understand the message. This is when I truly began to connect to this film in many different ways. I've had times within my life where I just feel lonely and desperate similar to the main character, Cole. There's nothing wrong with me (I hope), I've had multiple relationships throughout my young life. I've had times where my life felt great and where finding someone to get to know wasn't difficult. However, eventually this feeling of happiness and confidence drifted away. After a year long on and off relationship, I'm truly alone. I've tried to meet new people and find someone who I could hopefully, truly connect with, but as you can imagine, I've had no luck. This stage of life or feeling is referred to in the movie as a "dry spell" which is something that I, a 17 year old teenager just graduating high school, am fairly aware of. I've kept telling myself to just get out there and find whoever you can get and make the most of it similar to how Cole's friend Jt instructs him to do. While watching his movie that scene within the bar really inspired me to try and go out to find some girls and to hopefully end my 'dry spell'. However, by the end of the second half, my mind completely changed. Cole eventually realized that it wasn't important whether he got girls or had sex and that all that truly mattered was that he had to be true to himself. Cole learned that being the man he wanted to be was the utmost important thing and that doing the right thing matters most. This movie might not be the greatest or most exciting movie out there but it seriously has one of the greatest messages out there for young men. I didn't really thing that I would have clicked on this film in my Netflix browser but I have to say that I am truly happy I did.
A good movie to watch if you just want to relax and enjoy some jokes, hear some dirty language from young kids. An easy to watch, not complicated comedy with very plain plot, but you can see that in 2014 sex is made to be a very open subject in society, even to young kids, that kind of is the goal of the movie, i feel. The black lady was absolutely hilarious, would really love to so more movies starring her. I found that Joel Osment was really a great actor to play the leading role of this movie, since he looks so inexperienced and clumsy from the get go, you really can feel the character and don't have to doubt if he is well suited for the role. The movie was short, no surprise, since it was a comedy, if you don't have anything to do and just want to enjoy an evening and chill, then it is a good watch.
I started out, thoroughly enjoying this movie. Admittedly, I was a bit bowled over by the movie being made in my hometown, and the novelty of not only recognizing all of the locations they filmed, but then actually seeing those locations get their time to shine as part of the plot (especially The Hub, which is one of the coolest dive-bars in town - not remotely as 'bright' as the film portrayed it, but still fun, nonetheless). So the movie started out great for me. I was amused by things like 'cock bagel' and basically everything involving Matt Walsh.

But then, everything just kinda fell flat, and it seemed like no one was paying any attention to details. Hector was a very one- dimensional antagonist, and while I now love, and want to see more of, Lorenza Izzo, her character was one of the worst developed in the film. The scene where Eddie goes to have dinner with Tito and his family, and his mother has Eddie rub spices into the pork, only to show, one scene later, that they're having fish? Was no one bothering to keep any sort of continuity in this film?

Overall, great acting in a bad story, but with a good underlying message. Poor direction, stilted dialogue, and amateur camera work makes this feel very much like a college film you make before you go off to Hollywood.
This was a really awkward movie, but I liked it. I guess it's because it's a secular movie that strives away from the secular mentality. If that makes any sense. Sure some viewers might bash the heck out of this, pointing their fingers at how much of a loser the protagonist who is a sex ed teacher played by Haley Joel Osment is. But I was personally rooting for the underdog, because he is the few that had that sense of moral code that is actually quite rare now a days. We now live in a time where if you are a virgin you are labeled as a loser. But this movie tries to show that it's okay to wait for the right person. Even if it's done in a very awkward fashion. I am sure the viewers that were once a very very nice guy that wasn't getting any can relate to this movie to a degree (which is quite a lot). If that is your choice that is your choice. This movie didn't seem to have a clear cut message, but that was one of the points it was trying to make and I kinda respect that. Now I personally like Haley Joel Osment as an actor, he isn't the cute kid he was in his younger years but he knows how to utilize what he has now and I respect that as well. I personally watched this movie because of Haley Joel Osment and actually enjoyed it. It's not a hilarious in your face comedy but it was kind of endearing. Looking at the title and it being labeled as a comedy I thought it would be super crude it's actually not so much. And I liked how it didn't rely on a ton of crude stuff to get some laughs out of the audiences.

The film attempts to use humor to demonstrate the need for real sex education in the classroom especially in the day and age of the uncontrolled, uncensored Internet. (Enjoy it while you can.) Edward Cole (Haley Joel Osment) is trained as a math teacher and can't get a job in Florida as one, believe it or not in world that screams for math teachers. He leaves his dead end job at Bubby's Bagels to accept a job as a detention monitor which has the same kids everyday. He discovers there is a real need to teach the kids sex education, against the wishes of Rev. Hamilton (Chris Williams). Hamilton claims the kids should learn sex ed at home, although this is not getting done.

The film tries to be funny by creating quirky characters who give us advice like, "Never do two illegal things at one time." The dialogue left something to be desired. It attempted to be funny through shock value, but at may age there is no more shock, so the dialogue had no value. When Lorenza Izzo wants to jump into the sack with you, I don't care who you are, you don't say "no."

Unrealistic and Unfunny.

Guide: F-bomb, sex, brief nudity (Monika Casey)
'Sex Ed' has a solid comedic premise: Eddie, a sexually inexperienced 23-year-old teacher, struggles to teach a sex-ed class to middle school kids. Beyond that, there's not much else going on.

Fine direction from Isaac Feder and good performances from the whole cast, especially Haley Joel Osment, whose boyish charm carries the movie. Unfortunately, the story is paper thin and there aren't many big laughs.

The secondary characters are all underwritten. Retta's character exists only to offer Eddie corny motivational speeches from behind the bar, and Lorenza Izzo is used exclusively as a prop for Eddie's sexual desires - why she is immediately attracted to his awkward speech and creepy stares, I have no idea. These characters - along with Eddie's roommate and his girlfriend - flit in and out of the movie when the plot requires them and have no depth or stories of their own.

While there is a lot of potential and talent involved in the film, it just isn't funny or interesting enough to hold your attention for 90 minutes.
Best West
Best West
I didn't like it. I know that I'm probably not being fair, as I only sat through about a little less than half of it, but really, it was just so...not great. I thought it was going to be a comedy. It is not. Osment has done a lot better films, so his acting really isn't to blame here. The script is just not there.

But that's my opinion, and if you like this kind of stuff, a slow moving to fast moving to slow moving (what a strange pace it has!) late night comedy minus the comedy, then you're probably going to find it enjoyable. For me, it wasn't. I don't really like these kind of movies anyway, so I guess I'm bias.
The movie is...fine. It's not super original or overly well done, but it is entertaining and the cast do a pretty good job with their roles. I may have enjoyed it more if I weren't watching a movie that has an incredibly specific setting about which the writers apparently knew nothing. This move did not need a very specific setting. It could have just as easily taken place in Indianapolis as Tampa and St. Pete. If you choose as a writer to make the setting a big deal, maybe find out some information about that place so that maybe at least one thing the characters say about it would be accurate. I know this one is nit-picking, but I should hope that a person commuting from St. Pete to Tampa wouldn't be spending a lot of time on the Skyway considering it would take them to Bradenton.
Yes. The Internet will teach you many wrong things about sex. And that is explained frequently in the movie. A movie that - oh, the irony - will teach you many wrong things about dating and courting.

The plot. Haley Joel Osment plays a loser who can't get the teaching job of his dreams. So, naturally, he invades the teaching recruitment office and demands the job. He is not escorted out by security, and gets assigned to a school in the Cuban part of Tampa. He decides to teach sex ed during detention. Cue the typical reaction from the kids, whom, by the way, seem to be of various ages in the same class. First they are confused, then they grow to love him. Feel your cliché meter going into red? What else do we need? Antagonist? Yes, let's have one of the kids' parents be a reverend, opposed to sexual education in school. Sage advice? Cue bar woman/landlady who knows all the ins and outs of life, love, sex, and being a man, and muscular "bro" former flatmate with a good heart. Love interest? Let's have the hottie sister of one of the students develop an interest in a guy that, erm, stutters and makes awkward, borderline creepy, talk the first time he sees her, gets invited to dinner at her family's house, and pukes on her mom's breast, invites her out the second after she says she and her cartoonish latino low-rider driving bad boy boyfriend are giving it time, plays her the oboe (yes, the oboe) badly to apologize for giving her brother condoms, and...you get the idea.

I know, we have seen it many times in movies. No matter how uncool, uncharismatic, downright dweebish, and speech-impeded a guy is, for some reason the hot girl will always react to his phrases with, at least, a giggle. But the interaction between Haley Joel Osment and Lorena Izzo had me shouting at the screen. He does absolutely nothing that would ingratiate any girl to him, let alone someone who is obviously attracted to the "cool" type. And to make it worse, when she basically implores him to have sex with her, at the end, we discover that she wants, "My Fair Lady"-style, to make him cool! So, you fell for the uncool, dadbod guy, and now you want to make him cool? I think someone's been DJing with your brain cells, Pilar!

And you know what? He doesn't want to have sex right there and then. No, of course not. He wants it to be "special". Reminds me of a friend of mine who used to always want the "perfect" moment, and passed on amazing chances. Only he regretted it afterwards, instead of turning into The Coolest Sex-Ed Teacher in The World! Ever! So, Lorena dumps him because he does not have sex with her? No matter, cause we see his new love interest in the last scene. Dropped with all the subtlety of 10000 elephants. And you're wondering what happened to the reverend? Can you say "Motivational Speech that changes his mind"? The only saving grace is that he did not have sex with the bar woman/landlady, as the "do it with an ugly woman" first.

Seriously, one of the worst films I have ever seen. And it should get an adults only rating. Because I pity the kids, or even young adults, who see it, and think this is the way to go about courting a woman. Jokes? What, were there any?
This movie tried to make lessons on sex education funny, entertaining, and yet meaningful. But alls we really got was a bunch of kids who only knew what the internet and TV told them and by the end of the film we were left with the full understanding that these kids still have no clue about the real world.

The film had an opportunity to leave a lesson (even if it were the wrong lesson) but this film leaves us with nothing. And if a teacher is still a virgin then he should be a student of sex ed himself.

To top it off he has an opportunity to have sex with a really hot Latina towards the end, and while it is not required that he does, the ended of "Im cool just as I am" comes off extremely cheesy.

I had a hard time deciding if this film was for adults or trouble-some children.

Poor script, poor directing, poor taste. Sorry
I hated that HJO guy when he was a child actor. I couldn't stand his petulant facial expression and his wooden acting. But I love the guy as an adult underdog.

Look, in the secular world this character is a loser. No motivational psychobabble can change that fact. You should be having sex if you are secular, and if you can't get any, you've got a real problem. It deserves sympathy, but it is embarrassing.

If you're religious however, you have a good justification for remaining a virgin, and you don't have to apologize to anyone for it. But this guy seems to have been secular.

We see this large black lady giving him excellent life advice throughout, but we never hear her back story. How did she get so wise? Although her advice was on point, it was super awkward having her dispense it without any background. Also, guys don't want advice about how to be a man, from a woman.

I'm sorry, but I don't want to hear underage kids talking about sex in a movie. Forget that. I don't even know how they did it legally. It ruined it for me.

There are no really funny scenes. I don't want to see someone vomit on screen. That's such a cheap gross-out 80's rip-off. I would have liked to see much more photography of the Tampa Bay area. They hardly even utilized their surroundings.

How could a guy pay for an apartment and have a life based on one after school class? Were those kids on "detention" throughout the movie, because he had the same kids in the class all the way through. They originally said they were on detention.

The best part of the movie was the main character's male best friend. He was a funny guy who reminded me of a young Aaron Eckhart. The wise-cracking black kid was a cheap ploy. What a cliché. It fell flat.

The real message here was that alpha-males get the girls, because confidence is the main thing that attracts women to men. It's that simple.

It's nice that they included a Reverend's point of view, and his was the one that I made at the beginning of this review. I think they treated a religious figure with respect here. Even if the message of the film was the opposite of his.

Well, I made it through, and I give HJO the credit for that, because he was an underdog worth rooting for. Otherwise, this one lacked background and laughs, and needed a clearer message.
I saw this off Netflix over the weekend, and, having seen Haley Joel Osment ("The Sixth Sense") in a few "grown-up" supporting roles in the past few years, I think this was the perfect first grown-up starring role for him. He stars as a new teacher at an inner-city school who decides the students need a more realistic take on sexuality, and hence starts a sex-ed course. But he's not the most experienced in the bedroom himself, so things get sorta awkward. He starts a little fling with the older sister of one of his students, and that complicates things even more.

I will say I liked HJO in this role, and there were things about this movie I liked, especially that rascal student "Leon" (I think was his name-?? LOL), but overall on the film, I'm kinda on the fence. It's pretty predictable and formulaic, and really doesn't take on anything new. I did think the one student's comment (having seen plenty of online porn with the "Bang Bros") about what you need to get a girl in the sack was pretty funny- a VAN! LMAO
After reading a few reviews and comments I really was prepared to hate this movie. But I didn't. Yes, it has many flaws, and for me a big one is the pervasive salty language and frank sex references. Some of that is necessary in a story titled "Sex Ed", but just like using too much seasoning to spoil a good meal, this script overdoes its dirty language.

If you had to cast a character who is nerdy and still a virgin it would be hard to make a better pick than Haley Joel Osment. He is short and pudgy, his eyes are too close together, but he has turned into a fine young adult actor for this right role. And this is a right role for him as Ed Cole, working in a bagel shop because work as a teacher in Florida is scarce. But through persistence he gets them to take a chance on him, and he is assigned to an after-school class. He seems surprised that it turns out to be a detention period for misbehaving pubescent students.

That last statement is key, because one of the girls returns from the bathroom crying because she is sure she has cancer, she discovered some vaginal bleeding and had no idea what was going on. Ed had to call on a nurse friend of his to help the girl. But that sparked his desire to begin a sex education class.

Much of the story is Ed trying to come to grips with his virginity and find his own way with the women, while convincing parents that having sex education is a good thing, to let the kids learn the real science behind reproduction and STDs instead of learning the wrong things on the street.

Anyone sensitive to lots of dirty dialog and description of sex acts should not watch this movie. But for those who actually seek out that type of movie this one is probably very funny. Abby Elliott Abby