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Yippee! With Poopy
Yippee! With Poopy (2004)
  • Director:
    Lee Schloss
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Lee Schloss
  • Cast:
    Jesse Case,Anjan Ghosh,Paul Matthew Gordon
  • Time:
  • Year:
There's comedy. There's depression. There's drama. There's action. There's the show that must go on. And there's the clown. It can all only be described as 'Yippee! with Poopy'.
Credited cast:
Jesse Case Jesse Case
Anjan Ghosh Anjan Ghosh
Paul Matthew Gordon Paul Matthew Gordon - (as Paul Gordon)
Jason Griffith Jason Griffith
Emilie Johnson Emilie Johnson
Kristen Jones Kristen Jones
Dustin Kuepper Dustin Kuepper
Fred Sewell Fred Sewell
Steve Snethkamp Steve Snethkamp

Yippee! With Poopy (2004)