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Desperate Desmond Fails
Desperate Desmond Fails (1912)
  • Director:
    Tom Ricketts
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Harry Hershfield
  • Cast:
    William Ehfe,Eugenie Forde
  • Year:
Catching butterflies out in the country on a summer day is a pleasant occupation; Rosamond and Claude Eclaire find it so. An elusive butterfly lures Claude away from his girl. Desmond appears in an auto, captures Rosamond and honk-honks past the butterfly chaser. Realizing his sweetheart's peril, Claude calls the United States troops to the rescue. Uncle Sam's boys enthusiastically answer the call. Half-burnt cigarettes bearing Desperate Desmond's initials, and which the villain had carelessly thrown away, give his pursuers the only clues to work on, and Desmond is trailed at last. Cornered, he leads Claude and the soldiers to the wigwam wherein Rosamond was hidden. Leaving the boys on guard, the villain enters the tent and before Claude and the troops can gather their wits, the wigwam moves rapidly away. Another mad chase follows, but Desmond in his auto-tent makes good time and keeps the hunters at a safe distance. They dare not shoot for fear of hitting Rosamond, and the villain ...
Cast overview:
William Ehfe William Ehfe - Claude Eclaire (as William C. Ehfe)
Eugenie Forde Eugenie Forde - Rosamond

Desperate Desmond Fails (1912)
This picture falls slightly below the last before it in both fun and interest, but it is neither dull nor stupid. Its most amusing feature is Desmond's devil wagon that can appear in the middle of a beautiful meadow, where the fair Rosamond and Claude are chasing butterflies and, after the fair one has been captured, disappear in a cloud of smoke. Claude, even with soldiers to help in the chase, would have had much trouble tracking the villain had it not been for cigarettes with D.D. printed on them that served as a clue to lead him. Desperate takes refuge among Indians and is discovered, but even then he would have escaped with the fair one in the moving tepee (wait 'till you see it) had not a forest fire hemmed him in. But he is foiled. - The Moving Picture World, January 13, 1912