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The Hunger of the Heart
The Hunger of the Heart (1913)
Morton Gill, who has no scruples about the manner in which he obtains money for his support, makes the acquaintance, at a summer colony, of young and wealthy Mrs. Stoddard. Mr. Stoddard has made the common error of neglecting to appease the hunger in the heart of his wife by paying her some of the little attentions which won her during their courtship. Mrs. Stoddard, therefore, encourages Gill just a little. Gill attempts to borrow some money from Mrs. Stoddard. She refuses. He takes a necklace which she wears and it is then that Mrs. Stoddard realizes that she cannot complain without causing a scandal. There seems no hope for Mrs. Stoddard when her husband misses the necklace. But a deputy sheriff arranges things so that the thief is punished and Mrs. Stoddard learns a lesson.
Cast overview:
Eleanor Woodruff Eleanor Woodruff - Mrs. Stoddard

The Hunger of the Heart (1913)
The story will interest; chiefly the picture will charm the eye. It is beautifully staged in a fine country section and splendidly photographed and tinted. The story is of a man who lives by his wits trying to win the attentions of a wife who believes her husband devotes to her insufficient time. One of the noticeable incidents of the picture is of a woman who befriends and advises another woman in distress, and does not, as our script writers too frequently incline to do, make her out worse than she is. The drama is well acted. - The Moving Picture World, July 12, 1913