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The End Is Near
The Following The End Is Near (2013–2015)
TV Episode
  • Director:
    Joshua Butler
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Kevin Williamson,Adam Armus
  • Cast:
    Kevin Bacon,Natalie Zea,Annie Parisse
  • Time:
  • Year:
With the FBI closing in, Joe puts his final plan into action. Central to those plans is to eliminate Claire but it's also clear that his acolytes will do anything for him. They leave the house and go off in several directions. Joe, Emma and Jacob - with Claire as their prisoner - take a suburban family hostage while awaiting nightfall. Jacob is unsure of his own plans for the future. Other members of the cult head in to Havenport to wreak havoc. Ryan and the FBI finally arrive at the house but too late as Joe and he others have fled. Joe has one last attack in mind.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Kevin Bacon Kevin Bacon - Ryan Hardy
Natalie Zea Natalie Zea - Claire Matthews
Annie Parisse Annie Parisse - Debra Parker
Shawn Ashmore Shawn Ashmore - Mike Weston
Valorie Curry Valorie Curry - Emma Hill
Nico Tortorella Nico Tortorella - Jacob Wells
Kyle Catlett Kyle Catlett - Joey Matthews (credit only)
James Purefoy James Purefoy - Joe Carroll
Kelly AuCoin Kelly AuCoin - Phil Gray
Jennifer Ferrin Jennifer Ferrin - Molly
Meredith Hagner Meredith Hagner - Aimee
John Lafayette John Lafayette - Marshall Turner
Chinasa Ogbuagu Chinasa Ogbuagu - Deidre Mitchell
JoAnna Rhinehart JoAnna Rhinehart - Vicky Gray
Charlie Semine Charlie Semine - Alex Lipton

The Following The End Is Near (2013–2015)
Excellent episode.

...And now the end is here and Joe will do it his way? By the way, how many stab wounds can he sustain from Clare and survive? The guy is like a cat with nine lives.

No wonder Jacob had a premonition that he would die soon. Too bad for this malcontent that the end for him came from a source you'd never suspect.Sure, with Clare about to be killed by her riled Joe, she thinks she is in the running to be the next Mrs. Joe. Lord knows what kind of rude awakening waits this Salem-look-liking witch.

Emma is pure, hard-grained killer. She is the Bonnie Parker, a psychotic, of the 21st century. How she gunned down those two poor officers was cold and sadistic. This woman is sicker than Joe, if it's possible. A computer couldn't have made a better match.

The mass killings and other mayhem at the evacuation center were unbelievable.

What can stop Joe and his band of lunatics? Only the final script of next week will answer that. To think, it's all in the name of Edgar Allen Poe.
Yellow Judge
Yellow Judge
This is your consummate cliffhanger next to last episode. Claire is in danger. There is a live burial. Claire has certainly proved her mettle. One thing, for certain, if people are psychotic, you can't approach them in a rational way. Thee will be casualties. I know the show goes on for two more seasons. Will they be squeezing more out of this first one, or do we start anew. Here we go!