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It Happened at the Beach
It Happened at the Beach (1913)
The weather was delightfully fine when Max and Lon, accompanied by their spouses, started to the shining sands. Everything was lovely until the boys wandered away while their wives were dressing. The Venuses of the surf caught their eyes and caused them to get into the wrong bath houses, from which the horrified inmates hurled them to the sand. Safe at last in their bathing suits, they disport in the waves. Ocean water is chilly, even on lovely days, so the wives seek the sands and dry clothes. The hubbies, seeing their chance, open a violent flirtation with, the bathing girls and forget the indignant wives altogether. But they were not forgotten by the ladies, who investigate their delay; and coming upon the gay Lotharios, give chase with parasols. Not content with this the angry wives tear the bathing suits from their trembling forms, and only two empty barrels save them from arrest. Edging their way to the bath house, they sigh with relief and go inside. Simultaneously there are ...

It Happened at the Beach (1913)

Released as a split reel along with the comedy The $10,000 Bride (1913).