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In Search of... UFO's (1976–1982)
TV Episode
  • Director:
    H.G. Stark
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Robert L. Long
  • Cast:
    Leonard Nimoy,Jane Baker,Phillip N. Baker
  • Time:
  • Year:
An evaluation of reports by people who have seen "saucers", and the growing body of evidence that America is regularly being visited by UFOs.
Episode credited cast:
Leonard Nimoy Leonard Nimoy - Himself - Host
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Jane Baker Jane Baker - Herself
Phillip N. Baker Phillip N. Baker - Himself

In Search of... UFO's (1976–1982)
In Search Of... "UFO's" (1977)

The states of West Virginia and Wisconsin are visited as we hear from witnesses in both places that witnessed UFO's visiting the planet. In the first story we hear from a family who saw a UFO sitting in an old country road. In West Virginia several locals saw a UFO land in the high school football field. If you're a fan of the series then there's no doubt that you'll enjoy this episode. Once again we've got the terrific narration by Leonard Nemoy but we've also got some pretty good interviews. In a lot of future "UFO shows" we're given actor re-enactments but that's not the case here and I enjoyed the interviews with the actual locals. Their stories were quite good but of course it's going to be up to each viewer to make up their mind on if they believe them or not.

Episode: B+
Growing up during the 70's during the U F O media blitz I remember watching UFO's episode. Watching project Bluebook, U F O magazine I could not wait to watch this one. There is Spock's spookier then usual narration. In Search of's editing, and music makes for a fun episode. There are great camera shots and witness interviews of the incidents. Watching as an adult I agree with what my dad said years ago that I have some doubts with the Wisconsin family, but the police collaboration in both West Virginal and Wisconsin make one wonder what happened? There is comments from experts, and drawing of what the U F O's look like. Well a so so episode. Six out of ten spaceships.
First episode to deal with the subject of UFO's and alien visitations is extremely effective, creating an eerie mood with its music, stark photography, and drawings taken from eyewitness accounts of what the spaceships look like. Not all believe them to be extra-terrestrial in origin, but the result of a government experiment. The most memorable account is set in Wisconsin, where a close knit rural family claimed to have sighted a saucer, and the young girl carrying her cat seems quite sincere, and the family down to earth. Carefully avoids showing the viewer any glimpse of an actual alien, but the first hand accounts of these sightings is mysterious enough.