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The Gravediggers
The Gravediggers (2005)
  • Director:
    Bryan Thompson
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Bryan Thompson
  • Cast:
    Charles Pasternak,Ludwig Manukian,Mike Apple
  • Time:
  • Budget:
  • Year:
It's a dark, cold night, and three young men find themselves involved in an even colder and darker situation, when gang leader Roy enlists the help of his simpleton friend Kyle and his doubting companion Dave to bury a dead man. Convinced they will get away with it and earn the respect they so deserve, the three embark on a long night of burying, all the while digging themselves deeper and deeper into a situation they are not prepared to handle.
Cast overview:
Charles Pasternak Charles Pasternak - Roy
Ludwig Manukian Ludwig Manukian - Kyle
Mike Apple Mike Apple - Dave
Bryan Thompson Bryan Thompson - Park Ranger

The Gravediggers (2005)