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On the Rio Grande
On the Rio Grande (1914)
  • Director:
    Otis Turner
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  • Cast:
    Herbert Rawlinson,Ann Little,William Worthington
  • Year:
Dick Harrod is elected sheriff of Mexia County, on the strength of his promises that he will put a stop to Mexican federals running cattle across the border. James Russell is ranch manager for the Cross S Cattle Company. Harrod is in love with his daughter Anna. Harrod receives a letter signed "A Friend," telling him to watch both fords that night. Russel and Harrod and his men watch the fords but nothing comes of it. Harrod observes Russel conversing with Pedro, a questionable character. His suspicions are aroused. Pedro gives Russel a bag of gold and from thence onward the sheriff watches Russel. He follows him home and watches him hide the money. Harrod then arrests Russel as the leader of the gang. The sheriff's sweetheart, however, pleads for her father. Harrod tells him to get over the border. The cowboys return. They have captured Pedro and a band of federals. When Pedro discovers that Russel had admitted his guilt and implicated him, he shoots Russel dead and then makes a dash...
Cast overview:
Herbert Rawlinson Herbert Rawlinson - Dick Harrod
Ann Little Ann Little - Anna Russell (as Anna Little)
William Worthington William Worthington - James Russell - Anna's Father
Frank Lloyd Frank Lloyd - Pedro

On the Rio Grande (1914)
Scoreboard Bleeding
Scoreboard Bleeding
A typical story of the Great Southwest, with Herbert Rawlinson, Anna Little and Frank Lloyd in the cast. The construction is jerky in places, but the outdoor scenes are attractive. The story concerns the rounding up of Mexican cattle thieves. An average number. - The Moving Picture World, July 4, 1914