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The Healing
The Healing (2007)
  • Director:
    Nancy Hendrickson
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Nancy Hendrickson
  • Cast:
    Natalie Fabrizio,Samuel Gould,Shirley Hille
  • Time:
  • Budget:
  • Year:
On a bet, Julian, a jaded executive, visits Maya, a spiritual healer despite his conviction she's a charlatan. Then he pronounces the ritual unsuccessful and hurries back to work, picking up a hitchhiker named Skye along the way. Her Pollyana disposition breaks down his defenses and Julian tells Skye about being abandoned by his mother in infancy. Skye tells him a similar story about giving up her baby. Skye agrees to return with Julian to Maya's house, where he thinks he left his wallet. The next morning, Julian awakens in his car in Maya's yard. Skye is gone and Maya has his wallet. She also has his car keys! Julian realizes he has faced his mother and forgiven her. An unexpected healing has taken place.
Credited cast:
Natalie Fabrizio Natalie Fabrizio - Deanna
Samuel Gould Samuel Gould - Julian
Shirley Hille Shirley Hille - Grandmother
Amber Mason Amber Mason - Baby Julian
Jackie O'Brien Jackie O'Brien - Maya
Robert Riley Robert Riley - Grandfather
Wessley-Anne Swift Wessley-Anne Swift - Skye

The Healing (2007)