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Blue Collar Boobs
Blue Collar Boobs (2011)
Creative Work
  • Director:
    Marc Twain
  • Category:
  • Cast:
    Tanya James,Jayden Jaymes,Gianna Michaels
  • Time:
    2h 23min
  • Year:
Credited cast:
Tanya James Tanya James
Jayden Jaymes Jayden Jaymes
Gianna Michaels Gianna Michaels
Alanah Rae Alanah Rae
Avy Scott Avy Scott

Blue Collar Boobs (2011)
This Bluebird release made in Chatsworth rather than jolly olde England is yet another reason to drop the "high-concept" approach. So the Central Casting porn actresses dress down as if working for a living (manual labor), BFD.

Concept of "blue collar" is very loosely applied, as Tanya James plays a pizza girl in the opening vignette, not exactly my idea of "blue collar" - I guess making a Blue movie is what matters, and this gender-switch on the corniest of stag movie male roles (pizza boy) qualifies for that. She delivers to baldie Derrick Pierce, who immediately enlists her to substitute as a model for a missing lady in his still photography studio and ends up humping her. Modeling is definitely not "blue collar", oh ye Bluebird honchos.

The other gals play girls who get their hands dirty as electricians or carpenters, but humper is the actual name of their profession. Another borderline exception is busty Jayden Jaymes as a cable girl - I never had one of that gender visit me from Manhattan Cable or Time Warner or now Spectrum to fix the connections to my retrograde TV set. I guess I'm not as lucky as some sex worker hired by Bluebird to hump beauties for a living.

After watching this total junker, attributed to the Stateside hack for Bluebird called "Marc Twain", I was left to ponder why the same label issued a follow-up the following year which I have already reviewed, confusing titled "Bangin' Blue Collar Boobs". Other than Twain bringing back Pierce to bang Mason Moore, why bother? It should have been retitled "Beating a Dead Horse -XXX Edition".