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Zombie Crush: A Teenage Zomedy
Zombie Crush: A Teenage Zomedy (2013)
  • Director:
    Tendal Mann,Lawayne Bontrager
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Lawayne Bontrager
  • Cast:
    Scott Bellomy,Tommy K. Bellomy,Jenni Bontrager
  • Time:
  • Budget:
  • Year:
The story of 13 year-old Bobby, who wakes from a coma to find the world filled with Zombies - specifically, open-armed walking teen Zombies - with no adults to be seen. In this coming of age, bloody, PG comedy-romance, Bobby teams up with Sara and learns that Zombies are not what he has always imagined them to be. He is now forced to grow up and become a man. Bobby vies for Sara's affections as the two adapt to this new world. Along the way, they discover a comical way to divert the Zombies.
Credited cast:
Scott Bellomy Scott Bellomy - Adult Zombie
Tommy K. Bellomy Tommy K. Bellomy - Adult Zombie
Jenni Bontrager Jenni Bontrager - Adult Zombie
Baily Boyd Baily Boyd - Tread Mill Zombie
'Puppet' Chris Brown 'Puppet' Chris Brown - Rotzo the Clown
Thom Brown Thom Brown - Adult Zombie
Hannah Celeste Hannah Celeste - Spaz Zombie (as Hannah Celeste Wilkinson)
Rosie Falconi Rosie Falconi
Teddy Gathmann Teddy Gathmann - Sneakers Zombie
Matt Griffin Matt Griffin - Adult Zombie
Tyara Hooks Tyara Hooks - Sara
Erik Hume Erik Hume - Adult Zombie
Hannah Hume Hannah Hume - Ketchup Zombie
Turner Hume Turner Hume - Potato Head Zombie
Russ Laney Russ Laney - Adult Zombie

Zombie Crush: A Teenage Zomedy (2013)
Zombie Crush is a fast-paced teen comedy adventure with a zombie twist.

There are several Laugh Out Loud moments in this film. There are also a few "OMG!" moments but nothing that would really warrant parental supervision. It's a fun ride. My 14-years old twins love the film.

The performances by all the teens actors are excellent. The zombie makeup & wardrobe are spot on. The big budget special effects were amazing considering this is a small indie film. The downtown Macon, Georgia locations are well-suited to the post-apocalyptic time period. The large number of extras make the film look bigger budget too.

Nothing about this film looks small.
Hidden Winter
Hidden Winter
Zombie Crush is a fun take on the zombie apocalypse. This isn't your run of the mill zombie movie. The movie contains an adorable 4 year-old zombie, which is scarier than any adult zombie. The main actors provide the viewer with a believable performance on how young teenagers would survive in the apocalypse. The writer brings forth a unique twist on the zombie virus. This movie is family friendly even to younger children. The make-up and costuming were unbelievable. Chris Brown and Rachelle Lynn create truly incredible zombies. The director brought the screenplay to life. There are a variety of zombies throughout the film. Poor fast food zombie, my heart goes out to him. He has a continually bad day.