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The Modern Dianas
The Modern Dianas (1911)
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    Mary Fuller,Harold M. Shaw,Charles Ogle
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There are six little society girls who are beloved by six society boys and the leader of the girls is a young woman of considerable wealth and position also of an equal amount of determination and originality. Being a little bored with the social world and seeking a way to spend the summer vacation, she lights upon a brilliant plan which she proceeds to submit to the other girls. The plan is that they shall all take possession of a little island or her father's in the St. Lawrence River near the Canadian shore and leaving the boys and civilization far behind them, shall fish, hunt and live in the woods and as far as possible, follow the example of Diana and her maids. Naturally the six boys and sweethearts do not agree but the plan is put into execution nevertheless. The island is beautiful and the girls do have a pretty good time at first. Then in the city we see the lonely boys, and one of them discovers in a newspaper a little note which says that some remote tribe of Indians in ...
Cast overview:
Mary Fuller Mary Fuller - Diana
Harold M. Shaw Harold M. Shaw - Diana's Sweetheart
Charles Ogle Charles Ogle - An Indian Servant
Louise Sydmeth Louise Sydmeth - The Servant's Wife

The Modern Dianas (1911)
In this interesting picture is shown the adventures of six society girls who go to the wilds of a Canadian island and camp, far away from society and men and other bothersome things. The six boys are lonesome, but there seems no means of redress. Ultimately they work out a scheme by which they land upon the island dressed as Indians and proceed to besiege the girls' camp until they are ready to parley. The council begins and soon the real fact is disclosed. The girls might have been angry, but provisions had run short and the boys had provided themselves with all sorts of acceptable eatables. So the truce became peace and the Dianas returned to civilization. - The Moving Picture World, September 2, 1911