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The Outer Limits Donor (1995–2002)
TV Episode
With a cutting edge operation, Dr. Halstead who should have died, gets a new lease on life. What he doesn't know is how they found such a perfect match in such a short amount of time.
Episode complete credited cast:
Robert Hays Robert Hays - Dr. Peter Halstead
Wendel Meldrum Wendel Meldrum - Renee Stuyvescent
Tom Cavanagh Tom Cavanagh - Vance Ridout
Lorraine Landry Lorraine Landry - Deirdre Laird
Chantal Conlin Chantal Conlin - Kylie Laird
Rice Honeywell Rice Honeywell - Timothy Laird
BJ Harrison BJ Harrison - Administrator
Kimberly Unger Kimberly Unger - Reporter #1
Verne Prior Verne Prior - Reporter #2
Ross Douglas Ross Douglas - Andy Morgan

The Outer Limits Donor (1995–2002)
I can't see Robert Hayes without thinking of "Airplane" where he plays the neurotic, frightened pilot. Here, he is in a much more serious role. He and his colleagues have found the ability to do a full body transplant. Unfortunately for Hayes, he is in the final stages of cancer. One of the doctors, a rather severe woman, loves him, and wants him to be the recipient of the first full transplant. Time is in the way, however, and since there is no viable body, she ambushes a poor guy who is carrying flowers to his car. She shoots him in the head, leaving the body intact. As an organ donor, he is a candidate. His family gives permission and Hayes has a new body with the same old head. He, of course, doesn't know about any of the shenanigans. He believes the man whose body he has was an unfortunate accident victim. The kicker is that the female surgeon begins to have an affair with Hayes and it works for a while. While he is a willing participant, he begins to have hallucinations and to act differently. Apparently, in this case, his body is providing signals from the previous owner. It even gets to where he finds himself in front of the house of this guy, observing his wife and family, with whom he develops an attraction. The surgeon does everything she can to get in the way and actually exacerbates the situation. Of course, this will all come to a head at some point (if you will excuse the expression).