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Married and in Love
Married and in Love (1940)
  • Director:
    John Farrow
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    S.K. Lauren,S.K. Lauren
  • Cast:
    Alan Marshal,Barbara Read,Patric Knowles
  • Time:
  • Year:
Complete credited cast:
Alan Marshal Alan Marshal - Dr. Leslie Yates
Barbara Read Barbara Read - Helen Yates
Patric Knowles Patric Knowles - Paul Wilding
Helen Vinson Helen Vinson - Doris Wilding
Hattie Noel Hattie Noel - Hildegarde, Yates' Maid
Frank Faylen Frank Faylen - Jim Carter, Man in Bar
Carol Hughes Carol Hughes - Jean Carter, Woman in Bar
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Pamela Blake Pamela Blake - Undetermined Minor Role (scenes deleted)

Married and in Love (1940)

The play originally opened in London on 4 October 1937

Married and in Love is based around the chance meeting of two former lovers Dr Leslie Yates (played by Alan Marshal) and Doris Wilding (Helen Vinson), and the impact of this on their lives and their respective spouses (played by Barbara Read and Patric Knowles).

Though fairly understated dramatically, it is has some interesting insights on love and relationships. At less than one hour long it also does not outstay its welcome. While none of its principals were major stars, they all do a good job, though Barbara Read's so nice character might be a bit grating for modern audiences.

I came across this movie when reading the RKO Story where it was described as "a brittle domestic drama that attracted good critical reports but minimal consumer interest." RKO made some of the more interesting and off beat Hollywood movies during its existence and I have a soft spot for their better efforts (they made their share of unwatchable stuff as well). Of interest also was the director being John Farrow who was behind some good movies such as Alias Nick Beal.

It took a little while to track a copy down (it is not commercial available but has been shown on AMC - I got my copy through ebay) but I found it well worth it.
"Married and in Love" is a B movie from 1940 starring Patric Knowles, Helen Vinson, Alan Marshal and Barbara Read. It is directed by John Farrow.

Dr. Leslie Yates (Marshal) is a successful professional with a book out on dieting; he runs into his ex-girlfriend, Doris (Vinson), a prominent magazine writer. It's obvious she wants to start something up again. He is still attracted to her, but he resists.

Leslie's wife is an unassuming woman, Helen (Barbara Read), who has been a wonderful partner and helpmate. The couple suffered through being broke, and a tragedy, and they got through it. She's excited that Doris has invited them to dinner. They have just recently moved to New York and she hasn't been out much. Leslie is upset that she accepted the invitation, but he goes anyway.

Doris won't leave Leslie alone, despite having a husband (Patric Knowles) herself. They don't seem happy, so it's possible - in fact, probable, that she's cheated with others in her writing studio. He doesn't even know where it is.

Leslie finally gives in and decides to tell Helen.

This is a predictable film, though short and well directed. I had a few problems. I'm an experienced old film watcher - I am betting a lot of people couldn't tell Knowles and Marshal apart. The casting was probably deliberate, to show that Doris never forgot Leslie, but I think it might have been confusing.

Second, maybe it's just me, but I didn't consider Doris this strikingly beautiful prize. Gail Patrick, whom I believe made films at RKO at that time, would have been perfect. Just my opinion.

And third, I felt that the story was foolish. If Leslie had a good marriage, and it seemed that he had, why couldn't he have said, "Look, I went out with this woman for one month x number of years ago. She wants to start something up - if we socialize with her, she'll think I'm encouraging her." But then, of course, one gets into - well, maybe he really did want to - more layers - which in an hour weren't as explored as they could have been.

Nevertheless, the acting is sincere and one does care about Helen, Leslie's wife. She's almost too good, too helpful, too sweet - as opposed to the selfish Doris -- but I liked her, a woman totally devoted to her husband. And it was obvious he loved her.

I liked the ending very much. A satisfying film, if not a classic.
Too many flashbacks interrupt this glamorous looking but disappointing marital drama that focuses on the problems of newleyweds Barbara Read and Alan Marshal. their marriage is interrupted by the sudden return of Marshal's former College girlfriend, Helen Vinson, unhappily married to Patrick Knowles and setting her eyes on winning back Marshal. After Read gets drunk at a dinner party hosted by Vinson, she frets over discovering the truth, while Marshal questions his love for his wife and feelings for Vinson.

Although the four leads give sincere performances, I found them completely mismatched. The only spark comes when black character actress Hattie Noel comes on as Marshal's housekeeper, dispensing both humor and advice and managing to be an extremely likeable character in spite of minor stereotypes. (See the Joan Blondell/John Wayne musical melodrama, "Lady For a Night", for a complete contrast in Noel's acting abilities.) A good quarter of the film deals with rather perplexing and confusing flashbacks that stop the action cold. At just under an hour, really little happens and the ending seems to be a complete cop-out on having attempted any conflict and presenting a sensible or realistic resolution.