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Fedora (1913)
  • Director:
    Achille Consalvi
  • Category:
  • Cast:
    Claudia Zambuto,Gero Zambuto,Frederico Elvezi
  • Year:
Lord Herstell is seated in the Café Chantant with his friends watching the famous dancers, when a note is brought to him, saying that Nellie, the daughter of John Channing, a commoner, whom he has abandoned, is dead, and that she had left a child named Fedora. John Channing writes to Lord Herstell that he does not want aid from him, and that he is leaving the city at once, taking little Fedora with him. Lord Herstell overcome with remorse, bids his friends good night, and starts for the house of John Channing, which he finds deserted. Six months later, while coming home from the club, Lord Herstell hears a cry of a child. A baby is discovered with a note pinned to its dress asking whoever finds the child should take care of him, for the sake of his unfortunate mother. Lord Herstell decides to adopt this baby in the place of Fedora. Twenty-five years later, Robert Herstell, grown to manhood, is ignorant of the fact that he is not Lord Herstell's son. Lord Herstell, in financial ...
Cast overview:
Claudia Zambuto Claudia Zambuto - Fedora
Gero Zambuto Gero Zambuto
Frederico Elvezi Frederico Elvezi
Giuseppe De Witten Giuseppe De Witten
Cesare Amerio Cesare Amerio
Signor Cappello Signor Cappello
Achille Consalvi Achille Consalvi

Fedora (1913)