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Watashi no otoko
Watashi no otoko (2014)
  • Director:
    Kazuyoshi Kumakiri
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Kazuki Sakuraba,Takashi Ujita
  • Cast:
    Fumi Nikaidô,Tadanobu Asano,Aoba Kawai
  • Time:
    2h 9min
  • Year:
After losing everything in a tsunami, 10-year-old Hana is taken in by 26-year-old distant relative Jungo Kusarino. They live as father and daughter but share a profound sense of loss. Jungo works as a cook for the coast guard, leaving young Hana alone for days at a time. In wintry Hokkaido, Jungo and Hana both desire to fill their empty, love-starved hearts as they set foot into a forbidden world. Eventually, an elder benefactor in their small town learns of their illicit relationship. When he tries to separate them for Hana's own good, it provokes her emotional rage. Soon after, a murder quietly occurs atop the ice floes. With their dark secret, Jungo and Hana escape to Tokyo. However...
Credited cast:
Fumi Nikaidô Fumi Nikaidô - Hana Kusarino
Tadanobu Asano Tadanobu Asano - Jungo Kusarino
Aoba Kawai Aoba Kawai - Komachi
Tatsuya Fuji Tatsuya Fuji - Oshio
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Tamae Andô Tamae Andô
Kengo Kôra Kengo Kôra - Yoshiro Ozaki
Masaki Miura Masaki Miura - Yoshiro's senior
Takahiro Miura Takahiro Miura - Daisuke (Hana's fiance)
Moro Morooka Moro Morooka - (as Moro Shioka)
Itsuki Sagara Itsuki Sagara - Akiko
Taiga Taiga - Akira
Mochika Yamada Mochika Yamada - Hana (10-year-old)

Watashi no otoko (2014)
"My Man" is sure to turn off a lot of people. It deals with some difficult subjects, and does so in such a novel way... I don't blame the other couple reviews for being disgusted with it. But I don't think it was ever exploitative.

Fumi Nikaido co-starred in this and also another similar, different take on post-tsunami life, "Himiko". "Himiko" is also a great film, and she's just as good in it, although you'd almost have a hard time recognizing her from one to the other, even where she is supposed to be the same age. She's a great actress and she obviously likes to take risks and work with innovative directors.

I have to admit it was a bit weird seeing Tadanobu Asano looking so old. I suppose some of it, in the same way Nikaido is made up to look younger, so it was with him. But still... I guess we all get old but gah! Anyway, he's also in fine form here. I can't say I've ever seen a film where he wasn't.

Beautiful cinematography, wonderful acting, novel storytelling, deliberate pacing. If you want all those things from a movie, you can hardly go wrong with this one.

But it *is* morally ambiguous while taking on taboo subject matter, and it won't pander to those who crave a fast-moving narrative.

The premise and direction of the story seem, at first, to be a tease. A slightly wacky take on Lolita ? But things proceed to the grim. A take on Luc Besson's The Professional, or even Fatal Attraction ? The question of 'will they or won't they ?' sustains tension for the first half, but the loneliness and desperation of this curious pair carry things further. Much further, into territory where nothing is off-limits, not even murder.

The disturbing feel of My Man is further enhanced with surprising touches of gory horror which, although seemingly out-of-place, are striking and highly effective.

Not at all for the faint of heart, weak of stomach or the easily offended, My Man is voyeuristic and perverse, gripping from start to finish, and is practically guaranteed to leave you unsettled. Highly recommended.
I mean is there incest? Or just a taboo crossing of lines in theoretical father-daughter relationships? I don't like the winter tundra setting, because the characters are all bundled up the whole film and it's really impersonal. It's also unaesthetic to see them trekking through knee-high snowfall, and their red faces from the frigid cold, and the uneventful environment and uninspiring images and landscape because it's so snowy. The beginning looked like a war film, the ending looked like a romance film in Tokyo. There was too much sex throughout, but one good sex scene because suddenly the blood trickles down to symbolize sin, I guess. So I suppose they really were father and daughter, biologically. Which makes it disturbing, but the lacking dialogue, scenery, plot and the overly sexual charge of the film make the purpose completely ineffective. In fact I'm not sure what the purpose was. Which is fine if there isn't one, it's not the end of the world. The issue isn't the long sex scenes, where symbolism was tied in to justify the sex and length; it's the fact that the rest of the film was so vapid, in my eyes. It almost makes the purpose, sex. If you want to see softcore porn and father-daughter, look here. If not, don't. If you want to see a good film, don't come here.

I mean I guess the scene where the dude kills the other dude because he worried the secret(s) would come out was...kind of riveting (so +6 stars from 0 stars), albeit a head-scratching crescendo from 50 minutes of winter, boring scenes and sex beforehand. So -6 stars from the 6 lol. Now we're back to 0 stars; I just don't see why the dad killed him. They tried to say he was desperately lonely and the girl he adopted was all he had (supposedly it was his real daughter all along and she knew); so if she gets arrested for *what she did* (not going to say what), he'd be alone, but eh, not developed well.

The leading guy also has very tiny lips so I can't even get turned on watching this. Like at least be gorgeous. But I won't take away any stars for that since I didn't watch for eye candy.

The scene where he tries to molest his "daughter's" boyfriend or whoever the guy was supposed to be, is...another random moment of trying to show the emotional tragedy of this guy. It was too weird and random to be exciting, but the guy's reaction to the dad made me laugh. Still not enough though. Eh whatever I'll give it 1 star for that. The randomness detracts from the potential "wow!" So 1 star.

Is he just a perv who likes his daughter, and now young boys? Is he further flushing himself down the morality toilet since he's already a pedophile, and now a murderer, "so what the hell, rape a guy, too"? Or is that and the dump they now live in meant to display his downward spiral after committing two major sins--which has to be the film's purpose...of the sins?

The fact that they tried regains them 3 stars. So far a total of 4. They're not gonna get any points for mise-en-scene since I hated it, and there was a bit of cinematography like the raining blood while they have sex, but that was just horrifying even though I get it.

I mean OK the incest is a problem, but it's completely pointless to show this without an aftermath of how this taboo affected everyone. So two foolish murders resulted because of the incest; the first one was actually kinda funny but not a good enough reason to have the film set in a wintry place, yet clearly the reason (the dude floated away somewhere in the ocean on broken ice when the girl made it crack -_-). I won't say specifically why she did this or who the guy was. The 2nd murder I explained was the dad. OK so big deal murders happened, right? What now? Around 25 remaining minutes of weirdness to wrap the film up and to get to the point is what happened.

Oh what the hell I don't know. If you like the leading actress, watch her in Sion Sono's "Why Don't You Play in Hell?" It's just perfect, when I have more energy I'll review that one, it should be fun.
A terrible film, do not waste your time watching this garbage. I made an account just to warn you how bad this film is in terms of entertainment.

I'll keep it incredibly short - So the story is already ruined because it's from a book. Film adaptions from books are usually terrible (this one too as expected.)

Actors+producers+directors+cameras are terrible. 1/10 would not bang again.

Unless you are in love or the actors are your idols don't bother, just move on and watch something else.

Cheap idea to feed on some people's nostalgia (10 year old girls and such) it's like 20 minutes of story and 2 hours of watching people eat, walk around, sex and bad camera work.

There's a lot more things that I have to complain about but I'm not going to waste another hour or so of my life.