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Sudanna al Habib
Sudanna al Habib (2012)
  • Director:
    Taghreed Elsanhouri
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Taghreed Elsanhouri
  • Cast:
    Sadiq Al-Mahdi,Hassan Al-Turabi,Amira Alteraify
  • Time:
    1h 32min
  • Year:
Credited cast:
Sadiq Al-Mahdi Sadiq Al-Mahdi - Himself
Hassan Al-Turabi Hassan Al-Turabi - Himself
Amira Alteraify Amira Alteraify - Herself
Pagan Amum Pagan Amum - Himself
Yasir Arman Yasir Arman - Himself
Taghreed Elsanhouri Taghreed Elsanhouri - Narrator
Rebecca Garang Rebecca Garang - Herself
Joseph Lagu Joseph Lagu - Himself
Mohammed Wardi Mohammed Wardi - Himself

Sudanna al Habib (2012)
great story telling the separation between Sudan and south Sudan , following Amira story who father is from north and mother from the south, it was very touching how she described her journey since been kidnapped by her father and raised by step mother how treated her badly and her brother who died looking for their mother key seen was when her step mother asked her for forgiveness , for me step mother was representing the north on the 6 years after peace agreement when they asked south for forgiveness without really meaning it or feeling true guilty while telling Amira we educated U and never through u out as a Amira (south) should be grateful for that ! in same time as Sudanese felt disconnected with all the talks by Alsadiq , Altrabi , Pagan because we heard it all and felt it made the film too long but I guess it was made for international audience who would hear them speak for first time lastly thanks Tagreed and keep documenting for Sudan issues please