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M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story
M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story (2016)
  • Director:
    Neeraj Pandey
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Neeraj Pandey,Neeraj Pandey
  • Cast:
    Sushant Singh Rajput,Kiara Advani,Anupam Kher
  • Time:
    3h 4min
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Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a goalkeeper in school football team.Bannerjee a school cricket coach asks him to join his cricket team and practice daily with him for two hours time passes and he becomes a big state level cricketer but for a long time his luck doesn't favor him to become a member of Indian Cricket team.Dhoni takes up a job in Indian Railways as a ticket checker and plays cricket for the railways after long wait of 4 years he gets selected in Indian Cricket team and turns to be one of the best cricketing captains in history of Indian Cricket.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Sushant Singh Rajput Sushant Singh Rajput - M. S. Dhoni
Kiara Advani Kiara Advani - Sakshi Singh Dhoni nee Rawat
Anupam Kher Anupam Kher - Pan Singh Dhoni
Disha Patani Disha Patani - Priyanka Jha
Bhoomika Chawla Bhoomika Chawla - Jayanti Gupta
Sanjay Dadich Sanjay Dadich - Satya Prakash Krishna (as Sanjay Dadhich)
Kali Prasad Mukherjee Kali Prasad Mukherjee - A K Ganguly (as K P Ji)
Zeeshaan Zeeshaan - Young Dhoni
Mithu Chakraborty Mithu Chakraborty - Mrs. Banerjee
Kranti Prakash Jha Kranti Prakash Jha - Santosh Lal
Ashrut Jain Ashrut Jain - Shabbir
Brijendra Kala Brijendra Kala - Commentator Tiwari Ji
Mukesh Bhatt Mukesh Bhatt - Commentator Shukla Ji (as Mukesh S. Bhatt)
Jitin Gulati Jitin Gulati - Gautam Gupta
Sahil Gyan Sahil Gyan - Akash - Jvm school team captain)

M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story (2016)

The school shown in the trailer is the actual school of Mahendra Singh Dhoni and the same classrooms and fields have been used.

Before signing of the film cast, Akshay Kumar was showing lot of interest for playing Mahendra Singh Dhoni's role but, due to less similarity between Dhoni and his looks, the director of the movie Neeraj Pandey politely denied him.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni's favorite and famous helicopter shot was taught to him by his childhood friend, and school and club teammate, Santosh Lal as shown in the film sadly Santosh passed away in 2013 due to pancreatitis.

The film's teaser trailer was released on March 15, 2016 - the day the 2016 ICC World T20 started.

Former cricketer and current selector Kiran More had trained Sushant Singh Rajput for the role to play Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Sushant Singh Rajput got injured while practicing Mahendra Singh Dhoni's famous helicopter shot. And later was trained by Dhoni himself.

Bhoomika Chawla's comeback film to Hindi Cinema after 9 years her last film was Gandhi, My Father (2007).

As you can see in the film, The Yamaha RX100 was Mahendra Singh Dhoni's first ever bike which he got for Rs 4,500 and being away on cricket tours meant the bike needed some attention. MS went on to restore this particular bike to all its glory.

India tour to Pakistan in 2006 where President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf was quite impressed with hairstyle of Mahendra Singh Dhoni and asked him not to cut a footage of this is also shown in the film.

The film was made tax-free in Uttar Pradesh after a day of its release.

In 2016 there are two Bollywood movies based on the real story of 2 Indian cricket captains. The first one was Azhar (2016) based on the biography of former Indian cricket captain Mohammad Azharuddin. The second one was M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story (2016) based on the biography of Mahendra Singh Dhoni (former Indian Cricket Captain). In both the movies Rajesh Sharma was also casted. Sharma has played the role of a bookie in 'Azhar' while in' M.S. Dhoni 'The untold story he played the role of Dhoni's mentor.

Disha Patani, who is actually the girlfriend of Tiger Shroff debuted with Sushant Singh Rajput (not the debut for Sushant), while Kriti Sanon, the girlfriend of Sushant Singh Rajput debuted with Tiger Shroff in "Heropanti".

Decided not to feature Sourav Ganguly shirtless.

Anupam Kher plays father of a lead character playing cricketer for the third time earlier he played father to Harman Baweja in Victory (2009) which was also a cricket based film and father to Shahid Kapoor in Dil Bole Hadippa! (2009).

Neeraj Pandey scrapped the Marathi version of the film as it's dubbing wasn't completed in time.

It is Neeraj Pandey's fourth critically acclaimed film after "A Wednesday", "Special 26" and "Baby" as the director and Anupam Kher has appeared in all of these films in lead or supporting roles.

Debut of Disha Patani.

The film's release date has been postponed from 2nd September to 30th September.

Sushant Singh Rajput had to grow his hair long for the character as Mahendra Singh Dhoni sported long hair in his early career which became quite famous.

Film starts with India batting in finals of 2011 world cup and ends with India's victory in 2011 cricket world cup.

All international matches including the world cup t20 final which India won against Pak and the finals of 2011 were real and the replacement was only made of Mahendra Singh Dhoni which was played by Sushant Singh Rajput hence giving an original touch to the movie.

When the BCCI centre, Mumbai is shown for the first time, the 1983 World Cup trophy won by Indian team in captaincy of Kapil Dev is briefly seen.

Mrs. Sakhshi Dhoni gave her actual Wedding dress for this movie's wedding scene.

Anupam Kher and Sushant Singh Rajput are working together for the first time.

In the scene, where BCCI executives talk about performances of Mohammad Kaif, Yuvraj Singh and the shirt removal incident of Sourav Ganguly, they are actually talking about India's victory over England in Natwest Trophy final in 2002.

Aamir Khan, Kiron Rao, Mukesh Ambani and Nita Ambani appear in a scene in the Wankhede Stadium attending the World Cup final, which is an original footage of the match.

Of the many VFX shots delivered for 'M.S.Dhoni: The Untold Story', the VFX team predominantly worked on 250 complex shots requiring head and body replacements to create a skinny version of Sushant Singh Rajput as the teenage Dhoni. Another challenge the team undertook was matching the head size, posture and body frame of Sushant to Dhoni's on live broadcast footage of the various cricket matches featured in the film, which entailed months of planning, preparation and extensive VFX. A production team of 120 artists worked on the project for 90 days to deliver a total of 910 VFX shots for the film

Fox studio paid BCCI for the real scenes of match shown in the movie.

film written and directed by Neeraj Pandey.

The film stars Sushant Singh Rajput as Dhoni, along with Disha Patani, Kiara Advani, and Anupam Kher.

It is based on the life of former Test, ODI and T20I captain of the Indian national cricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

The film chronicles the life of Dhoni from a young age through a series of life events.

The idea of the biopic was put forward by Dhoni's manager, Arun Pandey, after encountering an incident at an airport after the 2011 Cricket World Cup Final.

Development began two years later, with the consent of Dhoni.

Neeraj Pandey was later approached to helm the film while he was working on Baby.

Pandey recruited a number of people for researching into Dhoni's background and his life events.

Dhoni eventually became a consultant on the film

In addition to being released in Hindi language, it was also dubbed in Tamil, Telugu, and Marathi languages, although the Marathi release was later cancelled due to opposition.

The film was released on 30 September 2016 by Fox Star Studios and received the widest release ever for a Bollywood film across 61 countries.

Upon release, the film became a critical and commercial success.

Dhoni was at an airport when a child approached him and asked him a question on motivation. Dhoni sat down with the young boy and spent 5 minutes answering the question. His manager, Arun Pandey, asked why he spent that much time and Dhoni replied how his answer was pivotal in benefiting and motivating the boy. This incident then prompted Pandey to make a film about him saying [to Dhoni] that his story has the power to motivate millions of children like him.

It is currently the fifth highest-grossing Bollywood film of 2016 in India with 1.16 billion Rs. (USD 16 million).

Development of a Dhoni biopic began after the 2011 Cricket World Cup Final and the discussion about the idea went on over the following years but remained dormant.

After the idea coalesced, Pandey began to convince Dhoni himself in order to adapt his life into a full-length feature film.

According to International Business Times, the film carries a production budget of around 1.04 billion Rs. (USD 15.6 million).

Pandey was attracted to Dhoni's story not because of his successful cricket career, saying that "it's foolish to chase MS Dhoni's life story only because it's about cricket," but rather to instances and factors that made him the person he is today.

Dhoni wasn't involved in writing the script.

The filmmakers decided that they would only green-light the film once they had a convincing story to tell after the research.

Pandey recruited a team of researchers who collated data and background information while the director was busy directing Baby (2015).[According to International Business Times, the film carries a production budget of around 1.04 billion (USD 15.6 million).

Arun Pandey says 98% of the content in the film is reality.

The team undertook two years of research on the various incidents and how they took place.

Pandey revealed several prominent aspects of Dhoni's life that were hidden before including the fact that Dhoni initially disdained cricket and had a predilection for football instead, his signature "helicopter shot" was taught to him by his friend Santosh Lal, he likes women who don't recognise him, he and Yuvraj Singh had close ties even before their respective stardom and it was Dhoni who ousted Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid from the team since he wanted to build a young team for the 2011 World Cup with better fielders and he wasn't too happy with the 'fitness' levels of the aforementioned cricketers.

Pandey says "such authenticity would be hard to find even in Hollywood."

Neeraj Pandey was in the midst of shooting Baby (2015) when Arun Pandey, the manager of Dhoni, offered him an opportunity of making a biopic based on Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Pandey met with Dhoni numerous times over a span of eight months and by the eighth month of their meetings, in 2014, the main arc of the story began to form.

During their sporadic meetings, Pandey chose not to record and tape their conversations which prompted Dhoni to open up more.

It was only after meeting Dhoni personally during the second schedule of Baby that he was convinced to helm the film.

Pandey explained how not being a fan helped him direct the movie impartially, "I think if you are fan, as a director it would be difficult to be objective and impartial.

Pandey decided to end the film with the 2011 Cricket World Cup Final since he felt "the arc of the story had a natural high at the 2011 World Cup win."

Every question that came from the director or any member of the team working on the script was directly answered by Dhoni.

Pandey admits that he is not a fan of Dhoni and doesn't feel guilty about it. But he does have a predilection for cricket and other renowned cricketers like AB de Villiers and Sachin Tendulkar.

Pandey knew that they were chronicling almost 30 years of a sportsman's life "in a highly compressed manner" and said that had he extended the script to his sudden retirement during an ongoing series, the run time of the film would shoot up to six hours.

However, Pandey was sceptical and didn't wish to tackle such a subject until he met Dhoni himself.

When Dhoni met Rajput and chatted with him for 15 minutes, he knew that the accent, the setting and the milieu they needed to capture would not be a problem.

Rajput admits that he is a fan of Dhoni, and describes himself as an "ardent" cricket fan.

It is the director's first biopic film.

Dhoni would clear any doubts of the director and Rajput.

Dhoni did not want the film to serve as a whitewash of his life, "One thing I told (Neeraj) Pandey is that this movie should not be to glorify me. It's about the journey of a professional sportsperson and that's what it should depict."

Director Pandey, who has not seen any of Sushant Singh Rajput's films, followed his intuition when it came to casting him.

Rajput's sister is a professional cricketer who once made it to the women's national team, while he himself wasn't very good at the sport no matter how hard he tried, even failing to get selected for the school team.

Rajput was always his first choice given how both Dhoni and Rajput hail from the same part of India, which made it easy for him to get the dialect right and the fact he has a predilection for sports like Dhoni.

Training sessions were recorded and compared with the cricketer's real game.

It took a further six months for Rajput to feel confident that he looked and played like Dhoni.

Former wicketkeeper Kiran More personally coached Rajput for thirteen months, including wicket-keeping and batting before he started learning Dhoni's body language.

Rajput said that he did not pretend to be Dhoni, but actually felt like the cricketer while essaying the title role.

Rajput met Dhoni thrice before filming commenced.

Dhoni's batting style was scientifically analysed, learnt and practised and an analyst was called on board for this.

Rajput practiced for four hours, starting at 6:00 every morning.

In order to prepare for his role, Rajput had to go through an exhaustive prolonged training for a period of 18 months before shooting began and watched his videos for hours, to a point that he subconsciously started picking up some of his traits.

For instance, in order to grasp Dhoni's trademark "Helicopter shot," the team would carefully analyse it and fix the bowling machine into one spot and then play the same shot at least 200 to 300 times a day for a week to a point that it came naturally to Rajput.

Rajput found it difficult to get Dhoni's mannerisms right.

Dhoni's real school teacher was cast in the film.

The filmmakers were also shown his former social hangout as well as introduced to the food he liked eating whilst growing up

Rajput learned Dhoni's signature 'helicopter' shot by the end of the first day, but suffered a hairline fracture and had to leave for two weeks.

Rajput described More as a "tough taskmaster," who treated him like a professional cricketer rather than an actor.

In an effort to stay true to the crux of the biopic, Neeraj also shot scenes from the film in Dhoni's real home in Ranchi, Jharkhand where his parents and brother Narendra currently live.

Filming also took place in Aurangabad.

The film was shot mainly in authentic and real-life locations where Dhoni spent much of his childhood and teenage years, with Pandey saying that 95% of the locations in the film were authentic.

Shooting also took place at Kharagpur railway station where Dhoni once worked as a Travelling Ticket Examiner (TTE), his old school, Jawahar Vidya Mandir and at the quarter number 142 of Mecon Limited he shared with his four roommates while studying engineering.

M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story received the widest release for a Bollywood film receiving a day-and-date release both in India and internationally in a total of 61 countries across approximately 4,500 screens worldwide on the week ending October 2, 2016.

Sabina Islam, media and marketing manager of the distributor IMGC Global Entertainment in Pakistan told The Express Tribune, "We wouldn't want to release anything that can aggravate the current situation of the two countries. Dhoni is India's hero so it's risky."

The film was not released in Pakistan due to problems following the 2016 Uri attack.

Maharashtra was declared this film tax-free on October 5 by chief minister Devendra Fadnavis.

The film was declared tax-free in Uttar Pradesh by Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav a day after its release, and in Dhoni's home state, Jharkhand, a few days later.

As a part of the association, Maruti Suzuki ran a series of customer engagement activities on social media.

The filmmakers organised large promotions, which later helped the movie register good advance booking.

Internationally, the film was released in 60 countries across 1,000 screens in conjunction with its Indian premiere.

Maruti Suzuki released two MS Dhoni inspired special edition of Alto cars the Alto 800 and Alto K10 as part of the company's association with the film.

According to Vijay Singh, that marks the biggest-ever release for a Hindi film in Tamil and Telugu and one of the widest for any Indian film internationally.

The film was not released in Punjabi and Marathi languages. This was because Fox had wanted to release the film on the same day-and-date but a dubbed version in the two aforementioned languages could not be produced at that time.

The film was released on Friday, September 30, across approximately 3,500 screens and delivered an opening of 213 million Rs. (USD 3.0 million) on its first day.

Even though attempts were made later to dub and release the film in the Marathi language in the state of Maharashtra, this was however not possible. This was because Amey Khopkar, chief of Chitrapat Karmachari Sena, the film affairs wing of regional political party Maharashtra Navnirman Sena told the filmmakers that releasing the film in the language would cause unfair competition for regional movies by giving rise to a scenario where more filmmakers will release Hindi films dubbed in Marathi, prompting Pandey to scrap the plan.

The film recouped around 900 million Rs.(USD 13.5 million) before its release via multiple platforms and ancillary; 550 million Rs. (USD 8.2 million) from satellite rights; 200 million Rs. (USD 3 million) from endorsement brands; 100 million Rs. (USD 1.5 million) for overseas distribution rights; and 50 million Rs. (USD 750,920) for music rights.

The film received mainly positive reviews from critics.

A teaser trailer was released on March 15, 2016, in conjunction with the commencement of the 2016 ICC World Twenty20.

The first official poster was released on July 7, 2016, on Dhoni's 35th birthday.

The film does not include Dhoni's take on the two year ban imposed on Chennai Super Kings from playing in the Twenty20.

A second poster was unveiled on August 6.

On September 12, Fox Star Studios released a promotional video entitled "Captain Curious", which shows Dhoni and Sushant Rajput engaging in a conversation. The short clip was written by What Works, shot by Shiraz Bhattacharya and released by Fox.

Chanchal Bhattacharya, a specialised cricket coach who used to train young cricketers in Dhoni's school campus pinpointed at a pivotal incident during Dhoni's days which was absent in the movie: Dhoni once scored a century for East Zone in a Deodhar Trophy against Central Zone. Karsan Ghavri, who was the coach of East Zone at that time, praised Dhoni's century saying that "this lad will represent the country one day."

The Hindu said, "of course such sanitisation makes the film lose out on interesting layers and complexity, but, curiously, the focused, unwavering eulogising of Dhoni also helps it get an unmistakeable emotional acuity."

In late September 2016, the cast flew to Chennai to promote the film where Dhoni and Rajput met veteran actor Rajinikanth at his residence and discussed the film.

Maruti Suzuki released two MS Dhoni inspired special edition of Alto cars the Alto 800 and Alto K10 as part of the company's association with the film. The two cars were unveiled by Dhoni and R S Kalsi, Maruti Suzuki India Executive Director of Marketing and Sales in Hyderabad on September 24.

Andy Bull of The Guardian said that not every aspect of Dhoni's life could be included in the three-hour-and-10-minute-long biopic. He quoted John Briley's famous line from the script he wrote for Richard Attenborough's Gandhi: "No man's life can be encompassed in one telling. There is no way to give each year its allotted weight, to include each event, each person who helped to shape a lifetime."

It was released in key markets including the United States and Canada and the U.K. and in the other regular Bollywood diaspora markets in South East Asia, Africa and Europe.

Through a chain of distributors the film also went out in non-regular Bollywood territories such as Japan, Spain, France, Hungary, Poland, the Philippines and the West Indies.

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor gave a positive review of the film, praising the performance of Rajput in particular.

The film was noted for omitting certain aspects of Dhoni's life and in the realm of cricket that were deemed noteworthy such as the 2009 ICC World Twenty20 press conference, where Dhoni brought the entire team and read out a statement of unity, the 2013 Indian Premier League spot-fixing and betting case and the alleged rift with Virender Sehwag and Gautam Gambhir.

Several professional Indian sportsmen and sportswomen such as cricketer Mohammad Kaif, and badminton player Saina Nehwal had high regards for the film.

While the film featured his sister Jayanti, there was no mention about his real life elder brother, Narendra Singh Dhoni, who is a politician.

Rachel Saltz of The New York Times gave a negative review of the film saying that "you don't have to understand cricket to enjoy a good cricket movie", e.g. Lagaan (2001), but one does "have to be a cricket fan, and an indulgent one at that" for M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story. She found the term "hagiographic" unfit for the film and labelled the film as "long and languid."

The 10 song album features the voices of singers Armaan Malik, Arijit Singh, Siddharth Basrur, Rochak Kohli and Palak Muchhal; it was released in three different language versions: Tamil, Telugu & Marathi.

Amaal Mallik composed the soundtrack for M.S. Dhoni.

Rochak Kohli composed one song as a guest composer.

Tamil lyrics were penned by P. Vijay, Telugu by Chaitanya Prasad & Marathi by Guru Thakur.

All lyrics written by Manoj Muntashir.

T-Series acquired the music rights for the film.

The background music was composed by Sanjoy Chowdhury.

"Absolutely magnificent, Dhoni,finishes off in-style, A magnificent stroke into the crowd! India lift the world cup, After 28 years , The party started in the dressing room. and, Its an Indian captain who's been absolutely magnificent in the night of the final." Pretty much one of the best moments of the movie. Massive goosebumps. Ms Dhoni The Untold Story - Is a fantastically made movie which is like two sides of the same coin. The first half which shows why Neeraj Pandey is one of the best directors in the country. While the second half shows why Neeraj Pandey should never make a love story. The movie's main strength is clearly Sushant Singh Rajput who shines in every scene. He has captured the essence of the calm and composed Dhoni and portrayed it brilliantly. The first of the movie is stunning, brilliantly acted, poor special effects with some great dialogues and excellent direction by Neeraj Pandey. The cricketing aspect of Dhoni is so well done. It shows that there is always a team behind a person who is successful. An ode to friendship, struggles, responsibility, compromise and facing life regardless of the unexpected turns and twists. I was in awe how well connected the movie was. Moving from one point to another so effortlessly. Neeraj Pandey's best hour in cinema. The second half starts of well but the two love stories really bring down the movie. The Actresses are likable and all. WTF Neeraj Pandey but the movie moved at a steady pace nevertheless. It was like living the past. The famous India-Pakistan series where Dhoni shines. A lot of moments. It was like a Pleasant flashback. The performances in the movie are brilliant. Sushant Singh Rajput as Dhoni. What a performance! Not his best, I feel Kai Po Che was better. He was seamless, cool, composed, confident. Just like MSD. He breaks down in one scene. Which was brilliant. The Supporting Star Cast is brilliant.Every Actor in the supporting role. FANTASTIC!!! They are a lot of them. Everyone was brilliant. The actresses were strictly average. The music was decent. The movie is a solid 8-8.5/10. The love angles and the bad special effects in the first half are the only things which could have been improved. You'll love it if you loved cricket. You'll like it if you love good cinema.

From the beginning of the movie every one must have understood that their hearts gonna stop for a few moments! And they have not been wrong. I'm not highlighting the plot in detail as I'm pretty much interested not to unfold the story line as many of you will go to watch it.

Let me talk about the best parts. First of all, Sushant's tremendous acting and dedication deserve a big thumbs up. Next Anupam Kher and Rajesh Sharma rightly have adjusted themselves to their spots. Herry Tangri (Yuvi) excellently has scaled himself with his character. Kiara Advani (Sakshi), Disha Patani(Priyanka) have given their best too. Well, now I must talk about the cinematography, here Santosh Thundiyil has done a brilliant job. Especially Dhoni's train capturing scene leaving his job and Dhoni's coming out of the dressing room scene during the World Cup (2011) Final help a lot to excel this film. Undoubtedly fantastic cinematography it has. As a director Neeraj Pandey is of course successful but somewhere it has lacked a bit of his special touch. Though it doesn't matter because you will not find a single moment that can make you bore. The story has real gravity and it successfully has followed the tag line i.e "The man you know... The journey you don't". Truly it has focused on his journey- his struggle, ups and downs etc. The dialogues are very inspiring and heart-touching at many places. It is around 190mins' movie. You may think it's quite long but trust me after watching it you'll think if it could be of 5 hours that would have been perfect.... Even the Dhoni-haters can't deny that.. Actually there's so much to tell about. Anyway, let's come to the background sound... Truly effective though at some points it could have been better. Except that the editing has been done quite well but truly it's the place where it has lacked a bit. At few points it seems to be less glued... sudden turn of the movements and emotions is visible. And another important part is the story line which is of course very good but few interesting points it has actually missed. It would have been much more better if there's a bit more details about few facts like Wicket Keeping, Yuvi, Dressing Room situation after the WC2011 Final. But still it's fine as I have said earlier that it has focused more on Dhoni as a man.. especially his journey... Otherwise it is actually excellent... Or better to say super-excellent! And oh yes casting is just amazing.

So finally I would like to conclude like this. If you wish to watch it don't wait for the review just go for it. One thing I can assure you that you will not regret for a moment. But you may regret if you don't watch it or watch it by downloading from internet. If possible for you to spend some money please try that to give your respect to the hard works done by the cast and crew. I don't feel like giving marks to this movie as it may look disrespecting but taking it as a work of art I'm giving 9/10. Please don't listen to someone else if you feel like going then go...!!

P.S - I respect you, Sushant Singh Rajput... Your career is going to get a big hike after this. 'Excellent' is just a word for you.

Caution - You may find yourself in out-of-air-condition while the last scene happens, in spite of knowing the upcoming. ;) :)

N.B- If a second part of it comes out, I'll not be surprised. There are lot more facts deserve to get unfolded.
I am a dhoni fan but this movie is beyond fans of dhoni or fans of cricket... For general audience this will be a movie that's not just a treat but also a complete package... Coming back to fans of cricket! This is India.. And we like to idolise legends... The very fact that we can see the demi-gods we worship on a 100mm screen is surreal. There are moments were the theatre here in Chennai goes berserk.. The kind of reception the demi- gods of Tamil cinema get! I completely had the feeling of a thalaivar movie ... Each aspect of dhoni's life brilliantly portrayed in a way respectable to the man and to his colleagues.The way the movie teaches us that hard work can only pave way to success is taken . congratulations to the whole team... It was an experience which cannot be worded in a 1000 words limit given by IMDb. For a movie to have an explosive climax the middle order is the setup point... That's y the director chose to pace the love scenes just around the interval and then the last scene where the earth shattering response is still being felt by me after 12 hours... A dedication to a Legend... The Demi God I shall say!
After 3 films with Akshya Kumar as lead, Neeraj Pandey switched over to Sushant Singh Rajput and made this movie based on the life of Indian Cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

First of all, to make a biopic is not an easy job. As what the maker finds interesting, the person on which the biopic is happening may not! He wants something to show, but the maker is not convince with that. These are some basic differences. And after all this, a movie should be a true entertainer. So, the toughest part for the maker is to decide what to show & how to show. Because the maker has to give pure justice to the person's life without hurting his fans and followers.

Neeraj starts the film with the 2011 world cup final. And when Dhoni enters in the ground, Neeraj switches of to the flashback. From this point, the film picks up the speed. From the birth of Dhoni, to his schooling, to his relationship with his sister, to his caring mother & strict father, to his friendships, to his matches, to his practice, to his breakdown where he gets to know that he can't play Dulip Trophy, to his disregarding by selectors, to his job as a TC, to his hard work, to his self realization and getting into the train. Every single scene is running like a fast paced balling delivery. The 50% of the film is complete and than you realize that one hour and thirty minutes are over.

In post interval, love story starts with Ind-Pak series. Some beautiful tracks and little lighter moments are there in love segments. But as compare to the first half, this is not that much in speed. But you don't feel like boring. And than Sakshi's entry, Dhoni's marriage, and back to the first scene and completes the circle with winning six in the final of 2011 world cup.

Lyrics by Manoj Muntshir and Music by Amaal Malik are fantastic. Besabriyaan is my favorite along with the soulful track Kaun Tujhe. The entire album suits to the film. We have noticed in Neeraj's movie, that one background tune which has been constantly played throughout the film. In this movie too, one outstanding tune is there.

Anupam Kher, Kumud Mishra, Rajesh & Bhumika are the backbone supporter of this film. Disha Patani looks pretty. Kaira Advani is suitable as Sakshi. Overall a good team in supporter.

But the man, Sushant Singh Rajput is a true actor. After delivering a classic performance in last year's Detective Byomkesh Bakshy, he shines out this time too. As a lead, his dedication towards becoming Dhoni is fantastic. From gaining the weight as Dhoni to setting a hairstyle like him, he just delivered his best. His 150 days of cricket training clearly speaks out loud when he strikes the ball with a helicopter shot. He is a real actor of today's generation.

Now, what to say about Neeraj! I love all his films. I've seen Baby and Special 26 more than 20 times. And I like this one too. So, whenever I'll get chance, will surely watch this again and again.

On the whole, after collecting 20cr on the first day, the movie will fly high at box office. Without any promotions on TV, without any major star casts, this film is doing well, and there are two reasons- Dhoni and Neeraj Pandey. Public is smart and they know on whom they can trust. So, just go and see the film. A pure entertainer of this year. Get inspiration from Dhoni's life and his hard-work.

And one more request, please cheer up the hall. As I've seen some snapchat videos where the hall is silent even on the winning stroke. I'm lucky that the hall where I went was so enthusiastic to see this film, that every single stoke of Dhoni or even Gambhir or Yuvraj got applause. Some glimpse of Sachin, Sehwag or any other cricketer also got appreciation by the audience. In my life, I've heard cheers on a six or four in the cinema-hall rather than a stadium. These things made my day. Best movie experience of this year so far.

By far, my most favorite biopic film is Bhag Milkha Bhag. And after that, I guess this film.
M.S. Dhoni had a burden of expectations on it - not just because it is based on India's most beloved captain but also it had Neeraj Pandey as Director. The movie is well made but runs into too much of unnecessary stuff, especially in the second half. It is pretty much left on its own in the later part. Sushant Singh Rajput is bloody impressive with his uncanny resemblance to MSD, not just in terms of looks but also the expressions.

Story (7/10): The movie focused really well on the life of MSD before he became a household name. It focused a lot on the challenges, small town boys had been facing to get an entry into Indian cricket team about 10 years back when metro boys, especially Delhi and Mumbai, had a great influence on the team composition. What I also loved was the portrayal of Dhoni's work ethic - be it the scene of Yuvraj Singh or the booze. The first half of the story shows the tremendous amount of research done on the build up of MSD and the people involved in getting him into the Indian cricket team. Unfortunately, the story is left orphaned once it crosses that chapter. Too much focus on his love life was not just unnecessary but also slowed down the movie tremendously. I would have loved to see some focus on what exactly made him CAPTAIN COOL and at least some bits of behind the scenes portrayal of what happened in the dressing room in the 2011 WC Final. But the story just skips through that, which is a big let down.

Acting (10/10): Sushant Singh Rajput did a great job. He had a challenging role and his hard work showed in the way he projected MSD, in terms of looks as well as expressions. This would definitely go in as one of his best performances, arguably better than Byomkesh Bakshi. What I loved was the effort and the screen presence by the supporting cast - especially MSD's friend circle and also his school coach, played by Rajesh Sharma. The last time I saw such a level of presence by supporting cast was, perhaps, in Tanu Weds Manu series.

Direction (6/10): This was definitely below par performance of Neeraj Pandey, considering his reputation. While a lot of research and meticulousness went into the first half of the movie, it was equally misdirected and vague in the second half. The story pretty much ended at the point when MSD makes it into the Indian cricket team. I felt Neeraj Pandey tends to play safe and is compelled to add romance element irrespective of the movie genre, just like he did in Baby and Special 26 where, again, it wasn't required at all. And this is what takes down this movie. While three hours is pretty much expected in biopic movies, he didn't utilize it to the best.

Overall (7/10): It lives up to its tagline - The Untold Story - with some great research on the life of MSD in his early years but the movie just becomes directionless in the second half. But still, a good movie to watch, at least half of it.
As far as the story-line is concerned - this biopic feels like a MS Dhoni promotion. It just shows the positives of his life - leaves out all the controversies. In short - it feels like a biopic written by a MS Dhoni fan.

But, at the same time, the acting and direction are amazing. The cricket scenes feel real and you can feel the emotions. Yet, it does suffer due to bad editing. Some scenes are stretched too long, and the songs just drag the movie to the 3hr length.

Overall - it deserves 6/10 - for acting, direction, and lastly, for MS Dhoni!
Director Mr. Neeraj Pandey work is very good. He chose the up to date way of narrating this story by designing continuous shots taking rather that choosing conventional and beaten way of long, mid and close . This new style was much needed for this sports drama film. This way you get the correct feel of on screen happenings but in starting half an hour camera work doesn't support director's vision well. It gets blurred while panning and soft while moving but after that it is almost good. Story is based on M.S.Dhoni real life so nothing to say about it. Screenplay by Director himself and Arun Jha is very good. They have never gone overboard or tried to dramatize the scenes unnecessary. There are so many cute and crisp scenes, like Dhoni talking on disconnected telephone and even this scene has a good culmination ahead. Another major plus point of this film is its unusual but sweet love scenes, like the intro of Priyanka, Dhoni first love interest, then intro of Sakshi, both scenes are too good. Sakshi talking to her roommate is also appropriate and cute, establishing and taking forward her character when Dhoni says that I knew you wouldn't come alone to meet me. This film has very strong emotional quotient too and after long time rain in emotional scenes didn't irritate me. Dialogues are very good. The way Khadagpur railway officer Mr. Ganguly, a very fine actor, describes aspects of life to Dhoni as reference of cricket is outstanding. Editing needs to be especially mentioned. Editor Mr Shree Narayan Singh has delivered a fine and seamless work. The way of blending the real footage and reel one is just amazing. Without showing all the stalwarts on screen you never feel that they are not present. All shots are so quick. Credit goes to Director too for his vision. Without taking any names in some disputed angle they ably make you understand everything. This film is full of performance surprises. Credit goes to casting director Vicky Sadana. Sushant Singh Rajput is mind blowing. You have to pay extra attention that he is not real Dhoni. He has not done this by imitating but adding fine dimension to his character so you think that if real one would be in this situation. He would have reacted in same way. Disha Patani as Priyanka is very endearing and acts well too. Kiara Advani as Sakshi is very good. She shines in an emotional scene. There are lots of great actors too. Anupam Kher (Father), Mother (good actress), Bhumika Chawla( Sister), Rajesh Sharma (Sports teacher Banerjee), Kumud Mishra (Coal mines officer), all are pitch perfect. Actors in role of his friends are also very good, like Kranti Prakash Jha as Santosh, Chittu shows his caliber in the scene when he conveys the sad news to Dhoni over phone. Actor who played Sardar ji is also perfect. Music by Amaal Mallik, goes well with film but lyrically all tracks are heavy. Manoj Muntanshir's lyric Like Mukhda 'Mal De Suraj Ke Munh Par Malai, Burbak Badal Par Kar De Chadhai', I liked it but Antra becomes preachy. I missed some simple lyrical melodious tracks, which scope was in film.
First of all hats off to Niraj Pandey for selecting this story, as it inspires each and everyone who struggles in their life We all know dhoni as a successful cricketer, but if you want to know the reason behind his success, then this movie is must for you. Sushant shing has done a great job.

One of the best ever sports based films ever made. In fact, this film is not only about guts and glory, but dwells into topics much deeper than that. Neeraj Pandey delivers yet another masterpiece.

The duration of the movie is big let-down, and the director could have cut down on those unnecessary songs, which slow down the pace of the movie. The entire movie is capped off by a brilliant ending.

Sushant was absolutely brilliant and flawless in the movie, thus adding yet another feather to his already highly decorated cap. All the other actors too have played their parts. On the whole, this movie was not only an entertainer but also keeps you hooked to it for a good three hours. And rarely has a Bollywood movie been this good. Truly an inspiring movie... Hats off to the entire team for creating such a masterpiece !!!!
DHONI - The Guy and Within

A quiet winter morning, the sun barely able to make its presence felt through the haze. A small second floor flat in a building desperately asking for a makeover after the elapsed monsoons. A few pigeons eating out of the hands of a child hanging out in the balcony. This is a typical moment in the lives of millions who inhabit the so called 'small towns' in India. Yet, this was the start of a journey, for a person called Mahi.

An avid goal keeper in school, whose 'dodging the ball' skills were spotted and honed into a successful wicket keeper by his teacher. Every successful face has a story to say. Rarely do we get to know facets of people whom we idolize. M S Dhoni – The untold story, is an endeavor to try and unveil a few pages of his life and give a peek behind the face of Dhoni, into his heart and mind.

Many anecdotes we may know of and recall, but then so many we don't. Interesting to witness those. Not to forget all those who played such a vital role in shaping him as an individual, prodding him on as a sportsman and helping him groom and grow. The movie gives due credit to all those.

The movie tends to go back and forth a bit as if unable to choose whether to show his cricket prowess or peek into his personal life. Sushant Singh Rajput seems to have worked hard in impersonating him on field. And the ladies in his life showcased by two new faces have done a commendable job in this film. Am sure will be spotted by noted talent spotters after this. That's going out for Kiara Advani and Disha Patani. Wishing you'll the very best.

Anupam Kher, Rajesh Sharma (hehehe my name sake), Bhumika Chawla and others have done a good job. A good learning for all the kids. Perseverance, dedication and the will to succeed can get you places. And can make you who you are destined to be, not merely who you might choose to be.

Critical review of the movie am leaving to those who are best at it. Here are only highlighted reasons why you should see it.

Just 35 years of age. Yet so much to share. That's Mahi or Dhoni for you. Go see, feel, live a slice of his life, for that's what you will manage in about 3 hours when they try and capture a lifetime of experiences.

Thriller specialist Neeraj Pandey tried new genre Biopic with exceptionally brilliant manner.This one showcase the struggle of small town boy against all odds in his journey. Sushant Singh Rajput played tremendous match winning performance.He molded himself as middle class struggling young man to world conqueror. In first half, Neeraj has good grip on script but second half was slightly slow due to love stories and songs. Neeraj's favorite actor Anupam Kher was outstanding in the role of careful father. Anupam was part of each outing with Neeraj e.g. A Wednesday(Police commissioner), Special 26(P. K. Sharma) and last one Baby(Om Prakash Shukla).Disha looks cute in her role. Kaira was good in role of Sakshi. Rajesh Sharma,Kumud Mishra and Sarvadaman D.Banerjee were terrific. Herry Tangiri was really awesome choice for role of Yuvraj Singh.Script, Dialogue and Execution made it must watch for Cinema lover.
Tyler Is Not Here
Tyler Is Not Here
Right now maybe everyone should agree on this, Neeraj Pandey is one of the most talented directors of the Bollywood. He has made some outstanding films and this is also a very good film. His all of the films are thriller genre and he is right now a master of the thriller movie. His previous ventures "A Wednesday", "Special 26" and "Baby" all of this 3 movies are highly appreciated by the critics and the audiences. This movie is not a complete thriller movie, Moreover this movie is a biography. But just you think when biography meets with the thriller genre, what will happen? Exactly!!! A very good enjoyable movie. This movie has all the elements what you like to watch. Sports, Drama, Emotion, Action, Suspense and thriller. the perfect combination of all of this.

I am not revealing the story of this movie. You all know Mr. Mahendra Sing Dhoni. He is the captain of Indian Cricket team of Limited version. You know his career in cricket and you know his contribution to Indian cricket. But you don't know his untold story and how he came here and how he made his fame. This is a very emotional journey and very encourageable for everyone.

We all only see how a player plays on the ground but we don't want to know his struggle and his hidden story. This movie tells the hidden story of Mr. Dhoni and reveals his actual character. I am not telling the story but you may think biography movie is not enjoyable. But believe me, this movie will demolish your previous experience about this genre and definitely you will enjoy this. Good storyline, Very good script, Outstanding direction and very good acting made this a good enjoyable one.

If you feel bored after watching Raaz 4 and Pink, go catch this movie. You will not regret.
I was quite excited for the film, so much that I didn't wanted to read the reviews and went for the first day show. The reason for the excitement was to see the most celebrated Indian captain, MS Dhoni being played by a talented actor, Sushant Singh Rajput and Neeraj Pandey directing it after Baby. After leaving the Cinema hall, I wasn't bored but I was disappointed. The fact which disappointed me was that Neeraj didn't took any risk The Film covers the life of MS Dhoni from his birth to the day when he lifts the World Cup in 2011. The Teenage-Youth years are well portrayed and is the main strength of the film. Hats off to Neeraj for the details of 90's like Children carrying the rectangular shaped bags, Playing the video games. The locations are real and that's another positive of the film. You travel to the unseen city of Ranchi, visits Dhoni's real school and see the various grounds. Sushant's dedication to be Dhoni, to play like Dhoni, to look like Dhoni is outstanding. Yes, he mastered the popular Helicopter Shot. Another thanks to the Visual Effects team cause they beautifully shelved Sushant's body into a teenage one and to fit his face into Dhoni's Match Footage(Not 100 percent accurate but it's still good) The first Half is good as you see the character grow, the minor details and the help Dhoni gets from his friends, parents and coaches. But when you are really excited to see how Dhoni becomes a successful captain, the victories, the failures and the controversies, the screenplay let's you down. The shift changes to Dhoni love life which is still good but then then it misses what really the viewer want to see.We don't get to see Dhoni becoming the captain, his response to it and how he let a young immature team to win T20 World cup in 2007. You don't really get to know what makes Dhoni, An Amazing Captain. That's why film becomes "a Told Story" rather than untold cause you know almost everything. Also I wanted the answer to how he manages to be cool in tough situations and Why he put himself up in the batting order in the World Cup 11 final but at the end all remained unanswered. Performance's are good from the support cast too as Anupam Kher, Disha patni shines in their roles. So, what to do this weekend? You can still go, its not bad. The film has a heart and 180 minutes didn't let you to sleep. It's better than many biopics coming these days cause of the performance, research and details. But if you're expecting for a film that makes it into your favorite list,it isn't
movie was blunt. average direction, screenplay lower than average editing. one could see neeraj pandey's will to direct a drama but as the old saying goes do what you are good at neeraj pandey is one one those directors in India who understands the genre thriller and suspense and he expressed his emotions through special 26, a Wednesday, baby but may be he tried something out of his comfort zone. the vfx or cgi used in the movie was good. there were some highs like the world cup winning scene, the low moments were the movie makes you think why are they even showing these sequences. they portrayed dhoni as the prodigy all the time never showed the difficult times. msd will have half your brain saying enjoy it being a cricket fan or a dhoni fan and the other half saying how dull it is. yet another disappointed movie this year which had high expectations.
A delight to watch. U won't blink your eyes even for a min. Superb script and direction. Perhaps the best Hindi movie ever in my opinion. Must watch guys. U will enjoy a lot. Trust me! Dhoni is the biggest superstar in cricketing world and u will love it. The movie scene in which Sushant Singh Rajput hits the ball for six over long on is so terrific that u will actually feel that the 2011 world cup final is going on in the cinema hall. U will relieve the moment once again in your life. The commitment and dedication level of Sushant Singh Rajput is fantastic. U will never see someone work as hard as he did for a movie. Must visit guys if you are a true Indian cricket team fan. Lots of exciting things to explore in the movie.
It's not just about cricket It's about his game , his life , his love , his sacrifice , his parents , his friends and the most important about his country India !!!! Caution ---- you get goose bumps every minute Let's make this movie also in 100 crore club and prove that Dhoni is much more important the Khan's Watch for Dhoni # Watch for India # watch for 2011 World Cup feelings Sushant Singh Rajput best role till date I am sure you go inside as a Dhoni 's fan and come out as a Sushant fan. feel proud #feel cricket #feel world cup.

The man who knew what he was doing, the man who knew he cannot see his father sad. The man who wanted to make his father proud.The friends who had believes in Dhoni that he would become a successful player and the most the school teacher who actually recognizes his talent and trust him and is the sole reason behind Dhoni success. One should always follow his dreams, what he is interested upon and not on what society wants. Best appraisals for Sushant for his hard work and dedication towards the role. On, screen it never felt I am watching Sushant it was always Dhoni.Hats off!!!
It is said that leaders are not created rather they are born and such is the case with M.S.Dhoni. This real life based movie truly does justice to the hard work and commitment of Indian Cricket Captain and World Cup Winner M.S Dhoni. Neeraj Pandey has done a fabulous job to put up all the pieces in the desired sequence to create this masterpiece. Sushant Singh Rajput yet again impresses with his on screen performance and persona as everything about him is just perfect from head to toe in the movie. All the features starting from story, dialogues, cinematography, acting, music till direction is well knitted to form an impressive flick. However, the highlight remains Sushant Singh Rajput with his all the talent, skill and perfection doing full justice to the living legend of Indian cricket. It is quite visible that he has done a good research on Dhoni including his hair style, shyness, walking and famous "Helicopter Shot". The film outlines the struggle of M.S Dhoni from a railway ticket collector to the Captain of a World Champion team. It also highlights the issues pertaining to the changes made by him for transforming Indian Cricket team to a World Class Unit. The trend of making movies on real life events is gaining a lot of momentum in Bollywood and this one is the fresh addition to the list and probably the top of the line effort. M.S. Dhoni is already a star, living legend and a role model for cricketers all over the world and this film will surely add to his existing honor and prestige. A must watch film for those who believe in hard work, common man, fair play and M.S Dhoni!!!!
There is one, and only one cardinal mistake that Meerabai Not Out commits - it trivializes the national passion. Someone had a smart sounding idea of exploiting cricket as a plot device for a love story with the depth of half a soap episode. Mandira Bedi, after her sacrilegious cricket exploits on the small screen now does it on the silver screen as Meera Achrekar, the cricket fanatic who has a huge crush on Anil Kumble and is about to marry a doctor. But will cricket be the 'significant other'? That question almost wrecks a relationship, that going by the flow of the script, looked flimsy to begin with. And for those eagerly waiting to see Kumble's cameo don't even bother (Jumbo says to Meera at one point 'You look like Mandira Bedi!' - Did the writer lose his sense of humor there or his mind? Hard to tell!). Mercifully, unlike one of those drab days of test cricket on a dead subcontinent pitch, Meerabai Not Out is a short um…comedy, love story, sports movie, drama…whatever! And there are about 180 seconds worth watching. Pity, like stray deliveries from Anil Kumble, they are few and very far between.
Director Neeraj Pandey has given us some good thrillers in the last few years, but this contrived biographical film about a cricketer raises the point that he should stick to thrillers.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Sushant Singh Rajput) is a young man who is from an economically poor background and lives with his family in Ranchi. After having picked up by his school's cricket coach for wicket-keeping, Mahendra is exposed to the depths of cricket. When he realizes that he is good at it, Mahendra decides to take it up seriously, albeit at his father's (Anupam Kher) disappointment who thinks people who choose sports as a career are losers. The narrative then takes up a coming-of-age setup and showcases Mahendra's journey as he lands a job with Indian Railways and consequently plays for the national cricket team.

The film is essentially a combination of peacock sequences to entice a gullible fan. With more than three hours of running time, the stretches of sequences that outline Mahendra's "journey of struggle" are hardly believable, because it feeds its audience with content that they want to see. There's not a single uncomfortable moment in the film, and biopics are confirmed failures when they do not explore the entirety of the topic in question. The film bites off more than it can chew and tries to encapsulate the whole decades-long life of the cricketer, conveniently written to cover the topics already in the public domain. For instance, Mahendra's unenthusiastic bout as a railway ticket collector is sampled at length, when there were more interesting periods that could have been covered. Further, since it's also a Bollywood film, the romance quotient was high when the plot introduces Mahendra's love interests, simultaneously trying to induce sentimentality somewhere along.

A perfect example of how biopics, and not documentaries, are made is how Danny Boyle pulled off Steve Jobs' story in his 2015 Academy Award-nominated film. That film chronicled the man's life story in a peculiar way and succeeded at it. Here, the blame is on director Pandey who chose to chronicle the whole story and stick with a formulaic approach where the final product looks like a lavish gourmet dish. As an informed viewer, one wants to see the negative and positive sides of a star in the making, and this film offers neither, not even partially. It's only intention is to showcase a contrived and ridiculously manipulated life-story of a sportsman who is known only in a certain niche, as is also evident from the perspective of a notable character in the film.

Therefore, it is not a biography, but a hagiography created only to give a final adieu to the real life personality's fame which is inching towards its exhaustion. Additionally, one has all the evidence to prove that propaganda is at aggravated play here, because of the spotlight decipherment of the central character's alleged wrong notes with a colleague. So, is this a plot to hit the ice? Maybe, but a very wicked medium for that.

Rajput manages to maneuver his character with ease, but his expressions seemed to come in between the play. His hard-work is, however, ubiquitous, and that must be lauded. Leading ladies do not have much to say or play, as they are used as puppets, Bollywood style. Anupam Kher is the only person in the whole film whose actions come out as natural. The use of formula is apparent in almost all filmmaking factors, except for the terrible CGI. And if I start listing all the commercial brands mentioned in the film, I could write an essay and stand last in a competition.

Finally, the film only uses the good points so as to etch a spot in the cinematic history of a man who is assumed to be a rock-star in his field. Sure, the international cricket matches are a testament to that, but if cinema is used as a platform to blatantly advertise the enemies of Andy Warhol, then I'm personally sorry that it is doomed. No wonder the film slyly tries to compare another cricketer with an imaginary being, for there's a film about him coming up, too.

All said and done, the film is perfect for a cricket fanatic who puts his/her own life behind the game, only to revere the players. And, unless the people and the country decide to pay less attention to it and the dramatic madness attached, things WILL stay the same.

BOTTOM LINE: Neeraj Pandey's "M S Dhoni: The Untold Story" neither explores the untold territory nor goes into detail about the unpleasant attributes of the personality's life. It's a controlled account of a man who hopes to vindicate himself, make himself part of cinematic history, and salvage his dwindling popularity - all at the cost of mocking himself. Wait for TV premiere.

Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES
the movie is superb.i don't want to tell story of this movie.but i can say this movie is going to do something in film industry.

The cricketing aspect of Dhoni is so well done. It shows that there is always a team behind a person who is successful. An ode to friendship, struggles, responsibility, compromise and facing life regardless of the unexpected turns and twists. I was in awe how well connected the movie was. Moving from one point to another so effortlessly. Neeraj Pandey's best hour in cinema. The second half starts of well but the two love stories really bring down the movie. The Actresses are likable and all. Right now maybe everyone should agree on this, Neeraj Pandey is one of the most talented directors of the Bollywood. He has made some outstanding films and this is also a very good film. His all of the films are thriller genre and he is right now a master of the thriller movie. His previous ventures "A Wednesday", "Special 26" and "Baby" all of this 3 movies are highly appreciated by the critics and the audiences. This movie is not a complete thriller movie, Moreover this movie is a biography. But just you think when biography meets with the thriller genre, what will happen? Exactly!!! A very good enjoyable movie. This movie has all the elements what you like to watch. Sports, Drama, Emotion, Action, Suspense and thriller. the perfect combination of all of this.
It's a one time watch not very good movie which was not very well directed and according to me has a very mediocre screen play, you wouldn't get what you wanted to see in the movie which makes it normal Bollywood movie which it is. This movie focuses on life on Indian Cricketer MS Dhoni in which it tried to do so but failed. The things I liked about the movie was acting by Sushant Singh Rajput, Disha Patani and people who were his coaches, the segregation of the story till the first half was critically fine and set up was good. The things I didn't liked about the movie were Actor placement because here well hell lot of actors who weren't relevant to the story but I don't know what they were doing there, the movie went of the topic as it doesn't shows what Dhoni is known for an simply shows the old Bollywood phenomenon of LOVE, so no marks should be given on screenplay and there was no cinematic artistry too which can be lauded and the cricket fans wouldn't even like it. BOTTOM LINE: It's a one time watch which don't focuses on the topic and shows irrelevant things, you gain nothing from this movie as it's a critical bummer.
I am hcv men
I am hcv men
The movie is not good as expected and the reason is that the writer chooses to focus on the emotional nagging instead of the great content which could build a great story. Performance by Sushant Singh is truly brilliant and MS Dhoni's hard work and commitment towards his work is commendable but the loophole are the supporting actors. The two actresses Disha and Kiara have done average performances and Bhoomika as Dhoni's sister is not convincing enough. Too many songs in the movie spoil the screenplay. The only factor which makes the viewer going is his/her love for the real captain Cool and the sacrifices and efforts he takes to reach to the top. Overall I would recommend the movie as a one time watch but honestly Neeraj could have been much better
there have been movies on sports .... i mean we have seen Awwal No,Goal etc (it's fine if u don't rmr these films because for many reason u are not gonna remember this film too) & there have been sports movies too like Lagaan & Chak De. Now when we go to spend 150 Rs on weekend we expect that at least this one will be a better sports movie, no matter in story but at least in treatment & presentation. But the same old story is repeated again. Although i didn't have any expectation from it yet i found it highly disappointing. All the film maker has tried to do is add spices to story. No witty dialogs & no moving scenes. The main reason why this film is so boring is just the treatment given to it. Which turned out to be so fake & unrealistic that people will find it hard to accept the film, even when the film talked about cricket & had some great international players. One good advice to the film maker is, my friend this movie would have been good & successful if it would have been released in 80's. Since India has gone under globalization, the Indian audience now has access to films which are being made across the world. So the old melodrama & unnecessary spices wouldn't entertain us anymore. Be innovative & offer something new, no matter it doesn't have any element of typical Bollywood film, still it will be a hit.
one star - dhoni haters. loll even if the movie is too go0d. they will never accept it , just like the Pakistan not trying to accept the surgical strike operation by Indian army. 10 star - dhoni lovers. ignore that too , the movie may be good but it cannot be like a 10 star. what you should do ? Go watch the movie yourself and come back here with a genuine comment.

asking me why i rated this 10 star ? of course i wont do it. but look at the haters , they just simply putting one star for no reason. to neutralise it , i voted 10 stars loll. of course dhoni have haters but he have 10000 x fans when compared to his haters. otherwise how on earth this movie have 8+ ratings. it should be 2- , if he not had 10000 x fans base xd.

personal opinion about dhoni : i like dhoni , but i am not his fan nor a hater. i like him and i don't like some of his decisions ( there is a lot of difference between don't like his decisions and don't like him at all ). yes , he disappointed me many times but he also entertained me when there is no hope. this movie will be worth if he lead India to another victory #world cup 2019
As a huge fan of MS right from the time of very first substantial score that he made in 2005, there's this pretty much impossible desire to meet him, to get to know him a a personal level, even if for five minutes it may be. Having watched this film and to have through it got to know so many of the untold things about him and his life, it feels as if that wish has been fulfilled, right here at my own place. I was so sure of it being a good film that I got photos clicked of myself whilst the starting scenes ran on the TV. Just for the memories.

When Sushant walks in to bat in the very beginning, the film completely over-takes my whole being and from then on it becomes a journey, a ride, an atmosphere that you live with him. I thought Emraan did tremendously as Azharuddin in 'Azhar' (2016), but Sushant was equally impressive and in fact mind-blowing at copying MS' style, his stroke-play, the walk to the wicket and the trigger movements on the way. I noticed that black spot too below the left eye, that MS has. The beginning and the ending scenes themselves are worth millions and a piece of very intelligent film-making to evoke the emotions of the public.

It was very emotional, any angle you look at it from; whether from the hard-work that he'd to put in, the set-backs he's had to suffer on the way, or the achievements he went on to make. What stands above all is the the tragic death of his girlfriend in a car crash, whilst he was playing cricket in another country (there're differing reports as to when it happened. Some say it was whilst he went on a tour for the India A team).

The most fun part of course was discovering how and from whom he learnt the helicopter shot, a shot that signifies the man's unorthodox character. I find it very heartening on his part to have given someone else the deserved credit for his trademark shot.

Despite MS' request against it, some over the top glorification is always expected, given that films need heroes, and so too is the minor tweaking of the details and the timings of the events, but it remains overall a pretty solid film that I can watch again and again, and can't help but place it amongst my all-time favourites. So a big thumbs up to everyone involved!

Also, during his career itself, the film serves as a timely reminder for those of his critics who always credit his success as captain to him being just lucky. We may not like a sportsman, or criticise him, but we should respect the hard-work put in by anyone of them to have reached it to the highest level

Detailed write-up: http://textuploader.com/d5jx2
I was pumped about this movie but it was a disappointment when I watched it. The movie has no 'Wow' moment at all but those which are there are usually the cliché ones, done by every other movie. I felt sleepy and it didn't keep me entertained. I don't think this is a very good movie and shows how the Indian public can easily be made to believe that this is such a good movie. The only controversial thing I will say is that I would prefer to watch Suicide Squad than this movie, followed by its flop earlier this year. Finally, I would like to say is that this movie is like watching someone's life through their own eyes avoiding all the wrongs done by Dhoni in his career. I have absolute respect for him but this movie isn't as good as people say it is. After all, this is my opinion and I respect what others think.