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Satellite of Love
Satellite of Love (2012)
  • Director:
    Will James Moore
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Jonathan Ray Case,Will James Moore
  • Cast:
    Nathan Phillips,Zachary Knighton,Shannon Lucio
  • Time:
    1h 19min
  • Year:
Catherine and Blake just tied the knot. Samuel and Catherine have a long and intimate history which is significant to the fact that Samuel and Blake are best friends. When Samuel decides not to attend their wedding under some pretense that no one believes, he invites the newlyweds to Nadi Vineyards for a week-long party in paradise to make up for his absence. Records spin, wine flows, and bottles pile up. What unfolds over the course of this week will rearrange the geometry of Samuel, Catherine, and Blake's relationships and test the boundaries of their complicated, revolving love for one another.
Credited cast:
Nathan Phillips Nathan Phillips - Samuel
Zachary Knighton Zachary Knighton - Blake
Shannon Lucio Shannon Lucio - Catherine
Janina Gavankar Janina Gavankar - Michelle
Patrick Bauchau Patrick Bauchau - Alex
Turk Pipkin Turk Pipkin - Lou
Chad Mathews Chad Mathews - William
Mike Lutz Mike Lutz - Mikel
Meaghan Cooper Meaghan Cooper - Radha
Chris Viteychuk Chris Viteychuk - Waiter
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Fagan Patterson Fagan Patterson - Burner
Patrick Wilkins Patrick Wilkins - Mark

Satellite of Love (2012)

The motto on the pendant that Samuel finds in the woods, "FIDELIS ET VERUS", is that of the U.S. Army 29th Field Artillery Regiment Unit Crest, and means "Faithful and True"

I had higher hopes for this film. I really expected it to be a heartfelt exploration of old loves/new loves, the paths we choose on our journeys, the paths we take, and the ones we didn't. The film certainly reaches for this kind of exploration, but it didn't quite seem to grasp anything beyond the superficial. And there is an awful lot of surface-level prettiness--lush scenery, a home in the country, a lovely swim in a seductive grotto, the sand and the sea, lots of wine and food and more wine and food, all sensually consumed by equally beautiful people. Lovely to look at, particularly the sun-flecked scenes, but so what? For me, the dialog fell flat--the words seemed to reach for something more, but they didn't get there. Always there seemed to be a yes/no/let's open a bottle of wine quality to the interactions between the characters (I watched the film with subtitles, so the relatively superficial quality of the dialog was especially apparent). Well, there was a conversation in the wine cellar, but that was a bit cheeky and clichéd and ultimately went nowhere beyond the obvious. And I admit I didn't care for the painfully self-aware, transient quality of the one couple who knew their relationship would no more endure than the next bottle of wine (too bittersweet for me).

Still, I was glad this movie didn't develop the nasty edge of Closer (a film about four people hurting one another), but I needed some kind of edge, some kind of insight, and there didn't seem to be one. Or, perhaps I'm just expecting too much.
Near the very end of the film, as they are leaving to return home, she utters the few words that tell everything.. 'I love you.' So there's little to doubt, she married the one close friend, but is seriously attracted to, and in love with the other (don't doubt it, the way in which it was whispered close to his ear can only mean one thing). Then soon after she has him pull over to the side of the road, and doesn't know (or is afraid) of what to say to him (and to herself). Many have had people they've known, and but for circumstances, would have gone with if things could have been different. Life moves on in all cases, and we don't always have the control we'd like of what happens to us. It's a good little film, and the cast is excellent. Not slated to win awards, but as a slice of life-relationships it's very real and enjoyable viewing.