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Land der Kinder
Land der Kinder (2010)
  • Director:
    Michael Zechmann
  • Category:
  • Writer:
    Michael Zechmann
  • Cast:
    Christian Cummins,Susanne Erhart,Gennie Johnson
  • Time:
  • Budget:
  • Year:
Uganda is a country of young people. 50% of the population is under 15 years. Most of the parents die because of AIDS. That's why grandparents or the oldest child take care of the young ones. Families headed by children are very common in Uganda. The movie is an unscripted documentary that gives an authentic view of these children's lives.
Credited cast:
Christian Cummins Christian Cummins - (voice)
Susanne Erhart Susanne Erhart - Harriet (voice)
Gennie Johnson Gennie Johnson - (voice)
Arabella Kiesbauer Arabella Kiesbauer - Rosemary (voice)
Wolfgang Klingler Wolfgang Klingler - Ft. Joseph (voice)
Johannes Nikolussi Johannes Nikolussi - Ceasar (voice)
Anja Pölzl Anja Pölzl - Godfrey (voice)
Alexander Sackl Alexander Sackl - Lazarus (voice)
Klaus Windisch Klaus Windisch - Herman (voice)

Land der Kinder (2010)
When I heard about this movie I thought: Oh my god, not another documentary about aids orphans. Again there will be a charity behind it and again they want my money. But then, when I saw that movie I was surprised! It's a European filmmaker who made a very interesting and surreal documentary that really shows how live in Uganda is. I've been to Africa several times and never saw a movie that shows African life this real. It's entertaining as well as it made me think. Especially the really crazy music and the absolute surreal dance and brass band scenes make this movie to a very good documentary. I think it will not make it to the big theaters, but I hope to see it in TV sometime!